Digest of Charlton County Herald - July 1913

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays


July 3, 1913

WRIGHT BUYS OUT ALLEN. C.M. Wright has purchased the J.C. Allen store.

NEW BUILDING. The Scott & Co. iron building is progressing finely with a view to completion by next week.

RAILROAD. The A.C.L. well-drilling crew has landed in front of George W. Phillips’ pump and has started boring for a flow.

ANDERSON GETS POISON ITCH. George Anderson thought he would drain the bog below his residence one day this week. He pulled off his shoes and undershirt and went at it. The poison vines tickled him some so he went to the house and poured on Japanese oil. The bog is there yet with the pick still sticking up in it and Mrs. Anderson is giving George Hail Columbia for shattering the oil bottle in such fine pieces around and about where the children have to play. George will not use the oil next time.

PICNIC IN THE PARK FOR HOMELAND. Homeland will celebrate the 4th of July in the Fairmont Park in the good old-fashioned way. The program committee assures you there will be doings that will interest and entertain all present.

ICE CREAM SERVED. The ladies served ice cream and cake at Dr. Williams’ The Drug Store Tuesday evening.

W.F. AND BUTTUS ARE HOME. W.F. Stewart who has been attending college at Spring Hill, Ala. arrived Tuesday morning to spend the vacation with his mother, Mrs. A.C. Stewart. He brought Buttus back with him, hat on his head and says that boy was sure glad to get back home!

SIX FAIL TEACHERS EXAM. The report of the Examination shows that of the 21 applicants, as many as six failed to make a grade, and only one made a First. We understand that the cause of low grades and failures was largely due to their failure to write the answers out in full, too many omissions. We think everyone will profit by this.

NEW BABY. Frank D. Mills broke the ranks in that long string of boys at his house by having sent up home last Monday morning a dimpled-armed, rosy-cheeked and chubby-handed cute little maiden, and you can now see an increase in Frank’s getabout.

ANOTHER NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Rodgers have added the seventh degree to their family. It was a sweet little pink-cheeked baby girl who arrived last Thursday night and is doing finely. May she yet become the First Lady of the land.

July 10, 1913

SUNBEAMS SELL ICE CREAM. Ice cream will be sold at Mrs. Wright’s Drug Store all day Tuesday July 15th by the fair little Sunbeams to help raise the remaining funds to purchase their Bibles. Everybody is invited to advance this noble cause.

SI IS SHOESHINE MAN. Si Chatman has received a fine shoe blacking apparatus and is now ready to shine ‘em up.

4th OF JULY PICNIC. Those who attended the picnic up at F.M. Mills place on the 4th, report a most enjoyable time.

SMITH TO MOVE HOUSE. W.B. Smith tells us he will have his house rolled over on the new lot by the week’s end.

THINGS WE SEE WATCHING THE DEPOT. We expect Frank Mills went to Jacksonville Wednesday, we saw him get off of 22 anyhow; wherever he went, it was on business.

ANDERSON RECOUPERATING. Geo. Anderson went over to Fernandina this week to see if Amelia’s breezes would cool his oil-blistered parts and to attend some business.

NO ICE ON SUNDAY. Make arrangements to get your ice on Saturday as Mr. Pickren will not open the ice house any more on Sunday except in cases of emergency.

BROOKS CHILD BADLY BURNED. We are pleased to state that little Claude Brooks, who seriously burned his feet recently by running into a pile of burning trash, is improving and we hope to see him lively as ever soon.

STORM AT NEWELL. J.W. Sikes of Newell was down here Monday and reported the wind Sunday evening strong enough up there to blow down a small house and the shed over the stave mill.

GOWEN HOSPITALITY. Scott and Vickery attended Westberry’s Sing Sunday, came back by Mr. Gowen’s and got a dinner that kept them in a good humor for the balance of the week.

RAILROAD. Our genial and accommodating friend, H.C. Page, has had some very substantial improvements added on the rear lot of the depot.

COURTNEY TAKES RISK. Last Monday W.R. Courtney was performing acrobatic feats on a leaning 80 foot rafter on the Scott & Co. building that the price of what the world would bring would not induce the average man to try.

SMITH BUYS DAVIS RESIDENCE. Mr. Matthew Smith has purchased the M.L. Davis residence just to the southwest of the old bank building. He will rent out the property as the company he works for always furnishes him a home.

WEDDING. Rev. G.E. Jones performed a marriage ceremony at his residence Monday evening which united S.A. Myers to Miss Mae Bowden, with Mr. B.H. Sanchez standing as best man. The license for this marriage was secured in Thomas County. The party took the evening train for Waycross. We are informed that the newly married will reside in Jacksonville.

FIRECRACKERS FOR THE FOURTH. H.C. Page, our obliging and courteous A.C.L. agent, did more towards making Folkston noticed on the 4th than all the picnics, dinners or feats put together could have accomplished, by giving to each boy in the city about 20 rounds of “Boy Giant Crackers” and we bet that these same boys will always keep the name of Page in memory and if they could, would vote for him as President of U.S. at the next general election.

AD. The Women’s Civic League of Homeland will sell ice cream at The Drug Store Saturday July 19 from 3:00 till 9:00 p.m. Music. Cold Dainties. Pretty Girls. At The Drug Store, the coolest place in town.

HELPFUL HINTS. When baking a cake, set the alarm clock so that you will be sure to look at it. Keep candles for use for an evening on ice for a day or two and they will burn clearer and longer.

SCHOOL TAX. Signers from all parts of the county have petitioned Ordinary Stokes to call an election for the purpose of voting on the question: County Tax for Schools.

NEW BABIES – TWINS FOR GIBSONS. Some good news that was missed in some way is that Grady Gibson now has twins at his home. They came about three weeks ago and Grady has been back and forth to Jacksonville ever since in view of increasing his stock in order to reach coming demands. He has been married three years and now has four children.

JUNIOR EPWORTH LEAGUE ORGANIZES. The Junior Epworth League was organized by the Methodists here on June 27 with the following officers: President, B.F. Alexander; lst V.P., Mrs. H.J. Davis; 2nd V.P., Mrs. L.E. Mallard. 3 V.P., Lois Mattox; 4th V.P., Mrs. Annie Chandler; Epworth Era Agents, Ethel Courson and Crystal Wainright; Treasurer, James Wright; Secretary, T.L. Pickren, Jr.


….SCHOOL. Miss Geneva Anderson is progressing real nicely with the Winokur School. She has a regular attendance of 30 and expects several more.

….JULY FOURTH PICNIC. The convict guards gave a picnic on the 4th which was enjoyed by all present. The band played while the visitors danced.

….MAURICE IS TRIPPING AROUND. Maurice L. Anderson who has been sick with Mumps is now able to “trip” around and see young ladies.

July 17, 1913

DR. WILLIAMS IN ATLANTA. Dr. Williams went to Atlanta this week to meet with a committee of the General Assembly in the interest of the Medical Practice Bill.

MIZELL SELLING CATTLE. Jesse P. Mizell went up to Waycross Saturday to drive a deal for some of those sleek cattle he has browsing out on the hills on his plantation near here.

SUNBEAMS ICE CREAM SALE. The Sunbeams ice cream sale at Mrs. Wright’s Drug Store Tuesday was an all-round success.

JACOBS FAMILY VISITING. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Jacobs and little daughter and Thurmon Jacobs and wife have all been spending some time out at the Jacobs home near Traders Hill.

NEW STORE BUILDING. J.W. Rogers has purchased from H.J. Davis the lot just adjoining the Davis block and is preparing to build a handsome two-story construction, the upstairs to be used as a telephone exchange and the lower room will be rented.

ASKEWS VISITING. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Askew of Chipley are visiting out at the Askew home on our eastern boundary.

RODDENBERRYS INITIALS LIVE ON. J.A. Wainright was strolling through the woods the other day and ran across a diamond back terrapin and on its shell was carved “Jet R” and “John R” which goes to show that these boys were outdoor ramblers and bent on fun in their younger days.

PICKREN TO BOTTLE COCO-COLA. T.L. Pickren went up to Waycross Friday and made arrangements with the Coco-cola Co. to do the bottling for them for this section. This is quite a scoop for our bottling plant and will make a big count as Coco-Cola is the most popular and widest advertized beverage in the land.

NINA WAINRIGHT DIED. Nina, a daughter of Mrs. I.T. Wainright of Uptonville, passed from Earth to Heaven Friday evening. We offer sympathy to the bereaved.

TICK ERADICATION MEETING. Mallard went out to the tick-dipping demonstration at E.F. Dean’s place Friday and says all were well satisfied.

MIZELL MOVED TO UPTONVILLE. A.T. Mizell has moved on his farm near Uptonville since the tearing away at Silver Hill. We were in hopes of getting him here but the fates decreed otherwise.

HOMEMAKING. A girl who can not cook the food she eats, who can not make even her simplest garments, who can not wash and iron them and who does not know anything about what to do in a sick room, should not consider herself a candidate for matrimony. She is cheating the man she marries, laying up heartaches for herself. God intended women to be homemakers and we are robbing the girls when we do not provide suitable training for their life’s work.

MRS. PAXTON’S AUNT DIED. Mrs. M.J. Paxton left Wednesday to attend the funeral of her aunt, Mrs. Sergstein, which will occur in the Cat Creek settlement of Lowndes County.

HOUSE MOVED. Bauman and Martin sure made quick time in moving Mayor pro-tem Smith’s residence.

July 24, 1913

AD. Carry your eggs and country produce to C.M. Wright and get the best prices for them.

NEW DELIVERY WAGON. “Courson’s livery” is the name of a pretty delivery wagon now seen on our streets with Jesse Brooks frequently on the seat.

MT. ZION REVIVAL. A card from Miss Vannie Allen of Newell requests us to announce that there is a meeting now running at Mr. Zion Church which will continue through the week.

FODDER-PULLING TIME. Lawtey Anderson went up to Dan Dinkins’ this week and carried Mrs. A. and the children. Lawtey went to pull fodder but those who know him say more watermelons will be pulled than fodder.

NEW BARNS. H.C. Page is having contractors Martin and Womble build him a barn and stables on the lot recently purchased from Dispatcher Smith.

BROOKS CHILD DOING FINE. Little Claude Brooks, the two and a half year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Brooks, has lost all of his toes on one foot from his recent accident, but we are glad to say he is getting along finely.

JIM PEARCE TO COMPLETE STUDIES. J.B. Pearce, who has been with The Drug Store here since its opening, left Tuesday for his home in Whigham, where he will rest up for a while with relatives then he will go on to Atlanta to complete his studies in pharmacy. Jim made many friends while here.

ANDERSON SUBSTITUTES FOR ALEX. J.L. Anderson relieved rural carrier Alex Mills for a few days this week in order to let Alex take some medicine. Lawtey looked mighty natural handling the mail bags.

AD. For ladies and gents shoes, see C.M. Wright. He will save you money. We have a nice line of groceries. All orders filled promptly and delivered. C.M. Wright, the 98 cent man.

C.M.WRIGHT OPENS STORE. We call attention to the ad of C.M. Wright in this issue. He is a Folkston-raised boy and will be glad to have all his old friends call to show them how he can please them. He is located in the store next to the Davis mercantile business.

NEAT COURTHOUSE YARD. Sheriff Mizell has cleaned up the courthouse yard which has made the appearance of things around there shine like the bottom of a new dish-pan in the sunshine.

WOOL SHIPPING TIME. W.R. Wainright was shipping wool this morning.

July 31, 1913

FRANK MURRAY HIT BY LIGHTNING. Lightning hit Frank Murray last Thursday but Frank says it takes more than that to knock him out.

COCO-COLA NOW BOTTLED HERE. The Folkston Bottling Works started bottling last Friday -- that world-famous beverage, Coco-Cola.

CHARLTON WOOD USED IN PANAMA CANAL. F.D. Mills is busy these days shipping piling to Panama to be used in the building of the great canal. This puts Charlton down as a helper in one of the greatest events of the world!

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Allen have added the eighth addition to their family by way of a ten and a half pound boy who put in an appearance last Friday night. J.C. will have him swearing in jurors by the time court convenes.

HOMELAND NEWCOMERS. Carl Kouliander and Earnest A. Menssen and family are new citizens of Homeland. They are from Des Moines, Ia.

WOOL CLIP SOLD. W.R. Wainright, Jos. P. Mizell, J.T. Mizell, J.E. Jones, Eli Dixon, John Rogers, Newt Roddenberry, Hamp Crews and Hardy Thrift sold their wool clip here on last Thursday. The clip reached nearly 8,000 pounds and was sold to the firm of Ehrlish of Savannah at 18 and 15 cents. Last year they received 29 cents. A few hours after the deal was closed a higher price was offered by a Jacksonville firm.

AD. All parties indebted to the undersigned will please come forward and arrange settlement of your account. We helped you, now we need your help. This means you. THE FOLKSTON GROCERY CO.

MT. ZION CHURCH. A resolution on the death of J.W. Anderson of Newell stated that he was born March 19, 1881 and died May 18, 1913. He was a consistent member of Mt. Zion Baptist Church, joining at the age of 26. He served as deacon nearly five years and was Sunday School Supt. at the time of his death. Signed by resolution committee: C.J. Bryant, Chairman, C.H. Loyd and J.H. Sikes.


….FARMERS ARE BUSY. The farmers of this section are busy planting potatoes, pulling fodder, eating watermelons and canning fruit.

….GIBSON TEACHING AT NEWELL. John Gibson met many of his friends around Sardis Church last Sunday after having been teaching near Newell for the past month.

….GIBSON TO TEACH AT WILKERSON. Owen M. Gibson will open the Wilkerson School near St. George next Monday.

….MUSIC AT CHANCEYS. Quite a crowd was entertained at W.L. Chancey’s Saturday night by music from Rob Mizell’s fiddle strings.

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