Digest of Charlton County Herald - July 1912

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays


July 4, 1912

SCHOOL. Mr. F.E. Brock is teaching the Sardis School this summer.

POST OFFICE. Mr. T.W. Vickery is now contractor for the Traders Hill mail route.

SUNDAY SCHOOL CONVENTION. Roy Mizell and Mrs. J.C. Wright attended the Sunday School Convention at Callahan last Sunday.

SCHOOL. Owen M. Gibson is teaching the James L. Johns School this summer. And Miss Alice Everett opened school in the Wasdin neighborhood Monday.

NEW BICYCLE FOR CARL. Carl Mizell is the proud possessor of a fine wheel now and is running it for all it is worth.

School. L.E. Mallard visited the school at Uptonville Monday where Mr. Perry A. Shuman is teaching.

RAILROAD JOBS FOR LOCAL BOYS. Cheve Williams, Fred Cranford and Johnny Wainright now hold positions with the signal corps of the A.C.L. which has been quite busy around the depot here lately.

MRS. LIGE MATTOX DIED. Mrs. Lige Mattox of Traders Hill was buried there last Thursday. Deceased has been in failing health for something over a year. The Herald extends sympathy to the bereaved relatives.

RAILROAD. Mr. Seab Wainright, bridge foreman for the A.C.L.R.R., stopped over here a few minutes Sunday P.M. on his way to Hortense. Seab is one of our home boys and we understand he is making good with the road.

COLERAINE. A lengthy article on the picnic at Coleraine and the unveiling of the DAR monument was in the July 4th issue. The Coleraine Historical Society was also organized that day.

BURIAL OF TEXAS MAN. To the public: July 2nd. I understand that there is a report in circulation censuring the city of Folkston and some of its officials for the manner in which B.F. Richardson, who was killed by Marshal Cooner on June 15th, was buried. This report is an injustice to the city and its officials. No official of the city had anything to do with the burial. I, as coroner of the county, took charge of the body, empanelled a jury of inquest, made the investigation, and had the body buried. This statement is made in justice to the city of Folkston and its officials. The only possible connection that any town official had with the burial, I went to the Mayor and asked him where to bury the body and he told me to bury him in the city cemetery. Very respectfully, E.C. Kennison, Coroner, Charlton County, Ga.

MISS NANCY SMITH DIED. Miss Nancy Smith, well known as one of the Smith sisters died this morning at about 3 o’clock at her home at Race Pond. The Smith sisters, on account of their industry and thrift in conducting their own business have been well known in Ware and adjoining counties for many years. Deceased was about 65 years of age and her death, which was sudden, was the result of a spasm probably brought on by heart disease. One of the sisters, of Mrs. Lydia Stone, is a frequent visitor to Waycross and is well known to the business people of this city. –Waycross Herald, June 28th. Deceased was well known in this county and the Herald extends sympathy to Mrs. Stone and other bereaved.

July 11, 1912

UPTONVILLE NEWS. Roy and Carl Mizell and Drawdy Wainright went to Uptonville this week to pick pears for C.C. Powell.

DR. REVILLE BUSY. Little Miss Bernice Vickery had to call Dr. Reville Tuesday to cut out a broken needle she stuck in the ball of her foot.

GREAT BIG SQUASH. Justice J.E. Johns of Winokur has a squash vine that by actual measurement of one of the runners reached out 65 feet and had one squash left for seed that was too large to get in a whiskey barrel.

TYSONS TO MOVE HERE. We learn that J.S. Tyson, wife and son of Jacksonville will take up permanent residence in our city and will be domiciled at Hotel Arnold in the near future. This will be an appreciated addition.

GIFT FROM J.C. ALLEN. J.C. Allen met us Sunday and pulled out two new well-shaped sweet potatoes and asked us to say something about them by looking at them. We kicked, and told him that it took taste to sharpen our pencil. The potatoes came from the patch of Mr. R.B. Thomas of Uptonville, and are certainly fine for this early in the season.


….ARIZONA FAMILY MOVES IN. Mr. John Stemper and family are now happily domiciled on the property Mr. Stemper recently purchased from our German friend, Mr. Herman, who has gone to Germany. Mr. Stemper is from Arizona and is well pleased with Homeland and vicinity.

….COLLEGE STUDENTS. J. Perry Rogers and Miss Fanny White are attending the State Normal at Athens, and write enthusiastically about the school and their work. Mr. George White is home for a short vacation from Draughton’s Business College in Jacksonville.

….STUMPS REMOVED. Dynamite explosions cannot be said to be musical, yet they sound good, as they proclaim that the faith of our people does not wane with the long summer days. The use of dynamite is perhaps the most satisfactory and effective way in getting the stumps out of the way.

July 18, 1912

LITTLE VISITOR FROM WHIGAM. Little Miss Marion Pierce of Whigham visited her brother here, and together they visited relatives at Burnt Fort Sunday.

BRASS BAND HERE? Mr. E.C. Bouton of Hilliard was in our city this week in the interest of organizing a brass band here. Wouldn’t that be nice?

BANK OF FOLKSTON. The Bank of Folkston now has an ornamental and substantial awning in front of it and Clyde is enjoying the casting of its shadow these hot days.

L.W. WOOLARD DIED. Mr. L.W. Woolard, a well known and respected citizen of this county, died at Waverly, Camden County, on Sunday the 14th and was brought here and buried in Bachlott Cemetery Tuesday evening. His death was caused by dropsy. The Herald extends sympathy to the bereaved.


…..WAUGHTEL’S NEW HOUSE. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Waughtel have moved to their new home “Three Oaks”. Their new home is modern in its appointments and beautifully located. We are glad to have these people so nicely situated. Mr. Waughtel is one of the hustling firm of Herr and Waughtel.

….SING FEST. Our young people have a song fest every Tuesday evening at the school house.

SI WORKING IN JACKSONVILLE. Si Chatman, the well known and handy colored boy of Folkston has quit driving Dr. William’s buggy and is now working in a Jax printer as deliveryman.

July 25, 1912

TRIGG VISITS. J.R. Trigg came up from Boulogne Tuesday and was with us from [train]22 until [train]21.

JOHNSON’S AUTO IS FIXED. Henry Johnson has his machine in fine running order again and he is making up for his rest since the 4th.

ABE’S BICYCLE. Abe Mattox has attached a horn from “the 41” to his wheel and is keeping the town posted as to his whereabouts these days.

BARNEY GOWEN FAMILY MOVES. Mr. Barney Gowen and family have moved into the Jesse Vickery former residence and we extend to this valuable family a most cordial welcome.

RAILROAD. The work of the A.C.L. on the electric switches is progressing right along and after a while Folkston will present quite an improved and city-like appearance around and about the depot.

MRS. NANCY GREEN DIED. News was received here Monday of the death of Mrs. Nancy Green which occurred at the home of her son in Atkinson that morning. Deceased was a former resident of this county and a sister of Messrs Eric and E.J. Johnson.

VICKERYS IN NEW HOUSE. Mr. Jesse W. Vickery and family are now domiciled in the pretty residence Mr. Vickery has just had completed on the desirable lot he recently purchased from the Dr. J.C. Wright Estate. We wish them success in their new home but the editor loses a good and substantial neighbor by this move. Jesse Vickery had to move Monday and left Professor Mallard at the store in his place. It is said that a party went to Mallard for change for $5.00 and that a customer expressed utter surprise at the idea of anyone thinking for a moment to find that much change in a store where Mallard and Bill Cox had been in full charge the whole day.

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