Digest of Charlton County Herald - July 1909

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

July 1, 1909

EDITORIAL. Very little attention is paid to the canning industry in this section. For some time it has been talked but little has been done. On one has ever become interested oin it except Mr. T.W. Vickery, who three years ago began to work on a small scale and found it profitable to himself and to the farmer. Last year he canned several thousand cans of vegetables and fruits. This year he bought a machine with a capacity of 3500 cans a day and is doing a splendid business, having already passed the amount of business done last year.


,,,,NEW ZARFOS BARN. Mr. John Waughtel, who has the contract for the Zarfos house and barn, said that the barn is about completed and that he expects to start work on the house Wednesday.

….CIGAR CO. The Homeland Cigar Co. reports a good business with orders coming in right along.

….JULY 4TH PICNIC. The Sunday School is going to have a picnic on Monday over at the park just across Clay Branch. It will be a basket picnic and everybody is invited. There will be ice cream, lemonade and pop for sale with the proceeds going toward fitting up our new Sunday School.

MISS DEAN VISITING. Miss Anna Dean left last week for Epworth, Ga. where she will spend some time with her parents.

TELEPHONE CO. All the stock in the Folkston Telephone Co. has been sold except 18 shares.

JOHNSON BOYS VISIT. J.H. Johnson’s little sons Harry and Ralph spent Saturday afternoon in town.

VICKERY’S CANNERY. C.C. Powell came to town Monday and brought several bushels of tomatoes to be canned by T.W. Vickery.

GRAPES ARE RIPE. W.O. Gibson brought in some fine grapes raised on his farm last Saturday and sold them at the Folkston Pharmacy.

SCHOOL NEWS. The School Commissioner informs us that quite a number of applicants for license to teach failed to pass.

LOTS OF TOMATOES RAISED HERE. Yesterday T.A. Christy shipped 20 crates of tomatoes to North Carolina and J.J. Stokes shipped 8 crates to Atlanta.

MELONS SHIPPED. C.M. Raybon shipped from here yesterday a fine carload of melons. This is the first car we ever shipped from our county. It contained 1200 melons.

HONEST CITIZENS. Some of our citizens are getting better. Early Monday morning one man returned a pair of bridal reins he borrowed one year ago. Another said he hopes that same man will return a single yoke he borrowed two years ago.

MRS. DELLA RODDENBERRY BAZEMORE DIED. News reached here last Thursday of the death of Mrs. Della Bazemore of Hazelhurst. She was a daughter of J.W. Roddenberry of Folkston. Her father and sisters, Mrs. W.L. O’Cain and Miss Ruth Roddenberry attended the funeral.

HOBOES CAUGHT. Last Friday the Town Marshal had quite a race after two hobos who came in on a freight train. When the race began several citizens came out and all had a little fun. They ran all over T.W. Vickery’s melon patch and were caught there, were tried, convicted and in an hour’s time were in the convict camp.

AD. Fire Insurance. See T.L. Pickren, Folkston.

July 8, 1909

GOOD ROADS. Charlton County now has about fifteen miles of as good a road as can be found and in a few months automobilists can pass through without having to bog up in the mire.


….LITERARY SOCIETY. Last Saturday the Homeland Literary Society had a very enthusiastic meeting. The debate was if electricity would supersede steam or not.

….PICNIC. The Town of Homeland celebrated the Fourth of July in a most enjoyable way. The Sunday School gave a picnic in the park. Each scholar received a bottle of pop and a dish of ice cream. There was quite a bit of singing as they had brought the Sunday School organ out to the park. Forty quarts of ice cream was used, and not a pistol shot was heard all day. Everyone went home well pleased with their first Fourth of July picnic.

….CORN ROAST. The young people of Homeland finished up the Fourth of July by a good old-fashioned corn roast.

ALLEN SCHOOL. Miss Rena Smith left Saturday for the Allen Settlement where she began teaching Monday.

HEBARD CYPRESS CO. W.H. Mizell attended a meeting of the stockholders of the Hebbard Cypress Lumber Co. in Brunswick yesterday.

CEMETERY FENCE. The town council held their regular meeting and the cemetery committee reports they want to put up good wire fence around the Bachlott Cemetery.

MASONIC LODGE. The Masons will soon begin work on a new Lodge building. The lot east of the bank on Courthouse Street has been bought from Col. Toomer and a $2,500.00 brick building will be erected.

July 15, 1909

HERALD FOR SALE. The Herald is for sale cheap. Satisfactory reasons for selling. Terms are cash.

COUNTY COMMISSIONERS. A petition from the citizens of Uptonville and Racepond asked the Board to send the convicts to Racepond and open the road from there to Folkston. They ordered Mr. Cooper to lay out the road on the east side of the ACL track from Racepond to Uptonville. They ordered a steel tape for Surveyor Cooper to use in surveying.


….CIGAR COMPANY. The Homeland Cigar Co. reports good business with only one trouble, they can’t get a certain kind of box that they use for one of their popular brands. They have placed an additional order for this box and are holding back orders, waiting for boxes. If this is the way things are going, we will have to start a box factory here.

….S.S. PICNIC. The Treasurer of the Sunday School committee made his report on the picnic Sunday. All bills were paid with six cents over.

….FREE LAND. The 1906 Colony Co. will give to any factory, lumber company or other industry who will locate here, a free site along the railroad. This offer is good until September 1, 1909.

GUINN’S STORE. Joe Guinn has bought the stock of E.W. Sceals and is now open at the Sceals Store.

SINGING SCHOOL. J.O. Huling spent the last week at Jesup working up several Singing Schools which he will teach this fall.

NEW SAWMILL FOR UPTONVILLE. T.J. Burroughs has sold his timber near Uptonville to O.F. Wilson. Mr. Wilson will put in a sawmill at that place.

NEW ROAD BEGUN. Warden T.L. Pickren left Monday morning with the convicts for the Pierce County line, one mile north of Racepond, where they begin work on a road through the county to the Florida line. The road will run on the east side of the railroad all the way till it reaches the Colony one mile north of Folkston, where it will cross and come into Folkston on the western side. Mr. Pickren says it will take about four months to put the road through.

July 22, 1909

NEW ONE-CENTERS. The new copper one-cent coins bearing the head of Lincoln are to be put into circulation on August 2nd. The old Indian-head cent has been discontinued and will be gradually retired. Meanwhile, if you have a few Indian-head cents in your possession, and care to hold them 200 years or so, it will probably be worth half a dollar each by then.

NEW ADDITION TO HOMELAND. The Colony Co. has had a crew in the field laying out an addition to the north side of town, adding 23 blocks to the Town of Homeland and have platted lands to the north boundary of the Colony lands. Almost all that was platted was taken by Homeland people before the plat was filed.


….HOMELAND LOSES FRIEND. Frank Fieber left for his former home in Minneapolis Monday. Mr. Fieber came here last November a very sorry looking man and it was all they could do to get him off the train, and he was in bed three months after he came here. But today he is as strong as ever. He goes back to Minneapolis to take up his former work with the Express Co. He thinks this is the healthiest climate there is and says he will come back here again. He gained 68 pounds while here. Goodbye, Frank, put in a good word for Homeland!

….CIGAR CO. The Homeland Cigar Co. received a pretty hard blow the past week. They had an order in for three cases of cigar boxes and were holding back orders for them and they had received notice the boxes would be shipped the next day. The factory burned down and the boxes were destroyed. Just as soon as they were notified the boxes were burned they made up an order for stock boxes and are having them shipped here by Express so they can fill their orders.

A.C.L. RY. The A.C.L. iron gang is here this week laying track between here and Callahan.

WAINWRIGHT VISITS. A.A. Wainwright is home for a few days. He has been in Savannah for the past few months working as a street car conductor.

GRAPHOPHONES GIVEN FREE. Mizell and Paxton are now giving away a $30.00 graphophone to all who trades $25.00 at their store paying cash.

HERALD FOR SALE. The Herald has been advertized for sale for two weeks and we still want to sell. Our reason for selling is that we find that we are not a newspaper man. We are doing a good business and prospects are fine for the future. This is a good section and a good newspaper will do well here. Write to THE HERALD, Folkston, Ga.

July 29, 1909

VICKERY’S CANNERY. Someone says we published a lie in our issue of July 1st when we said T.W. Vickery had bought a canning machine with a daily capacity of 3500 cans. If you cannot believe this, you ask Mr. Vickery or write the manufacturer.


….CIGAR COMPANY. The Homeland Cigar Co. is happy the cigar boxes ordered by Express have arrived and they are busy packing cigars. They received another case of tobacco last week. They ordered a case of tobacco from the Tampa Tobacco Co. for special cigars. They have also ordered three more cases of cigar boxes so that no such a thing as a shortage of boxes will occur again.

….TRUCK GROWERS ASSO. The Truck Growers Asso. was organized with 28 charter members. The following were elected officers: F.A. Armbruster, president; W.H. Bruce, vice president; J.L. White, secretary; M.J. Fieber, corresponding secretary; and agent F.W. Yong, inspector. It was decided to plant cabbage this fall and orders were taken for 75,000 plants.

NOAH ALTMAN LEAVING US. Noah Altman has sold out his farm products and stock and is moving away from Charlton County.

ANDERSON BUYING FOR THE STORE. D.F. Anderson of Uptonville is spending this week in Baltimore buying his fall stock of merchandise.

DR. WILLIAMS’ MOTHER DIED. Dr. Dallas Williams was called to Jacksonville last Friday night by telegram to the bedside of his mother who was very sick. But before reaching there death claimed her.

FOLKSTON SCHOOL. Miss Rena Smith was elected teacher for the Intermediate Department of the Folkston School last Monday by the school trustees.

MR. BROOKS KEEN DIED. Last Saturday Mr. Brooks Keen was drowned in the St. Marys River at Traders Hill. He was with a Mr. Parker on a lighter pulling up sunken logs and as they were out on one of th0e hoisting poles, it broke and both fell in. Mr. Parker swam to the shore but Mr. Keen, not being a good swimmer, and before anyone could reach him, had dropped beneath the waters the last time. In a short time search was begun for his body and it was soon found. He was a son of Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Keen of Traders Hill and was about 21 years of age. He was a member of the Methodist Church, having joined several years ago and lived a life full of noble deeds. Brooks was a good boy. He was loved by his many friends because in him were found only those things which were pure and upright. He was temperate in all things. He had a pleasant word for everybody and was one of the best boys in the community. The funeral took place Sunday at the Traders Hill Cemetery, services being conducted by his pastor, Rev. I.R. Kelly.


….NEW SCHOOL. After a considerable delay waiting on materials, work has begun on our new school house and from now on we can look forward to seeing it finished in time for the fall term of school.

….BAPTIST CHURCH ORGANIZED. Last Wednesday the Baptist people of Homeland organized a church society to be called the Baptist Church of Homeland. They called Rev. Thompson as their pastor. They have adopted the Saturday evening before third Sunday for Conference Meeting. Mr. Mitchell was elected as deacon. Mr. Bruce as clerk.

….FIRST COMMUNION SERVICE, NEW CHURCH IN HOMELAND. Next Sunday morning Rev. Kelly will preach to us and at the close of the service will organize a Methodist Church Society. Methodists, please take notice and be there. A communion service will be held, to which all believing Christians are cordially invited to participate. Speed the news so that all believing Christians in the county may come in next Sunday to take part in this first communion service held in Homeland.

LOYD CHILD DIED. Last Thursday night the five-month-old little girl of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Loyd, who lived just east of town, died after an illness of three months. The funeral took place at Traders Hill on Friday.

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