Digest of Charlton County Herald - June 1941

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

June 6, 1941

ST. GEORGE SCHOOL GRADUATION. The closing exercises of the St. George High School consisted of the promotion of pupils Friday, Commencement Sermon Sunday, Senior High graduation Tuesday night and Jr.-Sr. Reception Wednesday night. The graduation program included Salutatory by Anna Belle Hutson, Valedictory by Marguerite Osterman and delivery of diplomas by Supt. John Harris. Members of the graduating class were Charles Chism, Jr., William B. Ratcliffe, Iva Pauline Bell, Anna Belle Hutson, Marguerite Osterman, Margaret Parham, Nellie Smith and Geraldine Stokes.

MONIAC SCHOOL GRADUATION. Last Wednesday night the graduation of the seventh grade in the Moniac School took place. A large audience greeted the class. Among the students participating on the program were Neal Crawford, Ruth Thrift, Elmo Burnsed, Roxie Raulerson, Billie Chism and Myrtle Chism.

MR. P.C. TRACY VERY ILL. Mr. P.C. Tracy who has been seriously ill at his home on the St. Marys River for the past two weeks, remains in a very critical condition according to last reports from his bedside. Mr. Tracy is suffering from a complication of heart trouble and a kidney ailment and his family and friends have about abandoned hope for his recovery. The news of Mr. Tracy's critical condition has occasioned general regret and sorrow throughout the community and county.

ADULT EDUCATION CLASSES. The weekly Community Service Classes under direction of C.W. Waughtel as a volunteer worker is meeting regularly at Camp Pinckney Tuesday, at Uptonville Wednesday and at Corn House Friday. Total attendance during the "layoff" period was slightly above 500. These meetings will continue as long as such interest is manifested in these weekly vesper services.

June 13, 1941

RECREATION CENTER PROPOSED. At the Homeland council meeting last week a resolution was passed requesting the Mayor to appoint two citizens of Homeland to act with him in aiding a movement to construct a recreational center for the Folkston district, the project having been adopted by the Garden Club. The council urged the committee in question to investigate the adaptability of Hurshey Park as a playground to include a swimming pool and recreation center. It was pointed out the CCC had put down an artesian well and while the pipe had started to be withdrawn, excavation had also been done to provide a swimming pool. The Mayor announced C.W. Waughtel and John Zarfos as the committee members.

AMERICAN RED CROSS PROJECTS. A group representing Charlton County in the American Red Cross composed of Mrs. E.F. Allen, acting chairman; Mrs. Marion Pickren, chairman of production and Mr. and Mrs. R.E. Tittle, attended a meeting this week in Waycross and the group made an unusually fine report, especially in the production of materials for war relief. Mrs. Pickren took a bundle of completed materials, four sweaters, twenty-four shawls, nine children's dresses and twelve hospital shirts to be forwarded to the war-stricken area. A large quantity of completed materials had previously been sent from Charlton County.

DR. WILLIAMS ELECTED. At the annual convention of the American Legion in session this week in Valdosta, Dr. A.D. Williams was elected Grand Chef de Garre of the Forty-and-Eight, an auxiliary organization of the Legion devoted to fun and social service. This is the chief executive official of the organization in Georgia and the election of Dr. Williams is an outstanding distinction well-merited by his long and faithful service.

BUCK ALLEN PROMOTED. The many friends of Elliott "Buck" Allen, who was called into the Army for a year's training, will be interested to learn he has already earned promotion to the rank of Sgt. Fourth Class. He is stationed at Camp Wheeler in Macon.

NEW SERVICE STATION AND SALES ROOM BEING CONSTRUCTED. Work was begun this week on a modern brick structure located at the top of the hill just beyond the St. Marys River directly in front of Crystal Springs Camp, which is being erected by the Gowen Oil Co. to house a complete service station and sales room for pecan products of all kinds. The sales room is to be 15 by 45 feet, with kitchen, bedroom, store room and bath in the back half of the building. It will be occupied by Mr. Stuckey, a man widely experienced in the pecan business and operation of service stations. The building is being constructed by and under the personal supervision of John B. Southwell and Alva J. Hopkins, Jr. of the Gowen Oil Co.

FIVE MEN LEAVE FOR MILITARY SERVICE. A party of five young men, all volunteers, left here Wednesday for Fort McPherson, where they will report for medical examination and assignment for a year's military training. Included in the party were Glenn Petty, Johnnie Vinson Jones, Virgil Lee Smith, Gilbert Spence and Harold Lee Guinn.

June 20, 1941

DRAFT REGISTRATION. Officials of the local draft board announce that plans have been completed for the second registration under the Selective Training Service Act set for July 1st in a proclamation issued by the President May 26th. On July 1st between the hours of 7:00 in the morning and 9:00 in the evening every male citizen and every male alien who has become 21 years of age since October 16, 1940, is required to register at the local draft board.

ALLEN - GIDDENS WEDDING. A marriage that will be of much interest to a wide circle of friends is that of Miss Jimi Allen, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Allen, and Mr. R.O. Giddens, telegraph operator at Racepond, which occurred Tuesday at Macclenny with Judge Dowling officiating. The bride is a graduate of the Charlton County High School. Mr. Giddens works for the ACL Railroad and is a native of Albany, Ga. They will make their home in Waycross.

CARVY DAVIS KILLED. Carvy Davis, who was for a number of years a resident of Folkston was shot and killed in McRae, Ga. several days ago according to reports received here. He became involved in a difficulty with an operator of a roadside tavern. Complete details of the encounter are not available. Davis, about 35 years old, leaves a wife and two young sons who reside in this city.

BILL MCQUEEN RECEIVES COLLEGE DEGREE. William A. McQueen, better known as Bill, son of Judge and Mrs. A.S. McQueen, returned home this week after completing the course of study in the law school at Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tenn. and has received the degree of LLB. He plans to complete his journey on the road to being a lawyer by taking the Georgia Bar Exam in December.

MR. COOK SELLS FURNITURE BUSINESS. The furniture business operated here the past several months by Mr. T. Cook, Sr. was this week sold to Dowling Furniture Co. in Hoboken. The business has been located in the old Paxton Store building.

FOUR MEN DRAFTED. The local draft board officials announce the final contingent for June, consisting of four men: Roosie Joyce Prather and King Felton Harris will go to Ft. McPherson and Willie Clay Burgess and David Thomas will go to Ft. Benning.

L. KNABB APPOINTED TO DRAFT BOARD. L. Knabb of Moniac, former state senator, has been named by Governor Talmadge to serve as a member of the Selective Service Board of Charlton County to succeed E.B. Stapleton who resigned. It was first tendered to Ralph Knabb, a son of L. Knabb, who was found disqualified from service because of being within the draft age.

FITZHUGH L. MURRAY, JR. BORN. Mr. and Mrs. Fitzhugh L. Murray are the proud parents of a fine seven pound baby boy born June 16 at McCoy-Sawyer Hospital. The new arrival has been named Fitzhugh L. Murray, Jr.

June 27, 1941

SECOND DRAFT REGISTRATION PLANS COMPLETE. Officials of the local draft board announce that all arrangements have been completed for the registration of selective military service of all male citizens who have reached their 21st birthday since October 16th. Registration will probably be held for Moniac in the Knabb Store under supervision of L. Knabb and at St. George in the store of S.F. Canaday under direction of Mr. Canaday.

FOUR MEN CALLED BY DRAFT. The local draft board has received its first call for the month of July and ordered four men to report for assignment on July 7th. They are King Felton Harris, Walter Raleigh Padgett, Eugene Fraized and Thomas Watson Davis.

ENTERTAINMENT FOR JULY FOURTH. Everyone come and enjoy the entertainment July 4th which will be held at Moniac School auditorium. There will be a short play given and immediately after, bingo will be played. Refreshments will be sold. The money will be spent for the school in order to improve the playground equipment.

SEWING ROOM PROJECT DISCONTINUED. The sewing room which has been operated for the past several months as a joint WPA-County project has been ordered discontinued effective July lst. It was halted by the WPA who assigned the reason as drastically reduced Federal Relief Funds. The sewing room project has been one of the most valuable relief activities in this county and has been a real lifesaver to many homes.

MOTION PICTURE BEING FILMED IN SWAMP. The filming of the story "Swamp Water" is in progress this week on Billys Island and arrangements are being made for the use of real swamp area characters in the picture. Bryant Crews of Ware County is to pole the boat and will double for the hero of the story.

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