Digest of Charlton County Herald - June 1939

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

June 2, 1939

FOLKSTON EXTENDS CORDIAL WELCOME TO VISITING DELEGATES. The Folkston Methodist Church with the full cooperation of the Baptist and Presbyterian Churches extend a welcome to all the delegates and visitors of the Waycross District Conference meeting here Thursday and Friday. Mrs. A. Fleming, chairman of the Committee on Homes will be at the Grammar School auditorium with her committee at the registration table Thursday afternoon and night to make assignments for rooms for the night. The assignment for rooms carry also assignments for supper and breakfast. Folkston has plenty of room for all delegates who wish to spend the night. Mrs. W.J. Jones and her committee for the dinner on Friday has everything ready for that meal. Folkston has prepared for three hundred.

B.M. RONEY, FORMER CITIZEN, DIED. The many friends of Mr. B.M. Roney, formerly well known and highly regarded citizen of this city, were deeply shocked and grieved to learn of his death which occurred on May 24th at his home in Florence, S.C. following a heart attack. Mr. Roney, age about 50 was a native of Knoxville, Tenn. He served as a dining car steward for the ACL RR. On his retirement he established a restaurant at Jesup and came to Folkston in 1924. He was engaged in the restaurant business until 1928 when he moved to Florence where he operated a chain of restaurants. He is survived by his wife and one son, Jack Roney, both of Florence. The funeral and interment took place in Florence.

MANY FAMILIES HELPED BY GIFT OF COMMODITIES. The commodity division of the State Dept. of Welfare reached 126 families in Charlton County during April with surplus commodities having a value of $928.54.

ANNUAL BANQUET AND DANCE. The school's Alumni Association banquet and dance was held at the high school gym with about 85 present including teachers and recent graduates. It was a most enjoyable occasion.

CCC CAMP MEMBERS. Raymond and Harold Guinn of the Homerville CCC camp were here visiting relatives during the past weekend.

OFFICE FOR DR. TAYLOR IN WAYCROSS. Folkston's popular dentist, Dr. J.S. Taylor, on May 30th, started part time dentistry practice in Waycross, associated there with his brother, Dr. W.M. Taylor, in the Lyric Building. In the future, Dr. Taylor's office hours in Folkston will be in the morning from 8 till 12. His office hours in Waycross will be from 2:00 till 6:00 in the afternoon.

June 9, 1939

MR. J.B. MORGAN DIED. The many friends of J.B. Morgan, formerly a resident of this city, were saddened June 2nd by his death which occurred at his home in Winokur following a long illness of high blood pressure. Mr. Morgan, age 59, spent many years in and around this community. He served the ACL Railroad until he moved on a farm in his later years. After moving to Winokur he joined the Bachlott Church and since then has lived a Christian life and proved to be a faithful member. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Maggie Morgan; two daughters, Mrs. R. Braddock, Mrs. Ernest Smith; one son, Virgil Morgan; four sisters, Mrs. Jim Rozier, Mrs. Jim Walker, Mrs. Maggie Shoemaker and Mrs. Winnie Teston. Interment was in Bachlott Cemetery.

BAND TO PLAY FOR GRACE CHAPEL CHURCH. The Waycross ACL Band will entertain at the grammar school auditorium tonight. During the intermission the Waycross Quartet will render several selections. These Waycross people are donating their services so that the young people of Uptonville may be able to complete their little church building. It is now about complete. It is named Grace Chapel and they are proceeding very wisely. They are paying as they go and when this church is completed they will not be burdened with a distressing debt.

ICE CREAM PARLOR OPEN FOR BUSINESS. The modern new service station and ice cream parlor recently constructed by T.E. Leckie, at Sunrise Dairy, is open for business. Mr. Leckie has installed an expensive machine for the manufacture of ice cream.

ADKINS FUNERAL HOME. Adkins Funeral Home is occupying its new quarters in the old Rodgers residence which has been remodeled for this purpose. Mr. Adkins said he will carry a complete line of coffins, caskets and burial supplies at all times. This concern was formerly located in the old Wilson home just across from the courthouse.

BROWN-BARNES WEDDING. A marriage of much interest to their friends was that of Miss Mary Sue Brown and Mr. John M. Barnes which took place June lst at Fernandina with Rev. Dunckle, Methodist pastor officiating. The bride is the daughter of H.B. Brown of Waycross and Mr. Barnes is one of Folkston's young business men, having been a resident of this city since childhood, being a son of the late Chief J.H. Barnes.

TACKY PARTY AT DYALS. A tacky party was given at the home of Mr. R. Dyal of Homeland last Saturday night. A large crowd attended and all reported a very delightful time. The prizes were awarded to Miss Odell Martin and Mr. Gilbert Spence as being the tackiest.

June 16, 1939

DR. SCHNEIDER. Dr. W.J. Schneider is now occupying offices on the first floor of the Old Bank building below the telephone exchange.

JOHN WHITE GRADUATES COLLEGE. John White, son of Mr. and Mrs. M.G. White, who has been attending Abraham Baldwin College, completed his course and received his diploma last week.

June 23, 1939

FELDER MILLIGAN LANG DIED. Folkston friends and relatives were shocked to learn of the death of Felder Milligan Lang, age 30, who passed away Saturday at his home in Kendricks, Fla. He was stricken with a heart attack when leaving his office and died a short time later. He was employed as a bookkeeper for the Cummer Lumber Co. in their lime and phosphate plant at Kendricks. He was a nephew of Mrs. B.G. McDonald and had numerous relatives in this section. He was an admirable young man and loved by all who knew him. Immediate survivors are two sisters, Mrs. Martha Grace Bragg and Miss Lucille Lang. The funeral was held in Kendricks with interment in the cemetery at Anthony, Fla., his former home.

B.C. TAYLOR BUILDING NEW STORE. A new business building is now in course of construction for B.C. Taylor, the work being in charge of W.L. Huling. It is located along the highway near Mr. Taylor's home, just north of Hercules Company's camp. He plans to operate a meat market and grocery store with a service station. Mr. Taylor was formerly manager of the Hercules Co. store here.

SOL MILLS BUYS THOUSAND ACRE CANNON TRACT. A real estate transaction was announced this week involving land in this community. Sol P. Mills completed negotiations for the purchase of the former “Cannon tract” owned by E.K. Jarvis. The tract purchased by Mills includes all that part of the Cannon property lying west of Federal Route One between the highway and A.C.L. Railroad, containing a little more than a thousand acres. The purchase price was not announced. Mr. Mills also sold his home place just east of the city which includes his residence and about thirty acres to L.W. Kendricks, who plans to make his home here. Mr. Mills is having the thousand acres tract along the highway placed under wire fence with plans to develop it into a cattle and hog pasture.

GEORGE O'QUINN SUFFERING FROM TETANUS. George O'Quinn, thirteen year old son of Lester O'Quinn, of Traders Hill, was carried to the Waycross hospital Wednesday of last week, suffering from a serious attack of tetanus or lock-jaw, which developed from an infected foot. At last reports he was still in a serious condition, although Dr. W.J. Schneider, attending physician, now has hopes of his recovery. A small sliver of wood is said to have penetrated the lad's foot about two weeks ago. When this was removed, part of the splinter remained in the foot causing an infection from which the attack of lock-jaw developed.

REPAIRS BEING MADE TO FOLKSTON PHARMACY. Extensive repairs are now underway on the building occupied by Folkston Pharmacy which is owned by H.J. Davis. The work is in charge of P.C. Hall and the rear room where the prescription department is housed is to be torn out and rebuilt. New sills and flooring are to be placed in the main store room and the building is to be put in first class condition throughout.

ROAD NUMBER 23 WORK BEGUN. Chairman O.E. Raynor of the Board of County Commissioners announced yesterday that a definite route for Road No. 23 from the Brantley County line to Folkston has finally been approved. The work of removing buildings from the right of way is now in progress. The new routing of the highway extends along the boundary of the Hurshey Park property, enters the city along the route and intersecting Route One at Pickren's Garage.

June 30, 1939

CHARLTON COUNTY HERALD BIRTHDAY. With this week's issue the Charlton County Herald observes another birthday anniversary. Established in mid-year of 1898, it is the oldest business establishment in continuous existence in Charlton County.

MURDER AND SUICIDE IN RACEPOND. Discord and mistrust in their married life, it is said, terminated in one of the most tragic crimes in the history of Charlton County when Clyde Carter, 23 years old, killed his wife with a shotgun and then committed suicide at their home in Racepond Sunday afternoon. According to reports, Carter shot his wife in the front yard, then went into the house and killed himself. The bodies were not found until two hours later, when a brother of Carter saw the dead woman lying in the yard. Carter was said to have been drunk shortly before the shooting. Mrs. Carter, 20 years old, was the former Martha Thrift of Pierce County. The couple had been married about two years and had no children. Young Carter was a son of the late Mr. Bud Carter. Survivors include his mother and several brothers and sisters. His funeral took place at the Carter family cemetery near Racepond.

GRACE CHAPEL NEARING COMPLETION. The new church at Uptonville is nearing completion. It is known as Grace Chapel. The membership is made up largely of young folks who have recently decided to choose “the better part” of worthwhile things that make any community a good place to live.

NEW SUNDAY SCHOOL AT RACEPOND CHURCH. The Racepond Church has recently organized a Sunday School and installed a fine organ. They are planning on buying the schoolhouse at that place and making alterations to the building.

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