Digest of Charlton County Herald - June 1938

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

June 3, 1938

GIBSON GRANDCHILD KIDNAPPED. The kidnapping of five year old Jimmy Cash, Jr. from his home in Princeton, Fla. Saturday has created wide-spread interest in Charlton County, the mother of the missing boy being a native of this county. Mrs. Cash is the former Vera Howard, daughter of Mrs. Gussie Howard, granddaughter of Elder W.O. Gibson. She is a niece of S.G. and Charles H. Gibson and Solicitor-General John S. Gibson. Local relatives of the kidnapped child are much concerned as practically all hope has been abandoned that he would be found alive.

WEDDING. A marriage of interest here is that of Mr. J.D. Mizell to Mrs. Sallie Cooper which occurred June lst at the home of the bride in Homeland. Mr. Mizell is the bridge-keeper at Burnt Fort. Mrs. Cooper, before her marriage was Miss Sallie Taylor, daughter of Bill Taylor, now deceased.

MRS. MARTHA MILLS JONES DIED. Mrs. Martha Mills Jones, about 55, passed away at her home in Clearwater, Fla. Wednesday, following a brief illness. Folkston relatives were advised late Tuesday evening of the critical illness of Mrs. Jones and before they could complete arrangements to go to her bedside, a message came announcing her death. She is a native of Charlton County, being a daughter of S.F. Mills, Sr. After her marriage she made her home in Va., but following the death of her husband two years ago she moved to Clearwater. Survivors include two daughters, Elizabeth and Wilbur Jones; three brothers, S.F. Mills, Jr., Edgar G. Mills, F.D. Mills and three sisters, Mrs. J.B. Baker, Mrs. H.A. Renfroe, Mrs. C.Y. McMullen. Funeral was at the Methodist Church and interment in Folkston cemetery.

June 10, 1938

KIDNAPPED CHILD FOUND DEAD. Announcement that the dead body of kidnapped James B. Cash, Jr. has been found was received with deep sorrow here. Many close relatives of the dead child reside here. G-men disclosed they had recovered the entire $10,000.00 ransom and that the kidnapper had been in custody for a week. J. Edgar Hoover, director of the FBI, announced he had confessed to writing the three ransom notes and collecting the money but made no admission as to further participation in the crime.

TEACHERS SELECTED FOR NEW YEAR. The Board of Education elected the following teachers for the new school term: Principals: County High, Guy W. Bentley; John Harris Jr. High, Mayme Askew; Folkston Grammar, Marion Pearce. Teachers: Mrs. J.D. Roddenberry, Mrs. B.B. Gowen, Ann M. Woodall, Sarah Henderson, Martha Stapleton, Mary Leverett, Frances Hines, Zelle Ross, Marguerite Mills, Gladys Duncan, Cleo Huling, Eunice Hunt, Eunice Chute, Eleanor Cockrell, Minnie Belle Pryor, Daisy Neal, Carlie Mae Stokes, Susie Johnston, Charlton Talbert and Charles P. Willson. St. George, William S. Smith, Mrs. H.D. Templeton, Helen Bruschke, Cora Edenfield, Ella L. Maund. Moniac, Thyra McDuffie, Earnie Lee Johns, Hazel Prescott, Marie Boyd. Uptonville, Mrs. J.W. Johnson, Alyce Robinson.

WEDDING. A wedding of much interest was that of Miss Maggie Stokes and Mr. Benjamin Rodgers which was solemnized at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.E. Stokes, Sunday morning with Rev. R.W. Waterman officiating.

APRON-TIE BOX SUPPER. There will be an old-fashioned apron-tie box supper at the Racepond Church on the first Saturday night in July. Young ladies who are interested in bringing a box to the supper are asked to make a neck tie and an apron of the same material, and when the box is ready, to put the tie in it with no name. Be sure to bring along the apron for after the boxes are sold, the girls will put on the aprons and the boys will wear the tie found in the box they purchased. Then each boy will find the girl whose box he bought, by the apron she is wearing. There will be plenty of hot dogs, cold drinks and light refreshments for sale. Proceeds will be used to buy a piano for the church.

June 17, 1938

HOWARD SON IS FIRST INFANT FOR NEW HOSPITAL. Mr. Jack C. Howard, chairman of the Board of County Commissioners, and Mrs. Howard, announce the birth of a fine baby son on June 4th at the Folkston Hospital. The new arrival has been given the name of James Edward. He is the first baby born in Folkston’s new hospital.

WILSON STOKES DIED. Funeral services for Wilson Stokes, who was fatally injured last Monday when struck by a truck during a heavy rain, was held Wednesday at Giddens Funeral Home, Jacksonville. The body was taken to St. George, Stokes’ birthplace for interment. Rufus Lowther, driver of the truck, is a native of Charlton County. Stokes slipped on the wet pavement after alighting from a city bus and slid beneath the wheels of the moving truck. He died in a Jacksonville hospital. Stokes is survived by his father, H.F. Stokes; four sisters, Mrs. Lettie Thomas, Mrs. Ida Canaday, Mrs. Nellie Canaday, Mrs. Louise Yarbrough and a brother, Cleaton Stokes. He is a nephew of Noah Stokes and Edwin Stokes of this county.

ACTIVE INTEREST IN LOCATING OIL HERE. According to a statement by L.E. Mallard, there is very active interest in this county towards obtaining a large acreage for the purpose of having some drilling with the possibility of finding oil and gas. It seems that the oil companies, after spending several thousand dollars in the Offerman section, found that drilling down about 4600 feet that they encountered granite, which halted their operations in that section. Now their geologists are in this county hoping to locate here and trusting that this section may not encounter granite. From the experience of the land owners in Brantley and Pierce Counties, it seems that they received in many instances quite a nice little sum of cash for their royalties. It may mean that we create an oil value here whether there be oil or not. Let us all sign up and see what we have, said Mr. Mallard.

THEODORE RATLIFF CHARGED WITH MURDER. Theodore Ratliff was arrested Sunday by Sheriff J.O. Sikes and charged with having caused the death of his wife, Flora Ratliff, who died three weeks ago after she had been severely beaten.

FORMBY POTTERIES SOLD. The plant and other properties of Formby Potteries, Inc. at Homeland was sold at public sale Wednesday, under order of Judge Dickerson. Sheriff Henry J. Sweat of Ware County and associates were the purchasers at a price of approximately $1600.00. Receivership proceedings were instituted against the concern several months ago, Sheriff Sikes being named to serve as Receiver. Sale of the properties was conducted by Sikes and it is understood that the transaction was on a cash basis. Receivership proceedings were begun on behalf of creditors by attorney A.S. McQueen, who handled the legal details.

LIBRARY VERY BUSY. The fifty adult fiction books borrowed from the Georgia Library Commission have arrived. There were also fifty children’s books borrowed in order to have a Vacation Reading Club. Some of the children have already started reading their books. Children’s Story-Telling Hour began last Thursday afternoon. Afterwards they were served punch and crackers. Those attending were Bobby Adkins, David Hathaway, James Altman, Benny Scott, Tom Scott, Helen Ward, Odell Martin, Betty Pearce, Juanita Hathaway, Inez Hathaway, Grace Russell, Margaret Harvey, June Stalls, Annie Lee Stalls, Birdie Wright and William Wright. More children are invited to attend children’s Story Telling Hour, which will be every Thursday afternoon. A few of the recent visitors were Mrs. Royal, Miss Weaver, Mrs. Mary Vickery, Mrs. R. Stalls, Mrs. T.A. Scott, Mrs. R.A. Boyd, Marie Boyd and Joan Barnhill. Mrs. Harford Russell has become one of the new readers in the library. The library is open every day except Sunday from 1:00 till 5:00 P.M. and an hour or two each morning to clean up and straighten the books on the shelves. Every one is invited to come and read. Mrs. Proctor Caudle, librarian, won a reading award by reading ten books from the GLC -- two books on literature, two books on sociology, two on biographies, two on travel and two on library science.

NOW IS THE TIME TO VACCINATE FOR CHICKEN POX. Anyone wishing to learn how to vaccinate their pullets against sore head, colds and chicken pox, get in touch with your Adult Teacher. He can teach you in five minutes how to vaccinate effectively with the contact method. The cost of the serum per 100 head is 90 cents.

June 24, 1938

STATE PARK PROJECT IN CHARLTON ASSURED. The park project in Charlton County near Folkston is now a certainty according to official announcement of the State Dept. of Natural Resources who approved the site after final inspection last week. The site selected is the 1,000 acre tract located along the St. Marys River approximately 10 miles southwest of Folkston extending to within a half mile of the city limits. The tract was assembled from parcels belonging to four land owners: M.G. White, Sol P. Mills, C.S. Buchanan and J.V. Gowen, Sr. With exception of the fact that part of it overflows at times, it is ideally suited for the purpose of a park. The entire tract is offered for $6,000, county commissioners to pay $5,000 and the City of Folkston, $1,000. Efforts will be launched to secure a CCC camp for the development work.

WEDDING. A marriage of much interest to friends here is that of Miss Ophelia Machado of Key West, Fla. and Mr. Raymond Banks of Folkston, the ceremony being performed Tuesday at the home of the bride’s parents in Key West. The groom is the youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. W.E. Banks. They will make their home at the Mattox Apartments.

MR. J.W. SPENCER DIED. Mr. J.W. Spencer, age 81, for many years a resident of St. George, passed away Monday at the new hospital in Folkston after an extended illness. A native of Ohio, he had been a resident of Charlton County for the past 30 years. He was a brother-in-law of S.T. Cockrell, with whom he made his home. The only immediate survivor is his widow. The funeral was conducted at the St. George Baptist Church and interment was in the St. George cemetery. Atkins Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. P.O. Stokes announce the birth of a fine baby son born June 19th at Dr. Fleming’s hospital. Pack was, of course, highly pleased with this splendid Father’s Day gift. The baby has been given the name of Albert Paxton.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Glenn Courson of Savannah announce the birth of a baby daughter born June 19th. Mrs. Courson will be remembered as Miss Blanche Altman. The baby has been given the name of Glenda Patience.

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