Digest of Charlton County Herald - June 1937

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

June 4, 1937

THOUSANDS OF TOMATO PLANTS SHIPPED. Shipments of tomato plants from Charlton County growers to Ohio and other states reached its peak for the season this week. The greater part of the shipments have been made by T.W. Wrench. He will produce about 100,000 tomato plants this year, about 60,000 having been shipped during the past week. Large shipments have also been made by C.W. Waughtel and other growers.

WEDDING. Mr. W.L. Crews, son of Mr. and Mrs. Pratt Crews and Miss Margaret Tatum, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Walter Tatum of Waycross, were married May 29th. He is employed at the Hercules Co. at Folkston.

CHARLTON MAY RECEIVE THOUSANDS FOR PENSIONS. Charlton County will receive $11,250. in Social Security funds if constitutional amendments are ratified in the General Election on June 8th. It will be distributed through old age pensions, aid to the needy and blind and to dependent children and other welfare cases.

KINGSLAND HIGHWAY PAVING COMPLETED. The work of constructing the road bed and laying the asphalt base on the Folkston-Kingsland highway from Folkston to the Camden County line has been completed. The work went forward rapidly in two crews of day and night shifts.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Thrift of Uptonville announce the birth of a son born May 26th.

June 11, 1937

TRADERS HILL BOX SUPPER WAS SUCCESS. The box supper at Traders Hill last Wednesday night was well attended. The sale of boxes and cakes took place after the meeting of the Adult Education Class which meets every Wednesday night. Boxes brought from fifty cents to $3.00 each. The proceeds will be used to meet the expenses of the church and for providing literature for the Sunday School which is a growing institution at Traders Hill.

NEW CCC CAMP IS AT WORK. Charlton County’s new CCC camp, a Negro organization, recently transferred from Douglas to Camp Cornelia, is now established in its modern new camp on the St. George highway and is actively at work on the new assignment. The first work to be taken up is the cutting of a right of way for a road to be constructed from the camp site to Camp Cornelia. The work will include constructing boat trails and overnight cabins. Capt. Newnan Burns and Lt. Alvin Clyborne are the officers in charge of the camp. E.E. Tittle will continue in charge of the forestry work with J.T. Stover, Jim Williams and Ivey Kennedy as foremen.

June 18, 1937

GEORGE HENRY STOKES KILLED. George Henry Stokes, son of G. Herbert Stokes, was murdered in Jacksonville. Mr. Herbert Stokes is a native of Charlton County.

WEDDING. The marriage of Miss Annette Augusta Turner of Woodbury to L. Jasper Stokes of Folkston was solemnized June 12th at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. E.H. Turner.

NEW BABY. Chairman Jack C. Howard of the Board of Commissioners and Mrs. Howard, of Winokur, are the proud parents of a six pound boy, born Wednesday morning at the Folkston hospital.

ALVA HOPKINS GRADUATES COLLEGE. Alva J. Hopkins, Jr. of Toledo graduated this week from the University of Georgia at Athens where he has been a student for the past four years. He made a splendid record in his studies at the University.

CHARLTON’S WELFARE BOARD APPROVED. The State Board of Public Welfare this week approved County Welfare Boards in 111 of Georgia’s 159 counties. Appointments approved include Charlton County’s board which is composed of L.E. Mallard, Jesse P. Mizell, Noah Stokes, N.E. Roddenberry and Ralph E. Knabb.

FREE TEXT BOOKS FOR GEORGIA STUDENTS. The State Board of Education voted to furnish books to every elementary and high school student in Georgia. Dr. M.D. Collins, State Supt., said the Board’s action means all students will receive free, every school book they need. Covers for the free text books will be manufactured by state prison labor and will not be purchased from the printing companies.

June 25, 1937

LAUNDRY PLANT INSTALLED IN HOMELAND. A modern home laundry plant equipped with the latest in Maytag equipment has been installed at Homeland by Edward Millen and began operations this week with sufficient orders to keep the plant in operation at full capacity.

RITZ THEATER IS BEING REMODELED. The Ritz Theater will suspend operations for the next several weeks while construction is in progress in the work of enlarging the building. Additional seating capacity will be provided by construction of a balcony for use of Negro patrons. The roof of the building is to be raised several feet and a balcony with a seating capacity of 150 will be added. The roof has been torn off and the remodeling is underway under direction of E.D. Shivar and C.J. Passieu, owner of the building.

J.H. JOHNSON & SON LUMBER CO. IN OPERATION. The modern new sawmill plant recently installed in Racepond by J.H. Johnson & Son Lumber Co. began operations yesterday, turning out lumber at the rate of several thousand feet per day.

MAY BLUFF SOLD TO VARNS. The May Bluff tract, containing about 6,000 acres on the Satilla River, has been sold by William Mizell, Jr. to Varn Turpentine & Cattle Co. in Valdosta. At one time extensive turpentine operations were conducted there.

MANY APPLY FOR STATE PATROL JOBS. More than 10,000 applications for the 120 jobs on the new State Highway Patrol have been received.

MELVIN CREWS VISITS HERE. Melvin Crews of the Brunswick CCC camp was the weekend visitor to friends and relatives here.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Lonnie Crews, Winokur, announce the birth of a son born June 16.

DRURY CHILD DIED SUNDAY. Friends of Mr. and Mrs. Pat Drury, Winokur were made sad to hear of the death of their dear little girl which occurred Sunday morning.

COMMUNITY CENTER CLOSES. The Community Center project which has been operating in the Wade Building for the past few months as a WPA project, giving employment to a number of women, has been discontinued, it is announced from the office of Mrs. Rudolph Mills, district supervisor in Waycross.

HELP FOR THOSE ON RELIEF. A truckload of government commodities consisting of Irish potatoes, rice, oatmeal and powdered milk was distributed here last week to persons on the relief rolls.

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