Digest of Charlton County Herald - June, 1929

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

June 7, 1929

WEDDING. Frank D. Mills, Jr., son of Mr. and Mrs. F.D. Mills, Sr., who has recently returned from an extended trip to Oklahoma, and Miss Helon M. Gowen, the popular daughter of Mr. B.B. Gowen, were united in marriage at the bride's uncle's home, Mr. J.V. Gowen, Saturday by Rev. L.E. Williams. Mr. Mills has been holding a position of trust in Florida and the west and they will return to Oklahoma to make their home. "Miss Doll" as we all know Miss Gowen is a charming young lady of many noble qualities and a popular graduate of the class of 1928.

JAKE LITTLEFIELD GRADUATES. J.C. Littlefield, Jr., Jake, graduated this week from the Citadel College at Charleston, S.C. He obtained his degree with honors and also a commission as a second lieutenant of infantry.

MRS. FANNIE JOYNER WESTBERRY DIED. Mrs. Fannie E. Westberry, age 68, died at the home of her brother, Mr. J.S. Joyner. The body was taken to Waycross Tuesday where the funeral and burial took place.

MISS JEWELL PAGE GRADUATES FROM COLLEGE. Miss Jewell Page graduated this week from the Junior College of Bristol, Va.

FIRE AT STEWART HOME. When Mingo Stewart returned home Saturday night with Mrs. Stewart and went in, they were greeted with volumes of smoke when opening the door. Mingo rushed around the block, picked up Chief Barnes and Mr. C.E. Stroup and returned to the scene. They found the davenport saturated with kerosene and almost totally destroyed. It had been the kindling place. An empty oil can was there, with a stream of oil throughout the house, on beds and other articles of furniture. Sheriff Mizell traced footsteps to a point near the McDonald House. The State Fire Marshal came Saturday but no report has been made.

MR. PERRY KNOX DIED. Mr. Perry Knox was killed in an automobile wreck on Long Island, N.Y. last week. He was the 29-year-old son of Mr. Wiley Knox of Hickox and the brother of Mrs. West Johnson. He was buried Tuesday in Hickox.

WEDDING. Ordinary Gibson united in marriage John Rider and Miss Mertis Taylor Monday. This happy couple got the free certificate, being the first couple to be united in the new courthouse. They are both residents of the Sardis district and will reside there.

WEDDING. Ordinary H.G. Gibson this week united in wedlock Mr. W.E. O'Quinn and Miss Georgia Cobb of the Winokur district.

LAND TO BE SOLD FOR TAXES. There were 32 separate advertisements of land being sold for taxes, another indication of the depressed economy.

June 14, 1929

NEW MAIL BOX. For the convenience of those who have letters to mail after the post office is closed, the new mail box set up in front of the office is quite the thing. Mr. G.H. Jacobs did the job Saturday. It is a city style box, capable of meeting all demands.

UNSAFE DRIVERS. At the regular June term of County Court a Mr. Quinn and Mr. Branch, who wobbled a mile or so down the highway in a truck laden with watermelons, used as an excuse an overdose of strawberry wine. This is the same pair that crowded Farmer Postma off the highway. Mr. Postma yelled at them. As the truck passed him a tire blew out causing Mr. Postma to imagine himself shot, but was not. They paid $50.00 each for the wild riding and went their way.

SIGN OF A DEPRESSED ECONOMY. The July legal sale day will include four mortgage foreclosures and thirty Sheriff's property tax sales. Altogether, the sale day will be a large one.

MR. E. ALEXANDER DIED. Rising from his bed for a moment Mr. E. Alexander, retired merchant, age 79, fell headlong Wednesday and died almost immediately. Mrs. Alexander was alone with him at the time and summoned help. He came here from South Carolina some seven years ago and entered mercantile business which he conducted until a month ago when ill health forced his retirement. He was up and about until Sunday when his condition became so that he was forced to take to his bed. He was laid to rest in the Folkston cemetery Thursday evening following an impressive funeral service from the Presbyterian Church conducted by Rev. Linton Johnson, pastor. Mrs. Alexander, two nephews and a brother survive him.

ARCHIE McQUEEN WORKING IN CAMDEN. Archie McQueen has joined the Southeast Georgian force, succeeding Mr. R.W. Harrison, who leaves shortly for Atlanta as Representative of Camden in the legislature.

WORK AT THE AVIATION FIELD. This past week all trees over thirty feet high surrounding the Aviation Field have been felled and converted into piling, removing all obstacles of landing planes.

RACEPOND BEACON LIGHT IS ON. Last Thursday night the beacon light at Racepond cast its flickering rays out into the darkness. The revolving light was lit up for its first time. The rays were thought by some to be lightning. The steady flash soon convinced them it was the guiding light for the night flyers bound from Miami to the north. Several night planes have been seen lately and it's quite a show to see them flying, all lit up.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. O.M. Prescott are the proud parents of 9 1/2 pound baby boy, born May 29th.

MRS. PRESCOTT SUFFERS WEED POISONING. Mrs. C.W. Prescott has been laid up the past week being poisoned with a cow itch weed.

JUNE 21, 1929

MRS. VANNIE HIGHSMITH ROGERS DIED. The funeral of Mrs. Vannie Rogers, widow of the late Ned Rogers, took place at Sardis Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Rogers died Saturday night at the hospital in Jacksonville where two of her daughters are nurses. The body, accompanied by Mrs. Eunice Highsmith, her sister-in-law, Mrs. May DeWitt, Miss Allie Rogers and Leo Rogers, daughters; and Charlie Highsmith, Grover Highsmith and Beaureguard Highsmith, brothers, and a few friends motored up and was met at the river bridge by Jim Rogers, Miss Vannie Rogers and Carl Rogers, daughter and son, escorting the remains to Sardis Cemetery, where the body was laid to rest by the side of her deceased husband. Rev. W.O. Gibson conducted the service. Her health had been bad for some time and a few weeks ago her daughters who are professional nurses took her to Jacksonville for hospital treatment. Her condition at age 60 years was against her, so she died.

WEDDING. The happy culmination of a romance was the marriage of Ira Johns of Hickox and Miss Lucile Howard of Burnt Fort Thursday at the home of Groom Brooks. Accompanied by her parents they met by appointment there and Mr. Brooks performed the ceremony that joined this happy couple. She is the daughter of Mr. A. Howard and he is the son of Mrs. Kate Johns.

EDITORIAL COMMENT. Folkston is to keep busy during the dull trade period judging from its new enterprises. No sooner had the south side of Main Street set up a bolling alley, getting to be popular at ten cents a game, when along comes the wise guys on the north side of the street and sets up a horseshoe pitching game, free to all comers. No telling what will start next.

DUCE LLOYD INJURED. Duce Lloyd, son of Son Lloyd, happened to a painful accident Tuesday morning, the breaking of his right arm at the wrist, which was done by the old process of cranking a Ford. Dr. Fleming promptly set it in place.

June 28, 1929

NOBLES LEASES STATION. Mr. W.H. Blackman, an expert automobile mechanic from Jacksonville, has leased Otis Nobles' filling station on the highway. He will run a repair shop in connection with it.

RIVER BOAT TO RUN ON JULY 4TH. Cecil Gowen, who plies the St. Marys River with the steamer Daytonia from Traders Hill to Brunswick and Jacksonville, has a 4th of July trip scheduled for a run down the river. Reservation must be in advance.

JAIL NEARING COMPLETION. The work of completing the inside of the county jail and placing cells has been going on this week with Mr. John Ellis of the Manley Jail Works in charge.

LOUISE HINES SHOT AND KILLED. Annie Houston killed Louise Hines with a pistol shot at the Hercules Camp Monday. Some of the witnesses say there had been gambling and drinking going on.

AVIATION FIELD. The Aviation Field has been inspected by automobiles being driven over it from 20 to 30 miles per hour just to show speed attainable on a new field. The revolving light was inspected. The removal of all trees obstructing a view of the field from the air and the white circle in the center made of stone, should indicate the easy lighting for planes. Folkston and Racepond began winking at each other Sunday evening. Our light revolves west and the Racepond light revolves east. When an airplane dropped down on the Aviation Field last Friday Mr. DeWay thought the plane was stealing in on us. It was a private craft, dodging the storm. "It's a fine field," the aviator said.

SMITH HOTEL TRACT SOLD. The residence and lots on Georgia Ave. in St. George which was originally the Smith Hotel and remodeled last summer, has been sold to Mr. Howard Davis of Pennsylvania. He is a radio manufacturer.

LIZZIE FREEMAN DIED. The body of Lizzie Freeman, colored, who died at Kent, was brought to St. George Tuesday for burial.

THE JOE RANG FAMILY TO MOVE. The announced sale of household and farm tools Saturday of the Joe Rang's makes us feel that something should be done to retain them as citizens. Their going is on account of no marketing facilities. The marketing conditions of their truck farm this year has been the worst, and on this account we are expecting the loss of this splendid family.

JOE STEWART JOINED ARMY. Joe Stewart has enlisted in the Army in the Engineering Corps. He joined a squad at Jacksonville Friday and was sent to Fort Screven.

WEDDING. Ordinary H.G. Gibson united Mr. J.V. Youmans and Miss Lettie Sikes in marriage Monday at the courthouse. Both reside in the Toledo district. The bride's parents are Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Sikes.

AVIATOR SPENDS THE NIGHT. Last Friday Aviator DuBose, flying a commercial Waco from Atlanta, lighted on our airport, dodging a storm. He spent the night at the McDonald Hotel.

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