Digest of Charlton County Herald - June, 1922

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

June 2, 1922

NEW STORE OWNER. Last Saturday J.V. Gowen bought out the interest of B.B. Gowen in the Dean and Gowen Department Store and immediately took possession. J.V. Gowen is manager of the Georgia and Florida Investment Co. and is recognized as a man of splendid business ability.

E.L. VANN DIED. E.L. Vann, age 74, for several years a resident of Folkston, died at King's Daughters Hospital in Waycross Monday. For years he had been a cripple from rheumatism. A few weeks ago a stroke of paralysis rendered him helpless. Mr. Vann was a highly educated man but was of such a retiring disposition that few were intimately acquainted with him. He lived alone, making his living by repairing shoes. Of his family very little is known. The remains were brought from Waycross Monday night and carried to the home of T.L. Pickren. Tuesday morning he was buried in the Folkston Cemetery.

SMART CHILDREN. The following pupils are the ones making the highest average for the classes of Grammar School based on final examinations: 7th Grade, Dean Gowen; 6th Grade, Jewell Page; 5th Grade, Crawford Banks; 4th Grade, Loyselle Smith; 3rd Grade, Winnie Guinn; 2nd Grade, Blanche Cameron, Nellie Smith and Kathleen Wildes; Primer, Martha Stapleton and Aderine Wildes.

WAFFLE SUPPER. The ladies of the Baptist Missionary Society will serve hot waffles, Ga. cane or maple syrup, tea or coffee for 25 cents at the Folkston Lunch Room Saturday night.

June 9th, 1922

NEW TEACHER FOR GOWEN CHILDREN. Miss Eula Belle Partin of Uvalda arrived here a few days ago for a two months stay as teacher for J.V. Gowen's little children.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. John Hathaway announce the birth of a fine baby girl on May 30th.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. A.G. Powers announce the birth of a son on June 5th. Mrs. Powers was, before her marriage, Miss Mattie Gibson.

TWO NEW HOMES. The new two-story home of F.J. Strickler is nearing completion. This is a beautiful home and a credit to Folkston. (Note: Deed Book U, page 479, Paxton to Strickler, in 1921 for 1 1/2 acres on corner Magnolia and West Main, shows this is the two-story M.G. White homeplace. LBM). Also, Ed Shivar has begun his new home.

NEW GOWEN HOME. Mr. and Mrs. J.V. Gowen and family have moved to their beautiful country home near Traders Hill.

June 16th, 1922

NEW TEACHERS. Trustees of Charlton County High School and the Folkston Consolidated School met and elected the following teachers for the new year: John Harris, Principal; Mrs. J.D. Roddenberry; Mrs. D.F. Pearce; Miss Mary McQueen; Mrs. John Harris and Mrs. W.R. Courtney.

GRADUATION NIGHT. Wednesday night was graduation time for the local high school. The five graduates were Bernice Vickery, Cornelia Joyner, Eva Mae Allen, Mary Enedy and Seaborn Mills. William Mizell, Jr. delivered the commencement address.

WEDDING. Miss Lou Wainwright and Mr. Willie Sykes were quietly joined in bonds of matrimony at the Baptist Church in Winokur Sunday afternoon, Rev. J.M. Thompson officiating. Mrs. Sykes is the beautiful and accomplished daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wainwright who resides near Burnt Fort. The groom is the son of Mr. J.H. Sykes of Newell.

June 23rd, 1922

SCHOOL CONSOLIDATION. At the school board meeting petitions were read from Newell and Bailey Branch schools asking to be consolidated with the Folkston school.

LADIES TO PAY POLL TAX. Hogs and cattle off the streets of Folkston will be the first move of the ladies in city politics, which is a good beginning. Do the ladies realize they will have to pay poll tax whether they register or not? It seems that they ought to register and vote since they have to pay poll tax whether they wish or not.

TWO WEDDINGS. Two marriages that came as a surprise to the many friends of two of our young men: Mr. Henry Hardin was married to Miss Crews of Racepond. They are at the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Hardin. Mr. Silas O'Quinn of Lovett, Fla., was married to Miss Janie Lou Sweat.

MCDONALD HAS NEW AUTO. Among the new automobiles on the streets of Folkston is the new Dodge, recently purchased by B.G. McDonald.

HATHAWAY BABY DIED. The infant son of Mr. and Mrs. John Hathaway, born May 30th, died Monday and was buried in the Folkston Cemetery Tuesday.

June 30th, 1922

WOOL SALE. Last week the owners of sheep in Charlton County let it be known that there would be a sale of wool Saturday, the wool going to the highest bidder. Four wool houses were represented and Southern Hide and Fur Co. of Jacksonville made the highest bid, 37 and 3/4 cents per pound, turning over to the sheep owners $4,154.11. This was the highest amount received since the war.

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