Digest of Charlton County Herald - June, 1914

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

JUNE 1914

June 4, 1914

WEDDING INVITATION. Friends of these popular young people have received the following invitation: Mr. and Mrs. William Mizell request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter, Beulah Estelle to Howard Hall Davis on the afternoon of Thursday the 11th day of June at 5:00 o’clock at the Methodist Church in Kings Ferry, Fla.

FOR SALE. One-half acre of land in city limits of Folkston, together with one 15 horsepower boiler and engine; corn mill; 3 cotton gins; one cotton press, together with all belting and everything else connected with what is known as the Paxton Ginnery; also one mare and buggy. Apply to Jehu Paxton.

McDONALD BUILDING. The McDonald structure is under full headway and is assuming proportions under Foreman O’Neal.

June 11, 1914

NEW BARBER IN TOWN. C.E. Stroup of St. George has purchased the barber shop of A.L. Kilbury and assumed control Tuesday morning. Mr. Stroup is well known in this county and doubtless will do a good business in his line.

McdONALD’S BUILDING. J.F. Bell, who has the contract for the brick work on the McDonald building, informs us he will complete it by the end of this week. When the brick hull is turned over to the carpenters it won’t be many days before this grand structure, complete, will stand before us a monument and a standing advertisement of Folkston’s prosperity.

POSTMASTER EXAM. The examination for Postmaster at Folkston will be held in Folkston on July 8th.

WEDDING. Jeb Martin and Miss Clyde Reville were married Wednesday night and we were going to say something about it, but a kind friend who attended has sent in an article which gives all particulars. The article is as follows: One of the prettiest home weddings for the “month of roses” took place at the residence of Dr. and Mrs. T.P. Reville last evening when they gave their daughter, Clyde, in marriage to Jeb Martin of Chickamauga. The bride was becomingly gowned in a beautiful bridal dress of white milk crepe, lace trimmed, and she carried roses. She is the accomplished daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Reville, formerly of Brunswick, who moved to this city over three years ago. Mr. Martin is a rising young railroad man and is engaged with the Georgia Central R.R.

THE CITIZENS BANK. Statement of Condition of The Citizens Bank at the close of business June 4, 1914: Resources: $71,193.35.

THE DRUG STORE. The Drug Store cornerstone has been laid and things are moving.

June 18, 1914

WEDDING. The marriage of Miss Beulah Estelle Mizell and Howard Hall Davis of Crandall was solemnized last Thursday afternoon at 5:00 o’clock at First Methodist Church at Kings Ferry. Rev. Longacre of Fernandina performed the ceremony.

WEDDING. On last Sunday evening at 2:00 o’clock at the home of the bride’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. M. Altman, Elvie Gibson was happily united in the bonds of matrimony to Miss Emma Altman. The rites were performed by Rev. Flanders. The happy couple left on “22” the same evening for Brunswick, where after spending a few days, they will return to Waycross for their future home.

WEDDING. Married at 5:00 last Thursday evening at the residence of the bride’s parents in Maysville, S.C., Jas. Purdom and Miss Fannie Mays. Miss Mays is one of our most estimable ladies and has made a host of friends during her stay in Folkston. Mr. Purdom is a substantial R.R. boy and is at the head of the electric signal and lock switching service for the A.C.L. here.

SCHOOL TEACHERS’ SALARY. The state has not paid one dollar to the school teachers for the work done the present year. Mallard and the Board of Education are borrowing money to pay the teachers for their work. Could not some arrangements be made by Georgia to pay her teachers promptly and save this expensive borrowing.

MATTOX HAS NEW AUTOMOBILE. J.J. Mattox was here this week in a brand new machine and was handling the levers just as easy as rocking a rocker. Stanley was here Sunday and said “Yes, right shortly Jim is fixing to blow himself up with that machine!”

NEW BABY. H.W. Anderson liked to have got our goat – the boy is over two weeks old, and a fine one – we’ll be on time if you should be so fortunate again, H.W.

June 25, 1914

THE DRUG STORE. M.L. Martin is bringing The Drug Store right along, in spite of these scorching days and it is showing up finely.

NEW BABY. A fine girl arrived Tuesday early to gladden the hearts of Mr. and Mrs. B.F. Davis.

EMMA CHATMAN DIED. Emma Chatman, colored, wife of Silas Chatman, died very suddenly here Friday evening from acute indigestion. This couple of colored people were just about raised by the white people of Folkston and a great many of them were shocked by the news of her death and feel for “Si” in his trouble. Emma Moody, as she was known and Si had only been married for about four months.


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