Digest of Charlton County Herald - June 1909

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays


No issue for June 3, 1909 on microfilm

June 10, 1909


….FREE LAND FOR FACTORY. The 1906 Colony Company has five free factory sites to be given away. For information, write to 1906 Colony Company, Homeland, Georgia.

….DRAINAGE DITCH DUG. The town council is having a ditch dug on the east side of town that will drain the only low place in town.

….VISITORS. George and William White, sons of J.L. White, are here for a while. William White of Texas is only here for a short visit, while his other son intends making this his home.

….HOTEL MANAGERS. Mr. and Mrs. P.O. Strong and daughter Margaret of Hudson, Wisconsin arrived in Homeland Friday. They have taken charge of the Palmetto Hotel and will open it as soon as they get their goods in shape.

LOST BERRY-PICKERS. Mr. M.J. Fieber and Mr. S. Fink went on an exploring trip last Tuesday on the St. Marys River. They had heard about the fine blackberries that grew on the Florida side of the river at Pigeon Creek. They walked to the river and procured a boat on the finders-keepers order and started for Pigeon Creek, and they had no more than made the landing and made the boat fast than it began to pour down in good shape. They had to take refuge in an old deserted cabin.

The rain kept them prisoners until 9 o’clock in the evening. They laid on the bare floor and went to sleep and when they woke they found that the moon was shining, and looking at their watches saw that it was 2 o’clock in the morning. They decided they had better start for home without the blackberries.

In starting from the cabin they in some way got turned around and instead of going toward the boat went in the opposite direction and spent the remainder of the night looking for the boat. At about 7 o’clock they hailed a man that was going by in a rowboat and asked him if he knew where Pigeon Creek was. He said that he did and that he would take them there, and to their surprise found that they had wandered away about 15 miles from where they had left their boat.

They were gone about 40 hours with only blackberries to eat but were game to the end and decided to bring some berries home just to show there were some there. After putting the boat back in its place they started for home. Each one had one quart of berries and decided to have them done up in alcohol to preserve them as a relic of the trip. Mr. Fieber says that it was a most delightful trip and one long to be remembered and added that if he had it to do over again he WOULD STAY AT HOME!

But the folks in town believe they were moon-struck.

FOR SALE: One half acre with two-story, six room house near courthouse in Folkston. Entirely new, $600.00. C.N.MILLS, Folkston.

GOOD ROADS ASSN. A Florida-Georgia Good Roads Assn. meeting was held at Atlantic Beach, Fla. at which boosters were present from all over Georgia and Florida. There is no doubt as to the road being made. It will pass through Folkston. The route will be from Atlanta to Jacksonville via Macon, Fitzgerald, Douglas and Waycross.

WEDDING. On last Wednesday afternoon Vinie Rogers of near Folkston was married to Mr. John Thomas of Waycross. The bride was the only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Rogers and is one of Charlton’s most refined young ladies while the groom was a prosperous merchant of Waycross. The young couple left on the afternoon train to Waycross where they will make their future home.

CITY WATER. In Town Council meeting last Monday they agreed to furnish water for the homes at $1.00 per month. This allows the water to be used in the yards and lots but not for irrigating gardens and farms.

No issue of the Herald for June 17, 1909 on microfilm.


June 24, 1909


….WATERMELON SUPPER. Our Mayor gave a watermelon supper Thursday on the porch of the hotel which was enjoyed by all. The hotel will be ready for guests in a few days.

….HOMELAND CIGARS. Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Bruce was in town delivering Homeland-made cigars which he sold last week. Also he was handing out many free smokes to the boys. He has sold many to the merchants here and says he intends to make a few trips this week. We trust the new factory will prosper.

TELEPHONE. Mr. T.L. Jordan, a representative of the Southern Telephone Co. was here in town Monday for the purpose of interesting the citizens here to install a telephone system. Tuesday and Wednesday he was working among the farmers concerning putting in a farmers’ line. Today he is in Folkston. The people of Homeland are also interested. The plan is to get a stock company and allow from one to five shares to be sold to one individual. Arrangements have already been made to connect with the Southern Bell Co.

MILLS CHURCH. Quite a number of Folkstonites attended preaching at Mills Church last Sunday.

COUNTY ROADS. Warden T.L. Pickren is being complimented on his road-building. The road leading toward Bethel is a sample of his work.

GOOD CROPS. J.H. Johnson, one of Charlton’s progressive farmers, was in town Monday with a fine load of melons and tomatoes made on his farm near here.

RUNAWAY HORSE. S.E. Cannon’s horse ran away Saturday night, being driven by J.S. Joyner. Very little damage was done. Mr. Cannon says the horse just wanted a little exercise and went Main Street to the branch, turned the wagon over and came back and stopped at the hitching post just to show he is a smart horse.

ANOTHER RUNAWAY. Among the occurrences Sunday was the runaway of Johnnie Roddenberry and his horse. John and another John whose surname is Layton left early in the forenoon for a point just north of Traders Hill to spend the day but before getting there. Their horse decided their plans sounded like air castles and proceeded to tear things up. John said he thought his horse was good at four miles an hour but has decided he can make thirty miles by the watch.

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