Digest of Charlton County Herald - June 1908

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

June 4, 1908

SAMMY ROGERS DIED. Little Sammy Rogers, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Rogers, of Lofton, Fla., died at his home last Tuesday and was brought here for interment Wednesday morning.

ARTESIAN WELL. The artesian well made very little progress this week; in fact nothing has been done since Monday afternoon. At 11:00, very hard rock was struck at a depth of 330 feet. Tuesday morning Mr. Russell was sick and work was discontinued until after the Primary, the contractors have gone back to their homes in Camden County to cast their votes.

SCHOOL. Professor J.T. Brinkley left Sunday to accept the principalship of the school in Lyons, Ga.

SWAMP ROAD CONTRACT. The contract for refilling the canal across the Swamp Road was let by the county commissioners last Monday to Mr. R.A. Hardee for the sum of $78.50. There were a number of bids ranging from the above to $450.00.

June 11, 1908

EDITORIAL. We call attention of the City Council to the fact that a little repairing is needed to be done on our sidewalks. The gravel sidewalks need another coat and in many places new railing. The plank walks have some holes which need patching and the heads of all nails should be driven down. There are several places where the walks have been broken almost in two by the heavy loads being continually drawn over them without protection. These should be fixed at once.
FIRE. Mr. Joe May had the misfortune to get his barn, together with his entire crop of oats, burn one night last week. Favorable wind and heroic work was all that saved other buildings. A stable was saved which was very near the burning building. The loss was about $150.00.

Issues for June 18 and June 25 were not on microfilm.

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