Digest of Charlton County Herald - May 1945

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

May 4, 1945

HITLER DEAD. BERLIN FALLS. WAR IN EUROPE NEARING ITS CLOSE. Adolph Hitler, depraved pervert who plunged the world into history’s bloodiest, most brutal war, is dead. The German capitol has been captured by the Red Army and the war in Europe is moving rapidly to a close in the final days of this week. Hitler was reported by the Germans as killed in battle, other sources say he committed suicide and a third reported he died in a hospital from hemorrhage of the brain. Although his body has not been produced the Allied leaders are convinced he is dead. The death of Hitler came only a few days after the execution of Benito Mussolini, ex-Italian leader, his partner in crime, who was shot by Italian partisans. A German army of nearly a million men has surrendered in northern Italy and southwestern Austria, ending the war in that sector. General Eisenhower has ordered the Allied Armies to fight on until the last ember of Nazi resistance has been crushed out, which is expected to come soon.

TWO ARE ELECTED TO TEACH IN NEW SCHOOL YEAR. At the Board of Education meeting last week two more teachers were elected for 1945-46: Mrs. D.R. Brown and Mrs. Fannye R. Norman.

MRS. EMMA W. KETCHUM DIED. Mrs. Emma W. Ketchum, 74, a former resident of St. George, who has been making her home in Washington D.C. passed away Saturday at her home in Chevy Chase, Maryland after a brief illness. The remains reached St. George Tuesday where interment took place in St. George Cemetery, with commitment services at the gravesite, funeral rites having been held in Washington. She was the widow of a former member of the Macon Telegraph editorial staff who moved to St. George following his retirement. Immediate survivors include two daughters, Miss Miriam Ketchum and Mrs. Kenneth Hopkins. A number of Folkston friends attended the burial service at St. George.

May 11, 1945

GREATEST WAR IN HISTORY HAS ENDED IN EUROPE. BLOODY CONFLICT HAS COST AT LEAST 40 MILLION CASUALTIES. The greatest war in history ended Monday with the unconditional surrender of Germany. The surrender of all German fighting forces was officially announced at 9 A.M. Tuesday in a radio address by President Truman, followed a short while later by Prime Minister Winston Churchill of Great Britain. Premier Joseph Stalin of Russia withheld his announcement of the war’s end until Wednesday morning. Joy at the news was tempered only by the realization that the war against Japan remains to be won, with many casualties a possibility of the fighting still to come. The final Articles of Capitulation were ratified Tuesday in war-wrecked Berlin, a ruined capitol symbolic of the fall of the Third Reich.

CHURCH BELLS AND SIRENS PROCLAIM VICTORY IN EUROPE. The sounding of Folkston’s fire alarm and the ringing of church bells at 9:00 o’clock Tuesday morning brought the glad tidings to the people of this community that President Truman had officially proclaimed complete and final victory in the European Theater of the bloodiest, most terrible war in human history. The doors of both the local churches were immediately opened and at the conclusion of the President’s broadcast many of our people went to the churches to offer prayers and attend brief services. The “Day of Victory” was quietly observed here as a partial holiday. Many places of business closed their doors, soon after the official announcement was received, for the remainder of the day.

JASPER S. MORGAN IN TRAINING FOR US NAVY. Jasper Shelder Morgan, 31, husband of Mrs. Laura M. Morgan, is receiving his initial naval indoctrination at the US Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, Illinois.

AVNER HOLT KILLED IN ACTION. Avner W. Holt, 19, son of Mr. Joe Holt of the Corn House Creek Community, has been killed in battle, his parents were advised in a War Department message received last Friday. The young soldier lost his life in the invasion of Negros Island in the Philippines on April 17th. He was one of the county’s most promising and highly regarded young men and the news of his death has brought deep sorrow to a wide circle of friends. A graduate of St. George High School in the class of 1943 he enlisted in a paratroop unit of the Infantry in February 1944. In the rigid paratroop examination he stood 7th in a group of more than 700 men. He received his training at Fort Benning and had been overseas but two months when he lost his life in the service of his country.

LUCIAN FULTON KILLED IN ACCIDENT. Lucian Fulton, an aged Negro of the Traders Hill district, died Saturday in the McCoy Hospital as a result of injuries suffered when he was struck by an automobile Friday near Traders Hill. According to reports, he was lying in the middle of the road, asleep, after falling off a horse he was riding. The accident occurred about 10:30 Friday night. Ivey Buie, at home on leave from the Navy, was the driver of the car which struck the aged man. A coroner’s inquest was held Monday with Judge W.E. Banks presiding. Buie told the jury that he did not see the man lying in the road until it was too late to stop. The jury returned a verdict of accidental death. Fulton was about sixty years old. He was regarded as a hard-working, law-abiding, reliable man.

May 18, 1945

NEW CITY CLERK FOR FOLKSTON. Mrs. Gertrude W. Johnson this week tendered her resignation as Folkston’s City Clerk, effective immediately. Mrs. Mae J. McKendree has been named to succeed her.

ST. GEORGE HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION. The closing exercises of St. George High School at to be held May 24th at 9:00 P.M. it was announced by Joe T. Lee, school principal. Three members of the graduating class will get their diplomas at this time: Ralph Moore, Valedictorian, Louise Bell and Doyle Canaday. The class motto is “On the Youth of Today Rests the Democracy of Tomorrow”. Class colors are blue and silver and the class flower is the gladiolus.

CARD OF THANKS. In memory of our dearly beloved wife and mother, Mrs. Flora Stokes, we wish to thank our relatives, friends and neighbors for their kindness and sympathy and the beautiful floral offerings during our recent bereavement. --R.J. STOKES AND CHILDREN

CHARLTON HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT WINS NATIONAL RECOGNITION.. Quinton Lamar Gibson, age 16, who will graduate on May 28th has won one of the top places in a program entered into by 14,491 pupils from 3,711 schools throughout the U.S. All entrants were given a test on April 16 prepared by the College Entrance Exam Board and Lamar won Honorable Mention.

MR. BERT CREWS DIED. Mr. Bert Crews, age about 50, member of a well known Charlton County family, died at his home in the Uptonville district last Wednesday after an extended illness. He was a veteran of World War One and had been in declining health for the past two or three years. Funeral services were held at Grace Chapel Church with burial in Grace Chapel Cemetery. He is survived by his wife; four sons, L.B. Crews, Paul Crews, Columbus Crews and Theodore Crews; four daughters, Mrs. Barbara Murray, Miss Annie Isabel and Naomi Crews, [Amy]; five brothers Will Crews, Eden Crews, R.B. Crews, Arch Crews and Rufus Crews; four sisters, Mrs. Sarah Crews, Mrs. Martha Jones, Mrs. Allie Crews and Mrs. Mary Ann Kirkland.

CANDLER LITTLEFIELD HOME ON LEAVE. Captain Warren Candler Littlefield, fighter bomber pilot of the US 9th Air Force has returned to his home in Folkston for a 30 day leave after serving for the past 12 months in the air war against Germany during which he made an outstanding record.

RONNIE BRADLEY, 12 YEARS OLD, DROWNED. Ronnie Bradley, 12 year old St. George boy, lost his life when he was accidentally drowned while wading in the St. Marys River with three companions near the railroad bridge Saturday. He could not swim. He stepped off into water over his head and his companions were unable to rescue him. The Bradley boy’s father lives in Jacksonville, his mother is dead. He made his home in St. George with his grandmother.

SUE DEE WAINWRIGHT GRADUATES FROM COLLEGE. Miss Sue Dee Wainwright, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. D.R. Wainwright, who has been attending Andrew College, has completed her studies and was a member of the 1945 graduating class. She received her diploma Monday.

CHARLTON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES. The 1945 graduating class of Charlton County High School was made up of 36 young people. They are Ola Pearl Altman, Betty Jean Barnes, James Leonard Carter, Bessie Crews, Clarice Crews, Ethel Crews, Lillian Pearl Crews, George Alton Dinkins, Quinton Lamar Gibson, Talmadge Lenelle Guy, J.S. Haddock, Jr., Kenneth L. Harrison, Juanita Ann Hathaway, Henry Arthur Hendrix, Betty Willene Higginbotham, Doris Huling, Cathleen Johns, Tommy Hugh McLean, Dorothy Dix Mizell, Madria Inez Mizell, Gladys Mae Nazworth, Jean Devonne Pickren, Marion Elizabeth Pearce, Barbara Neal Prevatt, Mary Ola Prevatt, Myra Lea Thompson, Eunice Thrift, George Brunson Thrift, Mack David Thrift, Jr., Winona Tomlinson, Margie Inez Solomon, Betty Marie Southwell, Ruby Irene Woolard, Thelma Myrtle Woolard, Carroll Wright, Jr.

IRA ROGERS, JR. RECOVERING IN JACKSONVILLE HOSPITAL. Mr. and Mrs. Ira Rogers visited their son, Ira Rogers, Jr., who is in the Naval Hospital in Jacksonville recovering from wounds received in the Invasion of Iwo Jima.


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