Digest of Charlton County Herald - May 1939

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

May 5, 1939

HARRIS BROTHERS HELD IN JAIL. Marvin and Frank Harris, sons of “Buddy” Harris, of the Cornhouse Creek community, were arrested at their home Saturday morning by Sheriff J.O. Sikes and Troy Jones, charged with cow stealing after the officers witnessed the killing of a cow alledged to belong to Joe Holt, a neighbor. They are in jail where they are being held pending Superior Court.

UNOFFICIAL REPORTS OF SUCCESSFUL OIL WELL. Unofficial reports that gas and oil have been struck in the Pierce County deep test well near Offerman late yesterday has brought considerable excitement in this section. The well, second deep test of the past thirteen months in this section of Georgia was down approximately 3,500 feet Wednesday night.

HAMP CHESSER’S BARN DESTROYED BY FIRE. The barn belonging to Hamp Chesser, well known farmer of the Cornhouse Creek community, together with most of its contents, was completely destroyed by fire Saturday morning. Mr. Chesser and his family were awakened by the blaze. A mule and horse were released from their stable but suffered burns. All the feed and farm tools were destroyed.

NEW BABY, SARAH CATHERINE ROBINSON. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Robinson, a baby girl on April 23 at the Sawyer Hospital. The baby has been named Sarah Catherine.

WORK PROGRESSING AT GRACE CHAPEL CHURCH. Quite a crowd enjoyed another day of work and fun at the new church building at Uptonville Wednesday of last week. The ladies took dinner and spread it on the grounds at the noon hour.

May 12, 1939

RODGERS RESIDENCE TO BE FUNERAL HOME. The old Rodgers residence, now owned by the Citizens Bank, is being completely remodeled and repaired and when the work is completed the building will be occupied by the Adkins Funeral Home.

ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCED. Mr. and Mrs. B.S. Prescott of Winokur, announce the engagement of their daughter Hazel, to David Rowell of Moniac, son of Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Rowell of Hortense. The wedding is to take place in the next few weeks.

OIL WELL ABANDONED. Drilling at the new oil well in Pierce County near Offerman has been abandoned after granite was struck at a depth of 4,375 feet, practically the same depth at which granite was struck last year.

METHODIST CHURCHES RE-UNITE. The two Methodist pastors of Charlton County, Rev. E.F. Dean, formerly of the Methodist Episcopal Church and Rev. Swoll Sawyer, formerly of the Methodist Episcopal Church, South, but now united together in the Methodist Church of America, held their first joint service Thursday night at the prayer meeting of the Folkston Methodist Church. These two ministers rejoiced together in the consummation of their long-cherished hopes of bringing these churches back together.

ELECTRIC POWER MAY BE BROUGHT TO RURAL AREAS. Organization of the Okefenokee Rural Electrification Association is now under consideration to furnish electric power to rural sections of Charlton, Camden and Brantley Counties and also parts of Wayne and Glynn. This project has been worked up by local people of these counties. The proposed project, as affecting Charlton County will come from Nahunta, through Winokur, crossing over to U.S. Highway One at Mattox and following the old Blackshear Road through the Uptonville community on by the Paxton Place, Sardis Church and to Traders Hill. From there it will follow the St. George road past the CCC camp, Toledo and into St. George. A spur can be run from the main line to serve any community where there will be an average of three consumers per mile.

GRACE CHAPEL CHURCH. Rev. Oliver Wainwright filled the appointment of Rev. Huie Dixon as substitute pastor at Grace Chapel Saturday night and Sunday afternoon. Everyone is cordially invited to come to Grace Chapel Saturday and help on the church building. A good dinner is promised and also some singing after the working hours when the Grace Chapel choir is expected to have song practice.

MRS. JULIA ANN VICKERY GIBSON DIED. Mrs. Julia Ann Vickery Gibson, widow of the late Elder W.O. Gibson, widely known and beloved life-long resident of Charlton County, was stricken suddenly at the home of her daughter, Mrs. B.S. Prescott, Sunday morning and passed away about 11:00 o’clock. She was in her 81st year and in fairly good health before her death which was attributed to infirmities of age. Her husband, Elder W.O. Gibson, to whom she was married in her fifteenth year, preceded her in death last December. She was a Christian of the highest type having been a faithful member of Sardis Primitive Baptist Church practically all her adult life. Funeral services and interment was at Sardis Cemetery. Survivors include four daughters and five sons, forty-one grandchildren. Her daughters are Mrs. B.S. Prescott, Miss Alice Gibson, Mrs. A.H. Howard and Mrs. P.U. Griffin. Sons are John S. Gibson, Charles H. Gibson, S.G. Gibson, Grady H. Gibson and J.W. Gibson.

May 19, 1939

HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION. Graduation exercises of the Charlton County High School are to be held tonight in the grammar school auditorium. Members of the class who will be presented diplomas by Supt. Harris are Kathleen Stapleton, Thomas Kemp Littlefield, Janet E. Wrench, Mildred Lois Johnson, Beryl Elizabeth Barnes, Evelyn Willette Thompson, Maggie Myrtle O’Quinn, Minnie Lucille Crews, Marjorie Inez Gibson, Sara Kathryn Mizell, Mary Edith Lowrimore, Lillian Waunell Brock, Baynard H. Gowen, J. Emmet Harvey, Jr., Ernie Belle Altman, Walter L. Huling, Jr., Violet Irene Gibson, Waunell Ella Kendrick, Robert Ward Harrison, Jr., Shelton Edgar Colson, Kirby R. Jones, Hubert Hilton Altman, Chester A. Bryant, Alton M. Mizell, Mamie Pauline Lowther, Rubye Mae Brooks, Carlos L. Crews and John L. Mills.

GRACE CHAPEL CHURCH. The new Uptonville Missionary Baptist Church is fast nearing completion and will soon be ready for use. Rev. Huie Dixon, pastor of this church and a large number of members and friends spent all day last Saturday rushing the completion of the building. It is an imposing structure, situated across the road in front of the Uptonville school house and facing the road which forms a T in front of the school house.

MR. LOVE CULBRETH DIED. The funeral of Mr. Love Culbreth was held in the Folkston Methodist Church with interment in the local cemetery. He died at his residence at Crystal Springs on the St. Marys River Tuesday. He was a native of Troutman, N.C.

NEW HOMES UNDER CONSTRUCTION. Several new homes are now under construction in Folkston. A six room residence is being erected by S.M. Mills, located just south of his bottling plant. It will be a bungalow with concrete block construction. The work is in charge of Dock Huling. A five room frame bungalow is being built by Pearce Stapleton located on Main Street between the homes of E.C. Gowen and J.D. Roddenberry. Contractor E.W. Shivar is directing this work. A five-room bungalow home is being constructed by Theodore Dinkins just beyond his home on Main Street. It is to be built for Mr. and Mrs. J.M. McKendree who will occupy it. This work is in charge of P.C. Hall.

May 26, 1939

NEW BABY, TERESA MAE BANKS. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Banks are receiving congratulations for the birth on May 23rd of a fine nine pound baby daughter born at the Sawyer Hospital. She has been given the name Teresa Mae in honor of her two proud grandmothers.

BENEFIT PERFORMANCE FOR GRACE CHAPEL. For the first time in a number of years the people of Folkston will have the opportunity of hearing a high class brass band concert on June 9th at the grammar school auditorium when the Waycross YMCA Band is scheduled to play here. The concert is being given as a benefit performance for the new Grace Chapel Baptist Church in the Uptonville community. The new church building is in the final stages of construction and will be ready for use soon.

GRADUATION LITERARY ADDRESS. John S. Gibson delivered the Literary Address at the graduation service of Folkston High School. Mr. Bentley presented awards to Irene Gibson for Highest Scholarship Average for four years; to Sara Kathryn Mizell for second highest; to Kathleen Stapleton for best all around girl and to W.L. Huling as best all around boy.

ST. GEORGE SCHOOL GRADUATION. The St. George School closed for the term Thursday evening. The graduating class was composed of Emma Crawford, Frances Hopkins, Jack Hutson and James Leckie, all of whom had the sixteen units necessary for graduation. Principal William S. Smith presented the awards and Supt. John Harris conferred the diplomas.

JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION. Graduation exercises of the John Harris Junior High School was held at the grammar school auditorium Tuesday morning. Awards to Sr. High School pupils were made by Principal Guy W. Bentley to Irene Gibson for scholarship in the fourth year class; to Rosalie Southwell for scholarship in the first year and to Merlyn Huling and Juanita Aldridge for scholarship in the second year. Certificates were presented to those being passed from Junior High to Senior High, the highest honors going to Rebecca Jean Allen. The class roll is as follows: Rebecca Jean Allen, Althea Altman, Leila Aldridge, Euretha Carter, Vera Carter, Lois Chesser, Gladys Clark, Mildred Clark, Marcell Gibson, Jane Gowen, Willie Mae Griffin, Vera Haddock, Ethel Harrison, Margaret Harvey, Jewell Johnson, Helen McLean, Frances Mizell, Elma Nazworth, Sue Dee Wainwright, Helen Ward, Devoy Brooks, Devant Guy, Calvin Crews, Clarence Harden, Fleming Huling, Albert Mills, Morris Mills, Jim Pearce, Charles Quick, Harry Quick, Aldine Tomlinson, Wiley Wainwright, R.H. Wildes and Fleming Wilson.

WEDDING, PRESCOTT-ROWELL. The marriage of Miss Hazel Prescott and David Rowell was solemnized May 19th by Judge A.S. McQueen in the presence of Mr. and Mrs. B.S. Prescott and Mr. O.M. Prescott. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. B. S. Prescott of Winokur. The groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. W.H. Rowell of Hortense. They will live in Macclenny, Fla.

WEDDING, WRENCH-WADE. The marriage of Miss Janet Wrench, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T.W. Wrench to Merle F. Wade, of Hilliard, is of interest to a wide circle of friends. The ceremony was performed in Fernandina on May 1st by Nassau County by Judge H.V. Burgess. He is a salesman with the Wade Bros. Feed Co. in Hilliard. They will make their home in Hilliard.

O.E. RAYNOR BUYS H.G. GIBSON HOME. One of the most interesting real estate transactions of recent weeks in Folkston is the purchase a few days ago by Chairman O.E. Raynor of the County Board, of H.G. Gibson home and the large tract of land on which it is located. This was among the first of the residences built in Folkston, having been erected by the late Jehu Paxton, a pioneer business man. It is a substantial two-story structure, built of the very best materials and is situated in beautiful surroundings with a number of large shade trees around it. Mr. Raynor acquired this for use as his permanent residence and is already occupying it, having moved in this week. It is understood that Mrs. H.G. Gibson will make her home in Waycross where several of her sons reside.

MISS LOWRIMORE VISITS. Miss Isabelle Lowrimore, who is training to be a nurse in the St. Vincent Hospital in Jacksonville, is spending a brief vacation at her mothers.

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