Digest of Charlton County Herald - May 1938

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

May 6, 1938

STATE PARK PLANNED FOR CHARLTON COUNTY. Without a dissenting vote the county commissioners this week approved the proposal for the county to purchase a 1,000 acre tract of land to be used for a State Park project. Commissioner R.F. Burch explains that the proposed park in this county would be developed by the CCC, WPA or NYA labor. The commissioners requested that anyone having a suitable tract for this purpose, either for sale or to be donated, to please give full details to O.F. Wilson, Clerk. State Senator Knabb, while in Folkston this week, generously offered to donate free of all costs a suitable tract of 1,000 acres to be used for the park project if it is located in the Moniac District where his land holdings lie.

FOLKSTON CLOSES ON THURSDAY AFTERNOONS. Folkston business concerns observed the first Thursday afternoon holiday of the present season this week, practically all business being suspended at the noon hour when the stores closed. The Post Office and the Citizens Bank will join in observing the Thursday afternoon holiday. The four garages of the city, operating on a rotation system, will also join in the closing agreement, with one of the garages being open for business each Thursday afternoon. Pickren Brothers drew the first open assignment but the others, Passieu Motor Co., City Service Station and Roberts Bros. closed yesterday. Passieu Motor Co. will be open next Thursday.

SURVEY OF THE BLIND IN CHARLTON COUNTY. B.F. Scott who has been engaged for the past year in re-indexing and assembling old records at the county courthouse has been assigned to another WPA project, having completed his task there. He will now make a complete survey of the blind in this county, details of the work to be announced later.

LAWRENCE WILDES HOME FROM NAVY. Lawrence J. Wildes, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Wildes, has returned to his home here after completing a three-year term in the U.S. Navy.

May 13, 1938

CUYLER JOHNS, 56, SHOT AND KILLED AT RACEPOND. Cuyler Johns, shot four times by George Wilson at Racepond Thursday died Friday at a Waycross hospital. He was a brother of the late O.K. Johns who was shot to death by his son, Royal Johns. Johns said that Wilson shot him after an argument over a quantity of whiskey. Wilson hid in the woods until the arrival of Sheriff J.O. Sikes when he surrendered. He is being held under $1,000.00 bond. Funeral services were held at Johns cemetery at Bachlott near Hickox. Mr. Johns was a native of Charlton, now Brantley County. He is survived by his wife Mrs. Agnes Todd Johns and seven children: Moley and Trody Johns, Mrs. Arthur Carter, Mrs. A.B. Lee, Mrs. Louis J. Dyal, Mrs. Charley Crews and Mrs. Charley Wheeler.

QUEST FOR OIL NEAR OFFERMAN HALTED BY ROCK. The quest for oil in southeast Georgia apparently was halted Wednesday afternoon when the drill of Adams-McCaskill No. One near Offerman is reported to have struck bedrock granite at a depth of 4,375 feet. The drilling operation was stopped and the rig was being dismantled Wednesday. Whether the rig will be moved to another site for a second deep test well has not yet been learned. Officials of the oil company issued no statement and the drillers would make no comment to reporters. The report that the drill had been biting into a layer of granite for the past week is not official but comes from reliable sources. Whether traces of oil were found before the drill reached bedrock will not be learned until an official log of the well is revealed by Pan-American officials. The Blackshear Times will say this week that efforts of the Pan-American company to locate oil at the site have been abandoned. The Times received a telegram from E.R. Turner, General Manager of the Pan American Production Co. in which the official states “The well is abandoned in granite.” The granite was found at a depth of 4347 to 4378 feet and no gas or oil was discovered prior to reaching the rock. The Pan-American group, Turner said, is considering no immediate plans for further development in this area.

ENGAGEMENT ANNOUNCED. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis E. Stokes announce the engagement of their daughter Maggie Mason to Henry Benjamin Rodgers. The wedding will be in June.

MR. A. DUFF POWERS DIED. Duff Powers, 65, one of Baker County’s most prominent citizens died in a Jacksonville hospital last Friday from injuries sustained when he fell from the porch of a two story building in Macclenny. He was a native of Charlton County, moved to Macclenny with his parents, the late Mr. and Mrs. Richard Powers, 42 years ago. For a number of years he has operated the Powers Drug Co. and the hotel Annie at Macclenny. Funeral services were and interment were in Macclenny cemetery.

POLL TAX BEING PAID. Tax Receiver H.H. Crews, acting for Mrs. J.M. Roddenberry, Tax Collector, in her absence from the city, was kept busy Friday and Saturday receiving poll taxes as numbers of Charlton County voters hastened to qualify to vote at the September primary before the poll tax deadline on May 8th. All voters who fail to pay their poll tax for 1937 and prior years before May 8th, will not be eligible to vote in the primary of Sept. 14. Charlton County voters’ list will contain about 1,000 names.

WORK BEGINS SOON ON STREET PAVING AND SIDEWALKS. Construction will begin soon on the street paving and sidewalk project extending from the courthouse corner to the Baptist Church. The highway is to be paved in the full width of the street, curbstones laid and sidewalks constructed extending to the Baptist Church on the east side and to the Methodist parsonage on the west side. Completion of this project will make every public building in Folkston except the Post Office available to a paved street.

SCHOOL PATROL. The unit of the Georgia School Patrol, of the Georgia State Patrol, has been organized in Charlton County High School. The following received their badges and commissions recently: Ray Gibson, Harold Gowen, Virgil Colson and Walter Mills. Substitutes are J.E. Harvey, Harry Wildes, Herbert Crews and Fred Crews.

MR. JOHN PREVATT DIED. Mr. John Prevatt, 48, lifelong citizen of Charlton County died Tuesday at the Veterans Hospital in Lake City where he was taken about two weeks ago. He was a veteran of the World War and was held in high regard by his friends. Funeral and interment was in Sardis Cemetery. Survivors include his widow and three sons, Herman, Marvin and M.J.; two brothers, Owen K. and Joe A. Prevatt; five sisters, Mrs. Carl Reed, Mrs. Mattie Meehan, Mrs. Sara Hardison, Mrs. A.F. Robinson and Mrs. J.S. Nazworth.

HENRY STATEN HODGES DIES AFTER LONG ILLNESS. Henry Staten Hodges, 53, died at his home in Jacksonville Wednesday of last week, following an illness of three months. He was a native of St. George, living all his life there until moving to Jacksonville nine months ago. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Della Hodges, his mother, Mrs. D.R. Hodges; three daughters, Vera Hodges, Ellen Hodges and Mary Etta Hodges; six sons, D.D. Hodges, J.V. Hodges, A.J. Hodges, Melton Hodges, Adrian Hodges and Ralph Hodges; four sisters, Mrs. J.M. Garrett, Mrs. Corbett Crews, Mrs. W.H. Grim, Mrs. W.H. Johnson; three brothers, Charlie Hodges, Robert Hodges and F.C. Hodges; one grandson, L.R. Hodges. Funeral services were held in Emmaus Cemetery. The funeral was delayed several days, awaiting the arrival of a son from Oregon.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Dock Henderson, Winokur, are the proud parents of a five pound boy born Friday. Mother and little son are reported to be getting along fine.

CHARLTON COUNTY SENIORS ENTERTAINED. On Friday evening of last week the Seniors of the Charlton County High School were entertained by the Juniors in the local gym. It was decorated to resemble an old-fashioned garden. It was divided in half by a trellis on which beautiful roses were growing. On one side, for the ones who did not prom, table tennis, fiddlesticks and bingo were enjoyed, while on the other side dancing seemed to be the center of attraction. After the proms delicious ice cream and cake were served.

May 20, 1938

POST ROAD BEING SURVEYED. The work of surveying Charlton County’s first post road project was begun yesterday. The road being surveyed had been approved as Charlton’s first Post Road Project and extends three and a half miles from Folkston to just beyond the Steve Gibson farm, where it intersects the road from Mattox to Prospect Church.

ADULT EDUCATION IN CHARLTON COUNTY. The following letter was received from an adult student who a short time ago could not write a single word. The lady who wrote the letter receives the Charlton County Herald for a year as a reward for her efforts in becoming literate. She evidently believes in the old saying “Never too late to learn.” The original letter is on file in the Herald office. It is as follows:
Homeland, Ga., April 28, 1938. Editor of the Herald, Folkston, Ga.
Dear Sir and Friend, This is my first letter ever written. I want to thank you for the help you gave us who can not write. Shall be pleased to get the county paper as soon as you can send it. Yours truly, Earney Knowles.

CONCRETE SIDEWALK BEING CONSTRUCTED AT COURTHOUSE. A concrete sidewalk approximately sixty feet long by thirty-two feet wide and extending from the street sidewalk to the courthouse steps is now under construction as a WPA project with the county commissioners paying part of the cost. The work is under the supervision of contractor Leon Askew and E.F. Allen, resident engineer in charge of WPA work in this county..

FOLKSTON OBSERVES HOSPITAL WEEK WITH SHOWER FOR CLINIC. Folkston’s new hospital and clinic was thronged with visitors last Thursday and literally swamped with useful gifts as the result of the shower sponsored by the Junior Circle of the Methodist Missionary Society as the outstanding feature of Folkston’s observance of National Hospital Week. A wide variety of useful articles were contributed to the hospital store of supplies, a total of 232 articles, accompanied by cards from 87 individual donors. Brief talks were made by Col. McQueen, L.E. Mallard and Mrs. Sawyer.

GRADUATING EXERCISES. The graduating exercises of the Charlton County High School will be held May 20th at the Grammar School auditorium. The graduating class consists of the following: W. Robert Allen, Floyce Mary Anderson, Annie Earline Blocker, John Virgil Colson, Hubert M. Crews, Benjamin S. Gibson, Ruby Mildred Huling, Thelma Lenora Kirkland, David William Littlefield, Willie Maude Lowther, Raymond Kenneth Mills, Jewell Alice Mizell, Lester W. Prescott, Paul Proctor Prescott, Kathryn Belle Raynor, Dorothy Delene Thomas, Leila Jeanette Tracy, Elmer Lamar Wainwright.

NEW HOME FOR HADDOCK FAMILY. Work on the new residence being erected by Jennings Haddock is about complete and should be ready for occupancy in the next few days. It is located just beyond the home of Harry Johnson.

HIGH SCHOOL BETA CLUB. A chapter of the Honorary Beta Club was organized in Charlton County High School last September. The charter was issued on November 7th, charter members being Virgil Colson, Kathryn Raynor, Irene Gibson, Delene Thomas and Lamar Wainwright. Guy Bentley is the club sponsor. The following members have been added since the club’s organization: Sarah Kathryn Mizell, Kathleen Stapleton, Pauline Lowther, Nell Kendricks, Beryl Barnes, Edith Lawrimore and Nell Brock.

MRS. PANSY PEARCE SCOTT DIED. Charlton County friends of Thomas A Scott will sympathize in the death of his wife which occurred at their home in Atlanta Sunday. Funeral services were held in Atlanta with interment in Thomson, Ga. She was formerly Miss Pansy Pearce of Thomson.

May 27, 1938

EUGENE WILLIAMS OPENS SERVICE STATION. The old Texas Service Station located on the highway near the new hospital has been taken over by Eugene Williams who will operate a service station and cafÈ. Miss Carrie Belle Williams is associated with her brother in the operation of the cafÈ.

CHARLTON COUNTY BOYS IN GEORGIA NATIONAL GUARD. Six Charlton County boys have recently enlisted in the Georgia National Guard, joining the infantry company at Waycross. They are J.E. Harvey, Alton Mizell, Aug Chesser, Irving Crews, Guy Gibson and Ray Gibson.

UNKNOWN MAN DIED NEAR RAILROAD. The body of a white man, badly decomposed, was found Monday afternoon just north of Homeland near the ACL tracks and about 200 yards off route One by a turpentine worker. He was wearing a size 38 coat and white belt with the initial K on the buckle.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Wainwright announce the birth of a daughter, Nancy Linda, on May 12th in St. Luke’s Hospital, Jacksonville.

CHARLTON COUNTY WELFARE BENEFITS. Charlton County received welfare benefits during the month as follows: Old Age Pension and other Social Security payments, $584.00. Surplus Commodities, $669.55. WPA wages, $1,477.10. CCC Funds, $600.00. General Relief, $44.50. Total $3,375.15. The Charlton County Welfare Department is supervised by a local board, members being L.E. Mallard, Jesse P. Mizell, N.E. Roddenberry, Noah Stokes and Ralph Knabb. Mrs. Bernice Allen is County Welfare Director.


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