Digest of Charlton County Herald - May 1933

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

May 5, 1933

NEW LUNCH ROOM AT PICKREN'S GARAGE BEGUN. One of the newest ventures in the business life of Folkston is the new lunch room that is being built now as an annex to the Pickren Garage building. Under a lease to Miss Helen Brockman for a term of years, she will open up the lunch room as soon as the building is completed, which will provide a new service for the buses that make that station their stopping place. It has been noticed that these buses arrive just about lunch time, but their stopping time is so short, they do not have time to eat there. This room has been conceived for the purpose of supplying food to the travelers with neatness and dispatch. Miss Brockman and Mrs. C.E. Roy, her sister, will run the place, both having experience prior to this. The old tin building was torn down the first of the week and material has been placed for the new building, to be 25x35 feet, on the east side of the garage building.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. George Gowen, Jr. announce the birth of a eight pound boy, born May lst in Jacksonville.

NEW BABY. A fine ten pound baby boy arrived last Saturday to make his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Dan Dinkins proud. Mrs. Dinkins is getting along nicely.

DR. McCOY HOME FOR VISIT. Dr. W.R. McCoy returned from Atlanta Wednesday after several weeks confinement in the Veterans Hospital. He came home on an emergency business visit and will return for further treatment.

May 12, 1933

EIGHT SELECTED FOR REFORESTATION CAMP. J.C. Littlefield, John Harris, W.D. Thompson, W.B. Smith, Mr. Gibson and Sheriff Sikes met Saturday night and completed their work in the selection of the boys who will represent Charlton in the government's reforestation camp in Georgia. Those deemed most worthy are Winnie Prescott, Winokur; Lang Martin, Robert Cooper, George Mills, Randal Smith from Folkston; L.N. Nipper from Moniac; J.A. King, St. George and Benny Brock, Traders Hill. These boys will be taken to Waycross for examination.

MURDER AT RACEPOND. Carry Underwood killed Dave Wasdin, both colored, at Goethe Lumber Co. Camp near Racepond. She escaped.

MAY DAY PROGRAM. The primary grades presented an outdoor May Day program at the school last week. Students of the rooms of Mrs. J.H. Wrench and Miss Mary Stokes entertained the community playing farmers, farmerettes, sunrays, raindrops, bees, butterflies, etc. A May-pole dance ended the exercise with farmers and farmerettes winding one pole while the raindrops and sunrays twisted the colors on the other pole. Drills, marches and songs completed the program.

TRADERS HILL METHODIST CHAPEL. Last Sunday afternoon, assisted by Rev. Griffin, Presiding Elder Loy Warwick dedicated the recently built Methodist chapel at Traders Hill and a fine turnout of citizens of that community were present besides a good number from Folkston. The chapel takes the place of the most historic Methodist church in Charlton, the Traders Hill Methodist Episcopal Church South.

COUNTY COURT TO BE ELIMINATED. Charlton County Court was canceled by vote of 197 to 35, after one more term. The vote cast Tuesday on the annulment of the County Court, or its retention, was small and little excitement prevailed as to the issue. The vote was overwhelmingly against the court. One precinct, Moniac, failed to bring in its returns. Judge McQueen states that a called term of court with a jury will be had so that all cases docketed can be tried.

WORK BEGUN ON NEW RESTAURANT. Work on the new restaurant is underway and the brick work is showing up nicely.

BEAUTY SHOP IN VICKERY HOME. Miss Lillian Brantley of Dublin is with Mrs. J.W. Vickery and has established a beauty shop in the Vickery home in Folkston.

WEDDING. Judge Gibson issued a license and married during the week Mr. Jim Todd and Miss Pearl Thrift of Racepond.

LITTLE GENE GRIFFIN DIED. News of the death of the baby, Gene, of Mrs. Griffin at the home of its grandparents Mr. and Mrs. L. Knabb last Friday comes to friends in Folkston. The little one took sick a few days ago and gave back its life to the Great Giver Friday. Burial was in North Prong Cemetery. The mother, formerly Miss Gertie Knabb was a former pupil in the Charlton County High School and has numerous friends who sympathize with the bereaved parents.

May 18, 1933

HOMELAND POST OFFICE. Postmaster Eli Waughtel was called to Savannah last week as a witness in the case of a robbery at the post office in Homeland.

GOWEN HOME LEASED FOR WINTER MONTHS. A Mr. Robbins of Long Island, N.Y. will come here for the purpose of enjoying life and will live in the J.V. Gowen country home. He has been a winter visitor here for the past several years. The lease on the Gowen home near Traders Hill was made this week through Lacy McKinnon of Brunswick. With the lease goes twenty acres surrounding the property.

MRS. TOY NOT IN GOOD HEALTH. Mrs. R.M. Toy of Homeland who has been living in this community for something like twenty years is not enjoying the best of health lately to the regret of a large number of friends. She is a most estimable lady of the older generation and having passed her 83rd year of life makes it harder to be kept at home as she has always been active in social work and an aid in public works.

NEW LUNCHROOM. The new lunchroom building is getting the top coat of brick today The color scheme will be carried out with plaster walls and overhead of steel ceiling and the whole a combination of color according to the artistic notion of Miss Brockman. It is an attractive little building and convenient to bus stop-overs.

WEDDING. An event of happiness to the contracting parties which the Herald missed last week was the marriage of Miss Gertrude Hodges and Lacy Griffis of Raiford, Fla. The happy couple was married just as we went to press. She has been a resident for the past several years and has scores of friends here.

WILLIAM KERTI DROWNED. William Kerti, 14 year old son of Mr. and Mrs. Louis Kerti, was drowned in the St. Marys River near the St. George bridge Friday. He was a popular member of the seventh grade and would have received his certificate to high school with his fifteen classmates on May 23rd.

May 26, 1933

MEMBERS OF GRADUATING CLASS. Members of the Folkston High School graduating class are Ralph Brooks Griffin, Henry Richard Gibson, Warren Candler Littlefield, Eugene Williams, Alva Joseph Hopkins, Jr., Robert Edward Holley, Nola O'Virdie Harris, Myrtle Lee Harris, Ethel Proctor Hathaway, Earnie Lee Johns, Hazel Mae Prescott, Mattie Martha Carter, Susie Jaunell Conner, Winnie Holland Prescott, Bernice Lorene Gibson, Nancy Aderine Wildes, Audrey Oree Roddenberry, Mary Shivar and Martha Stapleton. They will receive their diplomas Friday evening.

TWINS FOR THE FREEMAN CREWS. Twins were born to Mr. and Mrs. Freeman Crews Saturday at Uptonville. They have been named Talmadge and Gertrude after two of Georgia's leading citizens.

WEDDING. Royal Petty was married to Miss Caroline Johns Wednesday by Judge Gibson. The happy couple will make their home with the father of the groom.

WEDDING. The announcement of the marriage of Delma Petty, son of Harry Petty to Miss Ada Nettles on the 13th by Judge Gibson has been made. The bride's mother, Mrs. Jackson Nettles, presented the newly wedded couple with a deed to a home in the Traders Hill district.


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