Digest of Charlton County Herald - May 1931

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

May 1, 1931

WEDDING. When the school at Sardis closed Friday there was a surprise for the pupils and parents. Mr. Jim Mizell, former citizen who now resides at Waverly, was on hand claiming as his wife, Miss Annie Gowen, one of the teachers. Their announcement disclosed the fact that they were married February 27th in Folkston at the home of Mrs. J.M. Roddenberry by Judge H.G. Gibson. Mr. Mizell went to get Mr. Gibson and when going to the courthouse ran across Mr. Gowen. After he got the license he went to get the bride. Everyone had left the Roddenberry home for a basketball game so Miss Annie thought it would be a fine thing to have the ceremony right there and they did. Miss Annie has taught several terms in Charlton County and is the daughter of Mr. B.B. Gowen of Uptonville. Jim is the son of Pratt Mizell and is employed by H.B. Reddick at Waverly.

VERNE PICKREN BUYS RELIANCE CHEVROLET CO. The transfer of the Reliance Chevrolet Co. to LaVerne Pickren took place Saturday. It is his intention to be rather conservative until business is a little more revived. One carload of Chevrolets was received lately.

M. ALTMAN BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION. A surprise birthday party, with over 100 attending, for M. Altman took place last Sunday on his 65th birthday, 64 of which have been spent in Charlton County. He was born in Pierce County, coming here with his father's family when one year old, locating on the old Price place at Silver Hill. He has lived at the present farm some 43 years and the old log barn, built soon after, still remains in good shape. One acre cleared and a small hut was his start and two benches, homemade, placed together, were their twin beds. With plenty of homemade quilts and a mattress, it made as good a bed as the present day article, Altman insists. He is the father of eleven children, five sons and two daughters are living and a baby daughter by the present Mrs. Altman, is two years of age. Four of these sons, Charley, B.A., Sammy and Elbert were present with their families. Mrs. John Colson and Mrs. J.A. Prevatt, the only two daughters living, were there.

EDITOR TAKES A REST. On account of a physical disability which threatens to incapacitate the editor, we have relieved ourselves of the labor of the shop for the time being, for a rest. On account of the business depression, we have been able to secure Mr. S.G. Tetwiller during our period of rest. He is an all-around printer and a writer of ability. T.W. WRENCH, Editor-Owner

WATER TANK GOING UP. Folkston is all set for a water system equal to the best of any in southeast Georgia. The flowing water, crystal in color, has been pleasing the many who have been visiting the place this week. The erection of the large forty feet beams attract the interest of many. The first beams were easy but the second ones, placed up on top of the first ones had to be drawn up and riveted. The third tier of beams is now being placed on top of the eighty-feet extension and will hold the large tank 120 feet high which will give sufficient force to give a fine pressure all over Folkston.

WAYCROSS INFORMATION ON THE AIR. Between 7 and 8 o'clock PM on May 6th Waycross will go on the air through WJAX. A speaker will give the world much information of value to those living in southeast Georgia. All our readers who have radios, or can borrow them, are asked to listen in at that time for Waycross.

HOOKWORM TREATMENT. Dr. Fleming and Dr. Williams, assisted by the teachers, gave hookworm treatments to 209 children Friday. This was almost 100 percent of those found affected upon examination.

NEW BABY. Mr. West Johnson is the proud father of a bouncing baby boy, the little fellow arriving Tuesday.

CIVIL WAR VETERAN VISITS. Uncle Jesse Grooms was in town this week. In June he will celebrate his 87th birthday and is enjoying fine health he says. He said he and Mr. Vickery received a big basket of fruit last week from his Folkston children.

UPTONVILLE SCHOOL. Uptonville Consolidated School, having failed to keep up enrollment, has lost two of four teachers. Miss Mabel Smith and Hazel Player, the junior teachers, began their vacation while Mrs. B.B. Gowen and Mrs. R.L. Kight will continue the school.

MONIAC AND SARDIS SCHOOLS CLOSE. Miss Ena Gibson and Miss Marie Boyd have completed a successful term of school in the Moniac district. While an extension of time was granted the enrollment did not come up to requirements so the ninth month was voided. Sardis was another one of the schools that stopped off before the ninth month because of lack of enrollment.

BAIT BED MAKES PIN MONEY. One of our lady citizens has a bait bed which produces great quantities of bait, nice large fat worms and when she or someone else goes fishing she goes out with a spoon and brings them up. She makes her pin money on this bait bed.

MEMORIAL DAY OBSERVED. The Baptist Church was beautifully decorated Sunday in memory of the Confederate dead. Garlands of flowers and ferns and almost-forgotten Confederate flags formed the background. Mrs. L.E. Stokes and daughters are decorating the church each Sunday this month.

May 8, 1931

WATER METERS PURCHASED BY CITY. The City of Folkston purchased water meters this week. The customers will pay for them at $1.00 per month. The water system will be put on a strict business basis. The meters will show who uses the water, and rates similar to those used by the electric companies will be used. They will have to pay or be cut off.

4-H CLUB BUILDING. The County Commissioners this week gave County Agent Hursey $100.00 to finish paying for the roof on the large building in the park near Homeland.

WATER TANK TO HAVE LIGHTS. The new water tank will be electrically lighted on top to keep airplanes from running in it.

NEW BABY. Hubert Huling is another happy farmer, a young man having taken up there last week. Mrs. Huling is getting along nicely.

NEW BABY. Jeff Lloyd is a happy man. Mrs. Lloyd presented him with a nice Mother's Day gift a little early. It's a fine lad and has been named Meriam Edward Goran.

May 15, 1931

MILTON CREWS TRIAL. Jurors were chosen this week for the murder charge against Milton Crews which will go to trial May 28. Charges were also filed against Mrs. Lydia Crews, aged wife of young Crews, for the disappearance of witnesses. Jurors drawn are: O.E. Raynor, H.P. McDuffie, J.D. Roddenberry, John A. Barker, Jr., O.A. Cassell, E.W. Shivar, J.C. Littlefield, Sr., R.T. Chesser, C.M. Mizell, E.C. Kennison, John D. Mizell, N.J. Raulerson, Eugene Player, C.J. Passieu, J.P. Russell, C.C. Hodges, D.L. Stewart, P.C. Hall, J.S. Robinson, H.L. O'Quinn, Earnie Bell, Albert Phillips, T.E. Bryant, W.R. Dinkins, V.A. Quarterman, Thomas Rhoden, J.W. Vickery, P.C. Brooks, W.R. Catoe II, C. Parham, E.W. Prescott, Eli Waughtel, A.G. Gowen, John Harris, Sol Burnsed, H.O. Stokes, V.D. Bennett, George J. Stewart, G.R. Gowen, Sr., Henry Smith, E.F. Dean, Sr., R.E. Chesser, Julian Crews, H.J. Johns, H.P. Bryant, S.G. Gibson, L.H. Wasdin, Henry Mansell, C.M. Scott, W.E. Banks, Frank Smith, J. Everett Prescott, T.H. Colson, Everett Johns, Will M. Crews, J.D. Gowen, J.W. Rodgers, W.L. Suggs, Hansel Carter, Willie Prescott and R.L. Canady.

MR. FRANK SMALL DIED. The news of the death of Mr. Frank Small, former citizen of Charlton County that lived near Toledo some twenty-five years ago, occurred in Jacksonville Tuesday and the remains were brought to Folkston Wednesday and buried in the city cemetery. Mr. Small married Miss Frances Lloyd, sister to John and Leonard Lloyd of Folkston and Sales Lloyd of Nassau County. He was eighty years of age. His wife and several grown children survive him.

SEVENTY FEET PILING SHIPPED. Shipping over 500 piling to the creosote plant by lighter and a half hundred by the Coast Line, J.C. Littlefield thought he was doing a good day's shipping. The ones to the Coast Line were seventy feet long and the railroad divided the order between Mr. Littlefield and the others, so as to get the piling on time. Next day Mr. Littlefield received a wire wanting to know if he could supply more of that length, his being the only order filled on time. He said he could supply a thousand!

POTATO PLANT BUSINESS BOOMING. Shippers of sweet potato plants are complaining of the abundance of plant orders and the shortness of the plants to supply the demand. Last week we saw a half dozen letters going back with orders refused and this week we have reports of the same kind.

WINOKUR CHURCH PLANS TO BUILD. The good people of Winokur are working to get their church building underway. The membership is enthused over the outlook as over $150.00 has been raised by subscription and the pastor, Rev. W.R. Bell, has advised that when he comes again they will be ready to get the building started. Postmaster Thrift is treasurer of the fund. They have a lot selected and hope to secure it. The Sunday School is growing, having started with 16 members.

NEW DEFENSE AIRPLANES. Uncle Sam is building two airplanes that will help us to realize the uselessness of marching troops in future wars. Each of the planes, called "hedge-hoppers", will carry five machine guns to spray marching soldiers with bullets while flying fifty feet above ground.

GRADUATION EXERCISES. On May 22 graduation exercises will be held. Randall Gowen will deliver the salutatory and Beulah Hickox the valedictory. The will is to be read by Pearce Stapleton, the prophecy by Agnes Wrench, the history by Mayme Mills and Edrie Quarterman will read a poem that she wrote.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Thomas announce the birth of a fine baby girl born last Sunday at the home of Mrs. Thomas' parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tip Kennison.

May 22, 1931

TELEPHONE SYSTEM EXPANDING. Manager Underwood says there is now room for several additional telephones. The system has approximately 130 customers and he also advises that he is preparing a new directory.

WEDDING. Married May 17th, Mr. Earl William Johnson and Miss Julia Mary Wainwright by Judge H.G. Gibson. Earl is the son of Mrs. W.R. Wainwright and Miss Julia is a daughter of the late Irwin Wainwright and a niece of Mrs. J.J. Stokes.

UPTONVILLE SUNDAY SCHOOL. The non-denominational Sunday School at Uptonville is growing. Eli Waughtel is Supt. and Rev. G.H. Jacobs and John S. Tyson, Jr. are teachers. Rev. M.G. Davis preached there last Sunday evening after Sunday School. The attendance is growing, sixty-five being present.

TELEPHONES FOR WINOKUR. The telephone lines from Nahunta to Winokur will soon have the wires stretched as the poles have been in for some time. The drawback is that subscribers have not so far signed up.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Murray announce the birth of a daughter on May 20th. The young lady arrived at an early hour. The mother is getting along fine.

May 29, 1931

HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES. The Folkston High School graduation class is composed of the following students: James Askew, Edrie Quarterman, Agnes Wrench, Mayme Mills, Margaret Brewster, Mildred Brewster, Lucy Belle Bass, M.L. Kight, Woodrow Braddock, Pearce Stapleton, Randall Gowen, Beulah Hickox, Gertie Conner, L.W. Shoemaker, Annie Faye Morgan, Jewell Wainwright, Estelle Bennett and Avie Kaney.

MELTON CREWS TRIAL. The trial of Melton Crews began this week with the following serving as jurors: O.E. Raynor, W.R. Dinkins, R.E. Chesser, Henry Smith, John D. Mizell, Ernie Bell, J.P. Russell, H.P. Bryant, Henry Mansell, Van Dell Bennett, J.S. Joyner and W.H. Robinson.

MR. GEORGE CHISHOLM DIED. George Chisholm, 72, one of the oldest native sons of Charlton County, died at his home near Moniac Wednesday after an illness of several weeks. He was a farmer and good citizen of his community and reared a family of four boys and three daughters. His sons are William, Leon, Charley and Stanley now living in that section. Two of his daughters are now living and married, Martha and Inez. The other daughter died several years ago. The burial will take place at North Prong Cemetery in The Bend.

BABY FOXES. In the quest for foxes which are destroying quail and turkeys on the preserves of Dan Hebard down at Coleraine, several young ones were caught and two are in captivity at Fitzhugh Murray's. They are pets and can be stroked without danger of biting when held in your arms.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Player announce the birth of a fine baby boy on May 22nd.

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