Digest of Charlton County Herald - May 1930

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

May 2, 1930

GILBERT MIZELL IS NEW MANAGER. Gilbert Mizell has accepted the position as manager of Hughes Grocery Store and took charge this week.

SMART STUDENT PROMOTED. Pearl Vallerchamp, St. George, who has made such remarkably good grades, averaging 100% often in her studies, was promoted from third to fifth grade.

MISS ROSEBUD HODGES DIED. Word has just been received that Miss Rosebud Hodges, daughter of G.C. Hodges who lives near St. George, died suddenly Monday night after a long illness.

TRAFFIC SLOWING DOWN. Highway traffic, according to the reports of the quarantine station, is falling and now not over 300 cars daily pass on the highway. This is about a 50 percent reduction.

JOHNSON SAWMILL COMMISSARY. The J.H. Johnson sawmill has completed a commissary building at their works in Folkston. Frank Murray put the finishing touches on it this week. It is now ready for its stock of supplies.

May 9, 1930

SPANISH WAR VETERANS MEET. Dr. Williams, M.G. Davis and T.W. Wrench attended the monthly meeting of Spanish War veterans last Friday in Brunswick, they being members of that organization.CENSUS FIGURES. Folkston's population is 506. Homeland reported 152. Charlton's figures are 4500. Folkston in 1930, 506; in 1920, 397 for a gain of 109. Folkston District, 1447. Homeland in 1930, 152. In 1920, 138. Folkston District will show an increase and will hold first place in population. St. George comes next with about 900, then Traders Hill District. From what we can gather, Moniac will have less population than any other district, being less than 500.

NEW WORKERS AT SINCLAIR STATION. Dean Gowen has leased the Sinclair station and took charge Wednesday morning. Jim Mizell is in charge of the filling station and George Stewart has the mechanical department.

WEDDING. The marriage of Miss Gladys Cockrell of St. George, and Rev. J.B. Smith was performed May 7th at the home of the bride's parents.

ROSEBUD HODGES DIED. Rosebud Hodges, oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. G.C. Hodges, who died at her home near St. George on April 28th, was buried at Emmaus Cemetery Tuesday with simple services. Rosebud was sixteen years and two months old. She had lived here all her life, attended school until the beginning of her illness several months ago and endeared herself to her family and friends by a sweet, uncomplaining spirit during a long period of suffering before death relieved her. Surviving besides her parents are her grandmother, Mrs. Basha Rowell and brothers and sisters, Alex, Fronie, Herbert, Myrtle and Wilmerine, all of whom live at the old home place.

NEW BABY. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Southwell, a boy, on Sunday. Mother and baby are reported well.

OLLIE ROWELL VISITED. Ollie Rowell was down from Jesup Wednesday, mingling with friends. He looked quite natural.

NEW MEMBERS FOR PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Mrs. Thomas Sullivan and little daughters, Shirley and Burley, were received by baptism into the Presbyterian Church Sunday afternoon.
NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Nazworth are the proud parents of a fine baby girl born Wednesday. This is their fifth child.

May 16, 1930

MR. JOSEPH HARRIS DIED. Mr. Joseph Harris, age 42, died Tuesday night at his home on the Emory Dean farm after an illness of 14 days with typhoid fever. Mr. Harris was a good farmer and was looking after the farming interests of the Ga.-Fla. Investment Co. at Traders Hill. He was reared on the Big Buffalo Creek and leaves a wife, who was Miss Cora Prescott. His parents, Mr. and Mrs. Jim Harris of Brantley County survive him. Also four brothers, Erdly Harris, Frank Harris, George Harris and Jim Harris. And three sisters, Mrs. James Higginbotham and Mrs. T. Davis. The funeral was held Wednesday evening at Corinth Cemetery with Rev. W.O. Gibson conducting the service.

MRS. ALICE WAINWRIGHT HUNT DIED. Mrs. Alice Hunt, widowed daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R.D. Wainwright, died Saturday at her father's home in Homeland after a short illness. She was buried at Bethel cemetery, funeral conducted by Rev. C.L. Nease and Rev. G.H. Jacobs. She is survived by her parents, five brothers, J.P. Wainwright, E.D. Wainwright, W.R. Wainwright, W.H. Wainwright and C.O. Wainwright and two sisters, Mrs. M.D. Jones and Mrs. Agnes Smith.

MARRIAGES IN APRIL: John E. Hodges and Miss Nora A. Crews by Rev. W.O. Gibson, on fourth Sunday.
Willie Brown and Pearl Maner, at Newell, by Rev. L.H. Littles.
Augusta Austin and Wilhemina Hannon by Rev. L.C. Charlton.
W.M. Jackson and Mary Allen of Paxton Place, by the Ordinary.

JOHNSON BABY DIED. Born to Mr. and Mrs. W.F. Johnson, a baby boy on Monday morning. The baby did not live, however, and the body was brought to St. George that afternoon where loving friends prepared the little body for burial. Mrs. Johnson is still in a Jacksonville hospital.

May 23, 1930

CHICKEN THIEVES ARE BUSY. The continual theft of chickens in this community has become a nuisance. Last week they cut the back wire fence at O.K. Prevatt's home, lifting 15 hens; got the rest of Dr. Williams' hens and got six fryers from Mrs. Clark at Homeland. It is suspected that some local person is working with some out of town thief. It might be a good idea to check as to where some of our loafers are getting their spending money. Farmers and poultry raisers should keep their shotguns handy. A dead chicken thief is a better community asset than a live one.

WEDDING. A wedding of much interest occurred May 12th when Miss Sara Virginia Harbaugh of Alumbank, Pennsylvania and Mr. John A. Barker of St. George were married at the home of the bride's parents.

1930 HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES. The following is a list of the graduating class of 1930: Edgar Anderson, Helen Battle, Louise Barker, Maude Crews, Leila Crews, Althea Gowen, Hazel Gowen, Jessie Gowen, Anna Gibson, Howard Huling, Eunice Johnson, Monnie McDuffie, Vina Mattox, Bessie Murray, Lester Quarterman, Virginia Rodgers, Eloise Roddenberry, Cecil Roddenberry, Tracy Stewart, Eugene Shivar, Everett Smith, J.W. Vickery, Jr., Errol Wasdin and Thomas Wrench.

NEW ROAD EQUIPMENT. The new road grading machinery purchased by the county commissioners has been at work this week connecting up the link through Sam Crews' place at Newell.

TELEPHONE EXCHANGE. There's been a rumor concerning our local telephone exchange, that it has been sold to a holding company of the Bell System.

DR. WILLIAMS. Dr. A.D. Williams, who is getting much encouragement in his race for Congress, addressed the voters in Jeff Davis County Monday. Tuesday he will be in Brantley County.

STEALING CHICKENS. Chicken thieves are still plying their trade. Rev. M.G. Davis is a victim, having lost a fine lot.

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