Digest of Charlton County Herald - May 1923

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

May 4, 1923

MEMORIAL DAY OBSERVED. The Folkston Woman's Club planned and carried out a Memorial Day program last week. Dr. A. Fleming introduced Congressman W.C. Lankford who paid tribute to the sacrifices made during the Civil War. After the address the audience marched to the cemetery and decorated the old soldiers' graves with beautiful flowers. In a few short years none of our old veterans will be left, but April 26th will always be a sacred day in the hearts of those of us who have loved ones who wore the gray.

DENA RODDENBERRY DIED. Dena Roddenberry, about 33 years of age, died at his home in Kingsland Tuesday night. His body was brought to Bethel Cemetery and tenderly consigned to its last resting place Wednesday afternoon. He is survived by his mother, two brothers, J.M. Roddenberry of Folkston and Riley Roddenberry of Kingsland; four sisters, Mrs. Sheffield, Mrs. W.H. Mizell, Mrs. J.M. Brooks and Mrs. Ed Davis.

BARN SAVED FROM FIRE. As Mrs. Wiley Wainwright was burning hens' nests Wednesday morning the fire crept to the barn and when noticed was making a rapid headway. Mr. Wainwright extinguished the blaze of what might have been a very destructive fire.

AD. Why suffer with heat this summer. Fred Askew, the Ice Man, will supply you with ice at the following prices: 25 pounds, 25 cents; 50 pounds, 45 cents; 75 pounds, 65 cents. Those not having standing orders, please leave order at J.S. Haddock's Market. Ice bills must be paid every Monday.

May 11, 1923

NEGRO INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL IS A POSSIBILITY. A movement is on foot to establish a Negro Industrial School in Charlton County on the property known as the Old Stockade. This contains three acres and the buildings thereon, which has been purchased with a view of locating the school there.

MANY MOTORISTS EXCEEDING 35 MPH SPEED LIMIT. Many complaints have been received by county authorities who have traveled the Central Dixie Highway from Waycross to the Florida line, that the stretch has rapidly become a racetrack for motorists inclined to exceed the speed limit. Sunday afternoon the first few miles out of Waycross, the Folkston road was thick with automobiles. Many were proceeding at a rate of speed well over 35 miles an hour, which is the limit on highways in this state.

FARMERS ARE BUSY. The shipments of sweet potato plants continues heavy. Over two million plants have been shipped this year. Tobacco is being planted for the first time in large acreages and curing houses are being erected.

May 18, 1923

MRS. GEORGE CHISM DIED. Mrs. George Chism of Moniac died Monday night after an illness of several weeks at her home near Moniac. She is survived by her husband, daughter and son. She was buried at the family burial grounds near Boulogne Tuesday.

COUNTY SOLD BOARD OF EDUCATION THE OLD STOCKADE LOT. At the County Commissioners' meeting, it was agreed to accept the Board of Education's bid of $500.00 for the Old Stockade land and buildings.

May 25, 1923

A GOOD WOMAN PASSES AWAY. Mrs. Mariah Brown Rhoden, the wife of Thomas Rhoden, died at her home near Winokur Wednesday afternoon. She had lived past the allotted three score and ten years, being at the time of her death 72 years of age. Her life was a well-spent one, always ready to help the sick and afflicted. She was a consistent member of the Primitive Baptist Church. Mrs. Rhoden was buried Thursday at Corinth Cemetery. Besides her husband, she is survived by three sons and three daughters: W.J. Rhoden, T.V. Rhoden, W.P. Rhoden, Mrs. J.J. Strickland, Mrs. P.B. Higginbotham and Mrs. Everett Lee.

INDUSTRIAL SCHOOL BEING CONSIDERED. Tuesday evening the trustees of the Colored School met with several prominent colored people at their Baptist Church where the subject of the school building for this district was taken up. T.W. Wrench, Board of Education President, addressed them concerning the construction of a building for this purpose. Over $100.00 was subscribed by those present.

WEDDING. The many friends of Miss Zoie Howard will be interested to learn of her marriage to Mr. Walter B. McVickery of Princetown, Fla. The marriage occurred in West Palm Beach on April 22nd.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Wright announce the birth of a ten-pound baby boy on May 24th.

MR. NATHAN GUINN DIED. Mr. Nathan Guinn of Jacksonville was buried in the Folkston Cemetery Monday morning. He was a well known resident of Charlton County until a few years ago when he moved to Jacksonville. He was about 80 years of age and is survived by an aged wife and several children.

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