Digest of Charlton County Herald - May 1921

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

May 6th

STANDARD OIL SUPPLY PLANT NEARLY COMPLETED. Mr. J.H. Barnes is rushing the work of the Standard Oil Supply Plant. Two buildings are almost finished and the foundation for the tank is almost completed. In a few days oil and gas will be delivered to the homes of those wanting as much as 50 gallons or more.

POLICE CHIEF BARNES. J.H. Barnes is Chief of Police of the city of Folkston. He arrived here December 16 and immediately assumed the duties of his office. He is from the red hills of Georgia, Monroe County. During his term in office the fines assessed by Mayor Pearce have more than paid Mr. Barnes' salary.

COMMENCEMENT PLANS. The plans for commencement week, May 15-20, are well in hand. Handsome invitations have been ordered and decorations are planned. The class colors are white and gold and the class flower is the shasta daisy. Friday night will be the first commencement of the Charlton County High School, when Earl M. Garrison, Mamie F. Askew, Fannie N. Rodgers, Irene T. Robinson, Bernice M. Rogers and Hiram E. Huling will receive diplomas. St. George News

NANCY DIED. E.J. Clark's bird dog, Nancy, died last Friday.

METHODIST REVIVAL. The revival meeting at the St. George Methodist Church, South came to a close Sunday night with six additions. Three candidates were baptized in the St. Marys River Saturday afternoon.

G.C. WILLIAMS DIED. G.C. Williams, better known as "Doc", died at his home in St. George on April 29 after a few days' illness. He was well known, having been the local blacksmith for the past seven years. He lived alone. Funeral services were held at the grave in Oakview Cemetery. Rev. J.M. Williams of the M.E. Church, South conducted the services.

NEW BABY GIRL. Born to Mr. and Mrs. G.A. Dean, of Traders Hill, a pretty little baby girl on April 30.

RAIFORD CARTER HAS ACCIDENT. Mr. Raiford Carter of Racepond, who had his hand blown off by a premature discharge of dynamite, and otherwise painfully torn and burned, is getting along very nicely.

ICE CREAM GIFT. We express our sincere thanks to Mr. McCarron for ice cream for lunch a few days ago. This cream, manufactured in Folkston, and made of pure Jersey cream was specially delicious and heartily enjoyed by the editor's family.

SPEEDERS TAKE NOTICE: From this date all speeding ordinances will be rigidly enforced. Fifteen miles on the streets, eight miles around corners, at street crossings and in school and church zones.

CONTEST FOR LADIES. Ten dollars will be given to the lady who gives the most appropriate name for the ice and electric plant. Name to be in sealed envelope with name and address of sender attached and taken to Mayor's office by Tuesday noon.

May 13th

CHARLTON'S ASSETS. We have one of the strongest financial institutions in this end of the state. The tax collector has collected over $200.00 more than he was charged on his digest. The highway through the county is being hard-surfaced. An electric plant and ice manufacturing plant in the city of Folkston is going up. The Standard Oil Co. is putting up huge oil tanks that will ensure cheaper gas for the Fords and not a half dozen suits are pending in the Superior Court for debt. It's great to live in the "Swamp Country"

NEW BABY BOY. Mr. and Mrs. Alex Crawford, Toledo, announce the
birth of a fine son.

NEW BABY GIRL. Born to Mr. and Mrs. G.H. Gibson, RFD #1, a fine
girl on May 10th.

ANOTHER BABY BOY. Born to Mr. and Mrs. A.J. Bennett, RFD #1, a fine boy on May 5th.

ELECTRIC LIGHT PLANT. Wires are being strung from pole to pole and many houses are connected ready for the light to be turned on. The machinery has arrived and is being installed as rapidly as possible.

MISS BELL WINS CONTEST. Miss Annie Bell submitted the name "Ice™Lite Plant" that was selected by the committee as the best name sent in for the new plant being so rapidly installed.

JOHN SMITH DIED. Mr. John Smith, age 65 years, died at his home near Folkston Monday afternoon and was buried in the J.J. Johns Cemetery Tuesday. He is survived by his widow, two sons and two daughters, three sisters and one brother, William Smith, of Folkston. Mr. Smith was stricken several weeks ago, and with tender home care, he rapidly improved. On going for an auto ride he became so exhausted that his heart failed to respond to medical treatment. We extend sympathy to the bereaved ones.

May 20th

MRS. W.H. ROBINSON ELECTED PRESIDENT OF PRESS ASSOCIATION. The annual election of officers of 11th District Press Association was held in Homerville Monday. Mrs. W.H. Robinson, editor of the Herald, was named president.

BOARD OF EDUCATION. In the minutes of the county Board of Education, it showed that the county needed money to pay teachers and they decided to borrow $3,000.00 for this. Names of teachers mentioned in this article were: Laura Nazworth, Mrs. J.F. Steedley, Susie P. Maxwell and B.F. Cowley.

NEW CAR. Mr. W.W. Davis has recently purchased a new Ford.

AD. Telegram received at 11:00 for 50,000 sweet potato plants was filled and shipped on 22. Three times this past week this record has been made by me. T.W. WRENCH.

FOR SALE: one block in Homeland, one-half block with a five-room
house and barn, $500.00. Mark Hinds.

May 27th

GRADUATION. Most of this issue of the Herald was taken up with articles on the High School Commencement. School events nightly Monday through Friday, which was graduation day.

EDITORIAL COMMENTS by A.S. McQueen. Folkston and Charlton County were highly honored by the Press Association of the Eleventh Congressional District in the election of Mrs. W.H. Robinson, editor of the Charlton County Herald, as President of the Association. It proves that the Georgia women are prepared to take their rightful place in affairs as constructive citizens and leaders.

CITY ICE-LITE PLANT. Petition was printed in legal ads for charter for the City Ice-Lite Plant by S.F. Mills, Jr., William Mizell, Jr. and D.F. Pearce.

AD: City Pressing Club. Cleaning, repairing, pressing and dying. Work called for and delivered, or a barrel furnished while you wait. PAXTON STOKES, Proprietor.

TIME CHANGE FOR SUNDAY SCHOOL. The Folkston Methodist Sunday School has changed the time of their meeting from 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon to 10:00 o'clock in the forenoon.

TYSON BUYS HOTEL SITE. The Central Hotel site was purchased during the past week by John S. Tyson, Jr. It is understood that Mr. Tyson will, in the near future, erect a dwelling and store room.

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