Digest of Charlton County Herald - May 1912

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays


May 2, 1912

PARTY FOR LITTLE GIRLS. Little Misses Eva May and Emily Allen very pleasingly entertained their little friends with a party Tuesday evening.

TEENAGER FUN. A part of the sweet-16 set went out on a picture taking trip Friday afternoon and caught a lovely snapshot of Frank Williams just as he was tumbling into the creek with a new straw hat on.

RETORT STAYS BUSY. Hon. J.S. Mizell has had his teams busy this week filling cars with charcoal from the retort at Coleraine which will be shipped to Jacksonville.

DRUG STORE. Mrs. Wright is enlarging her drug store and in the addition she will serve ice cream this spring and summer.

METHODIST CHURCH. Sunday night the Methodist Church had the largest congregation it has had since it has been a church, and each one in it was spellbound with attention to the logical, interesting and eloquently touching sermon of Rev. E.L. St. Clair.

May 9, 1912

NEW BABY GIRL. Born to Alderman and Mrs. W.B. Smith, Friday, a sweet girl.

PLENTY OF ICE. Mr. T.L. Pickren has filled his ice house and is now ready to cool off Charlton County at large.

SEAB MILLS FARM. Mr. J.O. Williamson has erected a large and commodious barn for Mr. Seab Mills out on his recently-purchased 200 acre farm.

ALTMAN CHILD DIED. The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. C.J. Altman died at their home west of here Sunday. The child was about six months old and the only one in the family.

JESSE STAYS BUSY. Everybody knows Jesse W. Vickery – and that includes the whole county – knows that whenever he goes into anything his whole heart, body and soul centers in what he is undertaking. Jess used to be a carpenter before he got rich, and now he’s having a modern residence erected and when he went around the works the other day and saw the carpenters busy he shucked his coat and commenced to apply the saw, hammer and plane until you could see shavings and sawdust falling as fast as pine bark about a sawmill. He nailed piece after piece, never looking around till he heard the foreman holler “TIME’, then Jesse found that he had nailed himself up in the framework for the topmost cupola on his building. How he got out and made it for dinner, call on Jess for an explanation. The last we saw of him he was looking first up and then down, occasionally scratching his head.

SHIVAR FAMILY MOVES HERE. Mr. E.W. Shivar arrived in Folkston Wednesday morning accompanied by his bride. This hustling young business man was married in Macon Tuesday evening to Miss Huley Birch of that city.

May 16, 1912

WEDDING. Miss Anna Bryant and Mr. Will Davis were married at the bride’s home in Traders Hill Sunday by Justice Vickery.

ANOTHER WEDDING. Miss Katie Gowen was married Sunday the 5th at Kingsland to W.N. Casey of that place. We are sorry to be so late with this important item but however soon or late we wish this popular young couple sunshine all down the pathway of life.

FAMOUS SPRINGS MAY HELP PICKREN CHILD. Mrs. T.L. Pickren, Closs and little Woodrow left Monday night for McRae to visit her sister and all Mr. Pickren’s people up there and while there will take little Woodrow over to the famous Springs nearby with the hope of benefiting him.

SHELTER AND WATER FOR ANIMALS. Mr. H.J. Davis, our thoughtful merchant has erected on his lot back of his store a comfortable and commodious shed in order that his customers say may have a place to water, feed and rest their stock after the hot and sandy drive to town for necessary supplies. H.J. Davis is a clear-sighter and knows that the average farmer thinks as much of his horse or mule as a father does of twin babies.

WEDDING. Charlie Wainright and Miss Sara Perkins of Enville, Fla. were united in the holy bonds of matrimony on Tuesday the 7th instant. Charlie writes that it was a sort of runaway affair, but that the old folks soon became reconciled.


….We were glad to have Uncle Joe Mills with us Saturday.

….Brother Earnest Altman preached two interesting sermons here on Sunday. He will preach here each second Sunday.

May 23, 1912

LUDLUM WORKS ON STILL. Mr. J. Ludlum, of Waycross, came down Monday and got busy out on his turpentine still.

MIZELL VISITS. Hon. William Mizell of Kings Ferry was over here in his machine Tuesday.

DR. REVILLE STAYS BUSY. Clyde Taylor of Winokur, was down here Monday to have his arm set by Dr. Reville. The little fellow broke it jumping from a log cart.

ROBINSON CHILD DIED. Minnie Lee Robinson the five-year-old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.S. Robinson, who was burned to death at Moncrief, Fla., last Friday, was brought here and buried on Saturday afternoon.

WILSON TO BUILD. Mr. O.F. Wilson has purchased a valuable piece of property between Mr. T.L. Pickren’s residence and the courthouse and will commence erecting a handsome home before many days.

JOHNSON BUYS AUTO. Mr. J.H. Johnson has bought a fine auto of the “Ford” brand and it is said W.W. Tyler is contemplating filing suit against Henry for jumping the fence and ruining his cantaloupes. Henry has a nice machine all right, and he’s enjoying it too!

MRS. J.A. WAINRIGHT DIED. Mrs. J.A. Wainright died at her home here on last Thursday afternoon after an illness of about fifty days. Deceased was a daughter of Leonard Harris of this county and was married to J.A. Wainright in April of this year. She is survived by her husband, father, one brother and several sisters.

May 30, 1912

AWFUL FIRE. The fire Friday night was something to think of in the quick, destructive and painful line. We venture to say that within 25 minutes Sheriff Mizell and his family were losers of everything they possessed but the clothes they had on, and the Sheriff himself was even a loser of a part of these, and a proud man that his life did not go with the taking away of his top clothes by the lapping, mad flames. He has suffered agony since Friday and is still suffering but we are glad to state that he is improving. The Sheriff was the only member of the family in the house at the time and it seems that he had fallen asleep when the flames woke him and in his effort to leave the building he was terribly burned about the face, arms and back. The palms of his hands are so severely burned that we fear it will be some time before he can readily use them. The Sheriff’s property was insured at about 1/5 its real value and the loss will fall heavily. Arrangements have been made for the Sheriff and his family to move from the Arnold Hotel to the house recently vacated by Mr. Barrett.

AD. Wanted to swap horse and buggy for automobile. Will pay difference in cash. Box 47, Folkston.

FOLKSTON GROCERY CO. The Folkston Grocery Co. has remembered its customers with a nice little match case bearing its advertisement which will be a valuable article in many of the homes here.

METHODIST TENT MEETING. The tent meeting is getting in line. No one that has heard Rev. Moore preach can doubt that his sermons are dictated from the seat of God and that his voice is harmonizing Folkston. Up to press time there have been several acquisitions, both Methodist and Baptist. This gentleman is working for all denominations with one object for all – heaven. His singer, Mr. John Sharpe, is a great helper. Mr. Eustace Wainright came in Monday night and sent up a prayer for his old home companions. The pity was that the rain held away many of his friends. Rev. Waldren of the Baptists, gave over to the tent Sunday and rendered some much-appreciated assistance and the little preacher of the Methodist parsonage has helped with all his might.

LITTLE BERNICE GETS PIANO. Mr. Jesse W. Vickery presented his little daughter Bernice with a $600. piano last Thursday. It was purchased from Mr. Chas. W. Freeman of Homeland and is certainly a fine instrument.

DR. REVILLE. The pretty grounds around Dr. Revelle’s handsome home are now adorned by a tennis court.

BANK OF FOLKSTON. New beveled plate glass has taken the place of the plank windows at the Bank of Folkston and old fire blisters sandpapered down and a new coat of paint put on which has livened things up to a great extent.

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