Digest of Charlton County Herald - April 1942

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays


April 3, 1942

BUCK ALLEN WRITES FROM THE PACIFIC. Mr. and Mrs. A.A. Allen heard from their son, Pvt. Elliott W. Allen, this week. They had received no word from “Buck” since early January until one day this week three messages came in a single day. While not allowed to give his exact location he wrote interestingly of his experiences, revealing that he is on an uninhabited island in the south Pacific. He said there are plenty of coconuts, palms and sandy beaches and that shirts and pants have been cut off to make shorts. The island is inhabited by only 15 or 20 natives, all males. It required 12 days to make the trip from San Francisco and the boys remained on board 12 more days while preparing camp. He would appreciate letters from friends and a carton of Lucky Strikes would be appreciated.

NEW BABY GIRL FOR THRIFT FAMILY. Born March 27th to Mrs. M.D. Thrift, of Winokur, at McCoy-Sawyer Hospital, a baby girl. Mother and baby are reported to be getting along fine.

NEW BABY GIRL FOR ALDRIDGE FAMILY. A baby girl was born to Mrs. Owen Aldridge on April 1st at McCoy-Sawyer Hospital. Both are fine.

NEW BABY GIRL FOR DYAL FAMILY. Born April 1st to Mrs. Claud Dyal, a baby daughter, at McCoy-Sawyer Hospital. Both are said to be getting along well.

JOHNSON SAWMILL SOLD. The large sawmill plant of the Johnson Lumber Co., which was recently closed down, was last week sold to a Florida lumber company. The mill is to be dismantled and moved to another location.

MR. CLAUDE WILSON PRESCOTT DIED. Claude Wilson Prescott, better known to his host of friends as “Uncle Dock”, age 71, lifelong resident of Charlton County, and a member of one of the county’s most prominent pioneer families, passed away March 31st after an extended illness of heart dropsy and the infirmities of age. He was preceded in death by his wife just five months ago. He died at the home of his son in law, W.J. Wainwright, where he had made his home in recent months. For many years he had been a member of the Corinth Primitive Baptist Church. He was received into the church November 8, 1896 and was ordained as a Deacon December 14, 1902. He was elected clerk August 8, 1925. Funeral services were held at Corinth Church with interment in the family burial ground at the church. Survivors include two daughters, Mrs. W.J. Wainwright and Miss Verdie Prescott; one son, Winnie Prescott; three brothers, Ollie, B.S. and J.L. Prescott and four grandchildren, Woodrow, Wilson and Edna Wainwright and Rhunell Prescott.

RUSSELL JOHNSON’S NEW HOME. The modern new residence being erected by Russell Johnson which is located on the highway directly across from McCoy-Sawyer Hospital, is about completed and Mr. and Mrs. Johnson expect to move into their new home tomorrow. They have been living the past several months at the Johnson sawmill location.

FUN-FILLED PINDER POPPING. An unusually large crowd enjoyed a “pinder popping” at Mrs. B.B. Gowen’s Monday night.

VISITORS TO GRACE CHAPEL. It is reported that some of the Evangelistic Club of Waycross, of which Rev. O.C. Smith is president, will be at the mid-week prayer service next week at Grace Chapel. Everybody is invited to attend.

WEINER ROAST FOR YOUTH. The young people of the Uptonville community are anticipating a weiner roast and all that goes with it at the home of Mr. Noah Hickox Saturday night.

JOBS AVAILABLE FOR STENOGRAPHERS. The Herald is advised by Congressman John S. Gibson that the Civil Service Commission has just issued the following bulletin: “Uncle Sam needs 1,000 stenographers in Washington immediately. The jobs pay $1440.00 and those who want to work in the nation’s capitol throughout the war can be appointed without delay. Applications are being received at all first and second class post offices.” Qualified stenographers of this county are advised to apply immediately.

April 10, 1942

TOOTHPAST CONTAINERS NEEDED. The drug stores have requested that attention be called to the recent war emergency regulation requiring all purchasers of toothpaste, shaving cream and other similar products, to bring in their old containers which must be turned in before a new tube can be purchased. The container need not be of the same kind as the new product desired, but any kind of container of that classification will be accepted. Remember, if you misplace the old tube you might find it necessary to use the laundry soap for shaving purposes.

HENRY OLIVER PRESCOTT ANSWERS FINAL CALL. Henry Oliver Prescott, known to his many friends as “Ollie”, age 69, a lifelong citizen of Charlton County, member of one of the county’s most prominent families, passed away Wednesday night at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Jasper Harris. He had been in declining health for the past five years and recently his condition had rapidly grown worse. He suffered from heart dropsy. While not a member of any church he was an upright, honorable citizen and held in the highest esteem. He was a brother of the late W.C. Prescott whose death occurred only last week. Beside his wife, the former Miss Mary Alice Wainwright, survivors include five sons, Homer, Mersal, Claude, Owen and Everett Prescott; three daughters, Mrs. M.D. Grooms, Mrs. Will Phillips and Mrs. Jasper Harris; two brothers, B.S. Prescott and Joe Prescott. Funeral services were held at Corinth Church and interment was in the family burial ground in the church cemetery.

THURSDAY AFTERNOON CLOSING AGREEMENT. The following is a list of business concerns already signed up for the Thursday afternoon closing agreement in Folkston: The Conner Co., W.E. Gibson, T.C. Gowen, L.E. Stokes and Sons, Folkston Grain and Grocery, J.L. Bryant, the Suwannee Store, Theo Dinkins, G.M. Mizell, The Citizens Bank. Other places of business may sign the agreement later.

LOCAL HOME DEFENSE GUARDS MAKE PROGRESS IN TRAINING PROGRAM. Very gratifying and encouraging progress is being made by the few faithful members of the Charlton County Home Defense Guards in their drilling and training program under Capt. O.E. Raynor with Lts. G.R. Gowen, Jr., Clyde Gowen and W.L. Barefoot as instructors. Following Monday night’s regular drill, Capt. Raynor was host to the guard members at a shad supper in the high school dining hall.

VICTORY GARDENS. Supplementing the personal efforts of the government officials, such as the county farm agent, the schools gave three spring holidays to enable pupils to assist in planting Victory Gardens. The checkup showed that only about 47% of our people responded. A few stated they would still plant vegetables. The school checkup showed the following pupils who had gardens at home: Folkston, 328; St. George, 61 and Moniac, 49.

SHOTGUN HOME DEFENSE UNIT TO ORGANIZE. Capt. O.E. Raynor, in charge of Charlton County’s Home Defense Unit, has been requested by officials at state headquarters to complete the organization of a “shotgun brigade” as an auxiliary unit as early as possible. He has already launched plans but response for his call for volunteers was disappointing, as only a few reported at the organizational meeting. Capt. Raynor urges all the older citizens to come to the high school gym Monday night, bringing their shotguns with them and be ready to enlist in the brigade. Full instructions will be given by Lt. Clyde Gowen who has been named to head the detail. Plans are underway to hold a public parade with the county’s entire defense personnel in the near future. Be sure to oil up your trusty shotgun and report at the high school gym Monday night ready to enlist.

L.G. CLARK IS AIRPLANE MECHANIC. L.G. Clark, who has been in the mechanical division of the Air Corps at Chanute Field, Ill. has received his diploma as an airplane mechanic and has been transferred to McDill Field, Tampa for duty. He enlisted in the Air Corps October lst, 1941.

J.E. HARVEY, JR. ENLISTS IN MARINES. Mr. J.E. Harvey, Jr. who has been connected with the ACL RR in Waycross, this week enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps and has been assigned to Parris Island, S.C.

POLL TAX NOTICE. All citizens and voters of Charlton County subject to Poll Tax are notified that May 6 is the final date on which poll tax may be paid in order to qualify to vote in the state and county elections this fall. Unless your poll tax is paid by the above date your name will not appear on the voters’ list. Be sure and attend to this without delay as time is short.
- L.E. MALLARD. Tax Collector.

“MANLESS WEDDING” AT SCHOOL. A benefit program will be given at the colored school here Monday night. The main feature of the night will be a “Manless Wedding”, under direction of the teachers. There are many things needed around the school and this seems to be our best means of getting them. Won’t you come out and witness this affair.

April 17, 1942

RED CROSS PROJECT CHAIRMAN NAMED. Mrs. E.C. Roy has been named Production Chairman of the local Red Cross chapter to succeed Mrs. Shelton Monroe who recently left Folkston to make her home in Waycross. Mrs. Roy will have charge of making medical supplies and other articles for army use.

BOX SUPPER FOR THE NAVAL RELIEF FUND. The public is invited to attend a box supper at Uptonville school Saturday night. The proceeds will be used for the Naval Relief Fund. --- Mrs. Kate F. Johnson, Miss Clora Lee Conner, P.G. Brooks and Mr. Tucker, the Mattox, Ga. Committee.

SELECTIVE SERVICE REGISTRATION APRIL 25-27. Supt. John Harris of the Charlton County School system has again volunteered the facilities of the county schools to conduct the fourth registration of the Selective Service Act for April 25-27. The registration will take place at the school buildings as in the previous enrollments. This will be for men 45-65 years of age, who will not be subject to military service, but who may later be called to serve in Defense Work in the War Industries.

PARKER FAMILY MOVES TO FOLKSTON. Mr. and Mrs. B. Parker of Ludowici have moved to Folkston and are occupying the Wilson residence [on Third Street, facing old Stover home place] recently purchased by Mr. Parker. Mr. Parker owns and operates the telephone systems in Folkston and Ludowici.

PLANS FOR GRADUATION WEEK. The theme of the commencement program will be patriotic and an outline is given here: Junior-Senior Reception, May 22; Commencement Sermon, May 24; Alumnae Banquet, May 26; Class Night, May 27; Junior High Graduation, May 28; Graduation, May 29.

MEMBER OF GEORGIA STATE GUARDS HOSPITALIZED. James Riggins, member of the Georgia State Guards detachment on guard duty at the ACL RR river bridge was stricken with a severe attack of measles last week and was taken to the McCoy-Sawyer Hospital . He is reported to be much better.

SHELTON MONROE IS AVIATION CADET. Shelton Monroe who has been connected with the Okefenokee Station the past few years, last week enlisted in the Army for service in the Air Corps. He has been chosen as an aviation cadet.

JAMES EDWARD JONES KILLED IN WRECK. James Edward Jones, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Jones of the Traders Hill community, was killed in a car wreck on the highway between Folkston and Kingsland. He was injured Sunday night and died Monday night. Howard Taylor was very badly hurt but survived the wreck. James Edward was just approaching his 17th birthday. He was a popular and well liked young man. Besides his parents, survivors include three sisters, Mrs. Theo Dinkins, Mrs. Tom Brock and Mrs. Mae McKendree and four brothers, Carl Jones, Troy Jones, Kirby Jones and Fulton Jones. The funeral was held at the graveside in Sardis Cemetery.

HUGH CREWS IS HEAD OF ROAD REPAIR CREW. During the county commissioners meeting this week, it was decided to employ Hugh Crews as foreman of the repair crew for the county roads at a salary of $3.00 per day with the privilege of hiring and firing his men.

April 24, 1942

SUGAR TO BE RATIONED. May 4,5,6 and 7 are important to every household in Georgia for that’s when half a million Georgians will file into 6,200 elementary schools to obtain sugar stamp books for their family.

NEW WELFARE DIRECTOR. Mrs. Grace Morris of Barnesville, Ga. has been appointed by the Charlton County Welfare Board to succeed Mrs. Lois K. Daniels as county welfare director. Mrs. Daniels resigned because of ill health.

MRS. ED DAVIS DIED. Mrs. Ed Davis, age 70, lifelong resident of Charlton County passed away at the home of her sister, Mrs. W.H. Mizell, shortly after midnight Saturday night after an illness of only a few days. She was stricken with an attack of paralysis at her home last week. She was born near Folkston the daughter of George W. and Mary Hatcher Roddenberry. She was a loyal member of the Methodist Church, joining the Bethel Church in her girlhood. Besides her husband, Ed Davis, survivors include two daughters, Mrs. J.J. Davis and Mrs. W.B. Cobb; one sister, Mrs. W.H. Mizell and two granddaughters, Patricia Davis and Sandra Cobb. Several nieces and nephews also survive. A sister of Mrs. Davis, Mrs. Henrietta Sheffield, preceded her in death only a few weeks ago. Funeral services were held at Adkins Funeral Home Chapel and interment was in Bethel Cemetery.

SUPPLY PASTOR FOR FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH. Rev. Henry Johnson of Alma has been named to serve as regular supply pastor until the pastor is called for Folkston First Baptist Church. He serves as a regular supply pastor for the Piedmont Association and is not available to be called as a regular pastor.

LIBRARY HELPERS. The following pupils are working in the Senior High School library each day: Betty Barnes, Grace Russell, Jean Pickren, Jane Gowen, Mildred Clark, Martha Crews, Ruby Woolard, Dorothy Mizell and Eugenia Aldridge.

PROGRAM OF REPAIRS AT BETHEL CHURCH HAS BEEN COMPLETED. The extensive program of repairs in general all-around improvements which has been underway on Bethel Methodist Church has been completed and the structure is now in first class condition throughout, being one of the most attractive and conveniently arranged country church buildings in the county. The work includes a complete job of repainting and has been carried forward by a committee headed by Judge J.H. Johnson, as chairman. He is one of the veteran members of Bethel Church which is located in his old home community. Bethel is one of the oldest active churches in Charlton County, having been organized in the early days of the county’s history. Many members of the pioneer families retain their membership there. It is on the Folkston Charge.

GASOLINE RATIONING TO BEGIN MAY 15TH. A “meal ticket” system of gasoline rationing with the average motorist having from 2 Ω to 5 gallons per week will be instituted by the government in seventeen eastern states, including Georgia, on May 15th. Automobile owners will be issued gasoline rationing cards beginning May 12.

LOWRIMORE-BOWDUAN WEDDING. Mr. and Mrs. S.A. Lowrimore of 224 Spearing Street, Jacksonville, formerly of this county, announce the marriage of their daughter, Isobel, to Chonar L. Bowduan, of Sampson, Ala. on April 3. The ceremony took place in the study of the Main Street Baptist Church of Jacksonville.

CAMP PINCKNEY VISITORS. We had two young men visiting in the Camp Pinckney community Sunday, Mr. Monroe Altman and Mr. Alvin Prescott. It reminded us of long ago. They were riding horses.

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