Digest of Charlton County Herald - April 1937

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

April 2, 1937

MEMBERS OF COUNTY PUBLIC WELFARE BOARD NAMED. Members of the Charlton County Public Welfare, named at a special meeting of County Commissioners last week, will administer the Social Security program in this county. They held their first meeting this week. L.E. Mallard was elected as chairman of the board which is composed of the following members: N.E. Roddenberry, Jesse P. Mizell, Noah Stokes, Ralph E. Knabb. It will be necessary for the members to be confirmed by the State Social Security Board and be commissioned by the Governor. The County Board will employ a full time paid County Welfare Director to administer the Social Security program.

STATE PROGRESSIVE GOVERNMENT CONTEST. Picture showing community leaders who are working together for first prize of $3500.00 for best improved county in State. Progressive Government Awards. Jewell Page, L.E. Stokes, Miss Ruth Smith, Dr. Fleming, Mrs. Wm. Mizell, Jr., W.C. Hopkins, A.S. McQueen, L.Jasper Stokes, V.J. Pickren, E.B. Stapleton, Wm. Mizell, Jr., A.L. Thrift, John Harris, R. Ward Harrison. Another picture: Speakers at mass meeting in connection with above prize: Those in picture were N.J. Norman, E.G. Kilpatrick, W.D. Jones, Gertrude Proctor, Mrs. O.E. Raynor, Tom Wrench, Earle Green, John Hopkins, Rev. J.E. Barnhill, Mrs. B.G. McDonald.

CCC CAMP TO BE LOCATED AT CAMP CORNELIA. Announcement was made this week that the Negro CCC camp located near Douglas will be moved to Camp Cornelia at the Swamp Canal. The camp will be located on property recently acquired by the government for its game and fish preserve. The men will be used to dredge out the canal, construct boat trails, etc. A major and captain of the US Army will be here Wednesday to confer with Supt. John Hopkins and County Agent Jones in regard to the site for the camp.

MR. JAMES E. MURRAY DIED. James E. Murray, 64, a resident of Blackshear, but a native of Charlton County, died at his home there Tuesday. He is survived by his wife and six sons, Clyde, Clarence, James, Ed, Fred and Walter Murray; one daughter, Miss Virginia Murray; four brothers, Walter Murray, Frank and Earl Murray and Ike Murray; two sisters, Mrs. Susie Chaffin and Mrs. Mattie Murray. The funeral was at the Blackshear Cemetery.

REUBEN CREWS VISITS HOME FOLKS. Mr. Reuben Crews of the Brunswick CCC camp spent the weekend at Winokur with his home folks.

ALGIE RHODEN VISITS ST. GEORGE. Algie Rhoden who is serving in a CCC camp, visited his parents in St. George last weekend.

April 9, 1937

CCC CAMP FOR SWAMP. A party of U.S. Army officers and engineers were in Charlton County Wednesday to complete the plans of locating a CCC camp at Camp Cornelia. Arrangements were made with W.C. Hopkins for the right of way of a road leading from the St. George highway to the proposed camp site. Construction will begin at once. A number of portable houses will be moved here from a former CCC camp in Alabama.

YARBER PLACE SOLD TO DINKINS. The Yarber Place adjoining the home of Theo Dinkins located in the western section of Folkston was sold at an administrative sale this week, Mr. Dinkins being the purchaser. There is a small house on the property and the purchase price is reported as being $275.00.

PEANUT-POPPING AT KENNISONS. A group of young boys and girls of the Uptonville community attended a peanut-popping party at the home of Lewis Kennison Friday night. All reported an enjoyable time.

POOL ROOM OPENS IN FOLKSTON. A new amusement enterprise has been launched in Folkston, a pool room having been established in the Wade Building on the corner by Howard Wrench.

EUGENE STEWART HOME FROM CCC CAMP. Eugene Stewart who has been serving in a CCC camp near Knoxville, Tenn. for the past several months has returned to his home here last week, having completed his term of enlistment.

April 16, 1937

OKEFENOKEE WILDLIFE REFUGE. An executive order of President Franklin D. Roosevelt setting aside the Okefenokee Swamp as a sanctuary for wildlife definitely names the project as “The Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge” and under the terms of the order, is now closed to the public. Hunting is strictly forbidden. Fishing and sight-seeing will not be allowed except under permit.

THREE MEN INJURED IN EXPLOSION. Manley T. Guy lost his right hand and suffered serious internal injuries, Perry Griffin was badly bruised and sustained painful burns about the face and hands and Willie Green was knocked down and slightly injured as a result of a terrific explosion of dynamite caps Tuesday morning in the woods west of Folkston where the Hercules Powder Co. operations are in progress. The explosion is said to have occurred when Griffin, a truck driver, lit a short fuse, sparks from which ignited the caps Guy was preparing. It was stated that 100 caps exploded with terrific force blowing the right forearm of Mr. Guy completely off. The injured men were rushed to Folkston in a school bus and after first aid treatment, were carried to a Waycross hospital.

HOWARD CHILDREN ARE IN ORPHANAGE. Z.C. O’Farrell, Supt. of a Baptist orphanage near Baxley, came to Folkston this week and carried back with him William, Allen and Henry Howard, the three young sons of Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Howard, who will be taken care of in that institution. The county commissioners have agreed to contribute to their support. Efforts will be made to place an older child, a girl, in some other institution.

LITTLE LULA HOWARD DIED. Little Lula Howard, eight year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Howard, died Friday in a Waycross hospital where she was taken for treatment after her condition became critical following a prolonged illness. Funeral services were held in Sardis Cemetery with Hawkins Funeral Home in charge.

CCC CAMP TO BE ON ST. GEORGE HIGHWAY. Charlton County’s new CCC camp which is being moved here from near Douglas will be located on the St. George highway about seven miles from Folkston at a point where the road to Camp Cornelia diverges. It was first planned to locate it at Camp Cornelia but this site was abandoned when it was found that a satisfactory water supply could not be obtained there. A number of portable houses have been moved here from Alabama, being shipped by freight. The houses are being erected and the camp will be ready for occupancy within a few days. The work of developing the swamp refuge project which will consist of dredging out the canal, constructing boat trails and overnight cabins in the swamp will be taken up immediately. It will require two years to complete the project.

HERCULES POWDER CO. We are informed that Hercules Powder Co. will begin extensive operations in Baker County in the near future.

LITTLE CHRISTINE YAWN IS BORN. Mr. and Mrs. Charlie Yawn are the proud parents of a fine baby girl. She will be called Christine.

NEW FAMILY IN PROSPECT COMMUNITY. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Jones and the little girls of Winter Haven, Fla. have moved into the Prospect community to make their home.

April 23, 1937

J.D. DOWLING DIED. Stricken with a heart attack while attending a political rally in Jacksonville last Thursday, J.D. Dowling, former citizen of this county, died a short while later. Funeral services were held in the chapel of the Seashole Funeral Parlor in Jacksonville and at the grave in Sardis Cemetery with Rev. Thomas Hansen, pastor of Main Street Baptist Church, officiating. Services at the grave were conducted by Camp 403 Woodmen of the World. Mr. Dowling was born and reared near Mattox. He had been an employee of the city street department in Jacksonville for the past several years. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Addie Dowling who is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Carter and one daughter, Pearl Mae, ten years old. Other survivors include his mother Mrs. Martha Rowland; a sister, Mrs. Jesse Mizell and a brother, James Dowling, member of the Jacksonville Fire Dept.

HERD OF STEERS BRINGS NICE PROFIT. Charles H. Gibson, popular mail carrier, who also conducts extensive farming interests, last week sold to Armour Co. at their packing plant in Tifton a herd of 39 steers about two years old and weighing an average of 914 pounds each and received an average of $93.68 per head. The herd of steers were shipped here from Kansas City where they were purchased by Mr. Gibson who fed them for five and a half months. Total amount received for the herd was $3,683.52. In addition to the fine profit realized by Mr. Gibson, the enrichment of his land from the fertilizers will prove almost as valuable as the cash profit received from the deal.

FOLKSTON GRAIN AND GROCERY CO. REMODELED. The store building occupied by the Folkston Grain and Grocery Co. has recently been attractively remodeled and the store space was enlarged by the removal of the petition which formerly divided the building into two store rooms. The interior has been repainted and wire screens installed. The business is managed by J.V. Gowen, Jr. and Donald Gowen.

DR. FLEMING URGES MEMORIAL DAY OBSERVANCE. Dear Editor, I was in hopes the citizens in Charlton County would have some exercises on April 26 in commemoration of the cause for which our fathers and mothers fought, bled and died. This is a holiday in which the entire south should keep interested and not let a single year pass without some appropriate exercises. If we did nothing else, we could pluck a wild flower; I believe it was the Lord who said that “Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these,” and place it upon the grave of some soldier who did so much for us. You only have to read “Gone With The Wind” to bring to mind the stories of the various tragedies and hardships the war brought to the South.


ROYAL JOHNS, MURDERER, ESCAPES CHAIN GANG. Royal Johns, sentenced to die in the electric chair for the murder of Warden W.C. White in Charlton County, but later granted a new trial and sentenced to life imprisonment escaped Monday from the Jenkins County chain gang with a prisoner companion. Johns is regarded as a dangerous character and is known to have made threats against the lives of several Charlton citizens. Previous to his conviction of the murder of Mr. White he shot and killed his father, O.K. Johns, but was acquitted on a plea of self-defense.

INJURED MEN ARE IMPROVING. Manley T. Guy and Perry Griffin, injured last week in an accidental explosion of dynamite caps are reported to be improving in a Ware County hospital. Mr. Guy lost his right hand and it is said that Mr. Griffin will probably lose the sight in one eye.

CLOSING EXERCISES OF FOLKSTON COLORED SCHOOL. Sunday, 3:00 o’clock, Baccalaureate Sermon, Rev. C.F. Hobbs, Pastor of Gaines Chapel, A.M.E. Church. Friday, April 23rd, Annual School Picnic at East Spring. Friday, April 30th, Closing Exercises. To all these activities the friends are invited. Seats will be reserved for the white folks that attend. Australia Smith and L. Alyce Green, Teachers.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. P.G. Brooks, Uptonville, are the happy parents of a fine daughter born April 17th.

WOOD-SAWING AT MRS. BROCK’S. Quite a few people attended the wood-sawing Saturday night at the home of Mrs. Mary Brock. Everybody reported a splendid time.

PARTY FOR UPTONVILLE SCHOOL CHILDREN. A group of the Uptonville school children enjoyed a weiner roast given at the Uptonville school house Wednesday evening by their teacher Miss Sally Prescott. Various games were enjoyed, after which the children roasted wieners over the bed of hot oak coals. Those enjoying the party were: Josephine Crews, Lamar Wainwright, Alvin Crews, Pauline Herrin, Calvin Crews, LeRoy Malphus, Vera Carter, Devoy Brooks, Elvin Crews, Donnie Martin, Aneil Malphus, Jewell Conner, Earl Crews, James Carter, J.P. Conner and Miss Hazel Prescott.

April 30, 1937

JOHN HARRIS JR. HIGH GRADUATION. Closing exercises of the Charlton County school system featured last week by a number of interesting programs concluded with closing exercises of the Folkston schools Friday and the St. George school on Monday night. The class completing the work at John Harris Jr. High held their graduation exercises Friday. Members of that class are: Walter Morris Mills, Fulton Jones, David Milton Alsobrook, Melvin Mose Wildes, Sidney Harold Gowen, Bernard Lathan Shivar, Eula Mae Stokes, Cleopatra Quarterman, Juanita Aldridge, L.D. Wainwright, Harry Clayton Wildes, Carl McCall Wildes, Arnold V. O’Quinn, Martha Lee Wainwright, Leila Margaret Tison, Bennie Aloise Altman, Mildred Myrtle Carter, Bashia Clora Lee Conner, Serentha Daisy Dyal, Annie Pearl Gowen, Mary Elizabeth Hathaway, Dorothy Jurilda Hickox, Vira Hulda Prevatt, James Andrew Lloyd, Dallas Lloyd, Barney Gowen, James Osworth Howard, Fred Marvin Crews, Cornelia Merlyn Huling, Billie Frances Wrench, Teressa Carolyn Taylor, Lorene Beatrice Crews, Janie Elizabeth Crews, Alma Martin, Julia Louis George, Viola Mae Brown, Leila Mae Prescott, Wilma Ida Loper, Jimmie Estell Allen, Freida Thomas, Ruth Jones, S.M. Altman, Jr., Franklin Roddenberry, Clifton Petty, Clayton Gowen and Wanda Gibson.

CHARLTON COUNTY HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATION. Friday evening the Senior Class of Charlton County High School held their graduation exercises. Diplomas were presented to the graduates as follows: Mildred Gertrude Crews, Mary Gladys Crews, Loleta Pearl Conner, Elmina Crews, William Guy Gibson, Ruth Ada Lowrimore, Albert Gowen, W.B. Barker, John C. White, Alton John Carter, Jessie Colson, Estelle Russell, Beulah Waughtel, Geraldine Waughtel, Jewell Russell, William A. McQueen, Eunice Cora Altman, Sally Lou Mizell, Mildred Elizabeth Wildes, Martha Grace Wilson, Helen Mildred Crews, Mable Eunice Askew, Martha Sue Dean, Mary Inez Askew, Marie Elizabeth Passieu, Doris Mae Barnes, Eugenia Jane Jones, Kathryn Thompson.

ST. GEORGE SENIORS GRADUATE. Friday afternoon the Seventh Grade graduation was held at the St. George school. Monday night the St. George Senior graduation was held in the Baptist Church. The following graduated: Thelma Burnsed, Addie Viola Chism, Cleo Raulerson, LeRoy Smith, Lonnie Emmet Roberts, Darthey Elizabeth Stokes, Emily Mae Stokes, Mildred Estell Stokes, Ruby Inez Thrift.

ST. GEORGE SEVENTH GRADERS GRADUATE. Seventh Grade graduates at St. George were Charles W. Chism, Jr., Lawrence Crawford, Marl Crawford, Huston Hodges, Wesley Lyons, Nollan Parham, Ollan Parham, William Ratcliffe, Cecil Raulerson, Holland Sands, Lois Batten, Ive Pauline Bell, Kathryn Bussey, Edith Chism, Betty Jane Howard, Anna Bell Hutson, Marguerite Osterman, Margaret Parham, Nellie Smith, Geraldine Stokes, Juanell Suggs, Marcetta Suggs.

WALLACE GIBSON IN U.S. NAVY. Wallace Gibson, son of W.E. Gibson has been accepted for service in the U.S. Navy and has received instructions to report for training at Hampton Roads, Va.

TWO THEATERS IN FOLKSTON. Providing for the comfort of its patrons in the hot summer months the manager of the Ritz Theater has this week installed modern air conditioning equipment consisting of the Artic Nu-Air Fan which provides cool fresh air at all times throughout the building. A moving picture show for the colored people is now being operated in the old store building just west of the depot.

ORDINARY’S RECORDS BEING TRANSCRIBED. A work that has long been needed was begun last week by B.F. Scott when he commenced the work of transcribing and indexing the records in the Ordinary’s office. These will be put in shape for permanent preservation and may easily be referred to by research workers. This is a WPA project.

LOADING TRACK BEING ADDED TO A.C.L.R.R. BY HERCULES. Hercules has completed negotiations for leasing extensive stumpage acreage in the southern section of the county and includes approximately 30,000 acres. A loading track with the capacity of twelve cars is being constructed in the Folkston yards by the Atlantic Coast Line under supervision of Roadmaster V.A. Hodges, for the use of Hercules Co. The stumps from the recently acquired acreage will be hauled here by truck and loaded for shipment to Brunswick.

EDITORIAL. An acute shortage of housing for rent in Folkston is proving a serious detriment to the growth of the city. There is a high demand for housing here, with not a single house to rent that is available. L.E. Mallard says that the firm of Mizell & Mallard has several well-located lots right in the heart of town with plenty of space for a vegetable garden, chickens and a cow.

NEW HOME FOR THE McCLAINS. Mr. and Mrs. Fred McClain of St. George have moved into their new home which he recently built.

ST. GEORGE SCHOOL PARTY. The seventh grade of St. George school gave a party at the old St. George CCC grounds. Quite a crowd gathered and played many games and enjoyed refreshments. Every one reported a nice time.

B.F. SCOTT FAMILY MOVES. Mr. and Mrs. B.F. Scott who recently sold their home to L. Jasper Stokes, who will remodel it, moved this week and are occupying an apartment in the old Scott residence next door to the Herald office.

ROBERT HARRISON TO MANAGE OAK HILL SERVICE STATION. The Oak Hill Service Station which has been operated by Edward Millen will be reopened to the public Saturday under the management of Robert W. Harrison, Jr. with a line of cold drinks, cigars and candy in addition to Sinclair products.

BROOKS BABY IS NAMED JANE. Mr. and Mrs. P.J. Brooks have named their little daughter Jane.

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