Digest of Charlton County Herald - April 1930

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

(April 4th issue not on microfilm)

April 11, 1930

ST. GEORGE RURAL ROUTE. The postal patrons on the rural route at St. George will receive mail on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

DR. WILLIAMS TO RUN FOR CONGRESS. The opening of Dr. A.D. Williams' campaign for Congressman at Woodbine Monday was a good one and presented issues for which he stands. His formal announcement will appear later.

REUNION OF GIBSON BROTHERS JUST IN TIME FOR ALL, FOR ONE BROTHER DIES. W.O. Gibson and H.G. Gibson returned Friday from Young's Island, S.C. where there had been one of the most pleasant gatherings of the last few years. All six of the brothers were present, the occasion being somewhat hastened by the illness of Steve Gibson, 71, who had been an invalid for some time. Wednesday of this week a wire came announcing the death of Steve M. Gibson, the ailing member. His body was taken to Dublin, Ga. where two children had been interred. He leaves a wife and two children besides the brothers named above.

SCHOOL CLOSINGS PLANNED. Plans are being made to close the county schools on April 25th. A new feature this year will be the alumni banquet at which 78 graduates of the school will welcome the 24 members of this year's graduating class.

THE CITIZENS BANK. Statement of condition of the Citizens Bank at close of business on March 27th, 1930: Resources: $459,217.41.

MARCH MARRIAGES: ...Cris Mitchell and Lois Williams, Folkston by Ordinary. ...Sam Houston, Camden County and Martha Clayton, Folkston by Ordinary. ...L.L. Crews of Uptonville and Miss Freeda Byrd of St. George by H.S. Hodges. ...Henry Thompson and Rosa Lee Lumpkins, both of Folkston by Rev. S.A. Chaney.

April 18, 1930

OLD HATHAWAY HOME ESCAPED DANGER. Discovered in the nick of time, a small blaze caught around the kitchen flue in the old Hathaway house Monday and averted the possible destruction of the old landmark. The place is occupied by VanDell Bennett and while preparing dinner Mrs. Bennett was made aware of the fire by embers falling to the kitchen floor. The fire caught from embers dropped in dry, decayed shingles. A telephone call brought help that soon quenched the blaze.

FOLKSTON-KINGSLAND ROUTE BEING PLANNED. Chairman J.C. Littlefield of the County Commissioners has just returned from a meeting of the State Highway Board in Atlanta. The purpose was to promote the Folkston-Kingsland route.

SCHOOLS TO CLOSE. Charlton's school system closes its eight-months grammar school next week. The high school work continues another month to complete the work of the graduating class.

COLERAINE SOLD TO DAN HEBARD. The sale of the M.G. White Coleraine property Saturday under mortgage foreclosure was to Dan Hebard, of the interest that controls the Swamp. Mr. Hebard has long desired a river property of this character and this opportunity was to his advantage. Friends of George White will be glad to learn he will come out of the deal without severe loss.

SIDNEY BROWN INJURED ON RIVER. Sidney Brown is hobbling around on crutches, the cause being a bruised ankle got on a timber raft, when the injured leg was crushed between two timbers last week. Dr. Fleming treated it. If it does not become infected, he will soon become himself again.

MRS. BANNER CREWS DIED. Monday we met W.L. Thomas who had decided to run up to Brantley County to visit his grandmother, Mrs. Banner Crews, about 80 years of age, and was surprised to find that she had died the night before. She was buried that afternoon at the family burial ground in that county. Dr. Williams made the trip with Mr. Thomas.

JOHN BARKER ESCAPES HARM IN BRIDGE ACCIDENT. Mr. Barker, St. George, dropped the front end of his car through a goodly portion of Sparkman's Creek highwater bridge Wednesday on his regular mail route. He stoutly maintains it looked very, very dangerous and when he came in from his work he was still badly scared. Fortunately C.H. Johns and other men working nearby rendered first aid and put him on his way with no damage to his car.

WEDDING. Folkston young folks were interested in the report from Miami Beach that James Fleming, son of Dr. A. Fleming of this city, was married Tuesday to Miss Alma Loraine Stephenson, daughter of the chief of the fire department there.

April 25, 1930

ELECTRIC POWER RATE LOWERED. The Ga. Public Service Commission has handed down a ruling, giving Folkston a lower power rate. Many of our refrigerator users are already discussing fridged air refrigeration. The announcement was also made that a deal has been made whereby the Georgia Power and Light Co. has completed a trade for the Charlton County Power Co.

HUFFMAN CHILD BADLY INJURED. The ten-year-old son of foreman Huffman, who works a skidder for the sawmill at Racepond, was run down by an automobile Sunday near the Racepond schoolhouse while playing on the highway. Reports from the hospital in Jacksonville are that he will have to suffer amputation.

MRS. W.R. KEEN DIED. Mrs. W.R. Keen, wife of one of Charlton's oldest citizens, W.R. Keen of Traders Hill, died at her home Tuesday night and was laid to rest in the community burial ground Wednesday afternoon. She was 75 years of age and one of Charlton County's earliest settlers. She was taken ill last week and lingered until death relieved her suffering. While her health has been very poor of late, she was able to be up and about until the attack that caused her death. Besides Mr. Keen, the survivors of this good woman are Mrs. Cora Grier, Miss Nettie Keen, Miss Annie Keen; two sons, Willie Keen and Charlie Keen.

HOMEMADE GIBSON SUGAR. We have heard it said that farmers in Charlton could produce everything to eat but sugar and coffee. Now in walks farmer Steve Gibson with a big bottle of brown sugar and presents us with this homemade sweetness. It was sparkling and grainy and reminds us of the sugar we used to have before the days of refineries.

THE McCOY FAMILY RETURNS TO FOLKSTON. Dr. W.R. McCoy and family have returned from a stay at Boston and are at home in the Walker cottage. The doctor has opened his office in the same place.

CHICKEN THEFTS. Reports of chicken thefts are coming to us again. Mrs. W.R. Wainwright, A.W. Askew and Jos. P. Mizell are late losers of fine birds. Buckshot and a good dog are helpful cures if properly used.

TAYLOR BABY DIED. John Taylor who is an inspector in the cattle quarantine work in Chatham County, came with his family, bringing the corpse of a three-weeks-old infant for burial Monday evening. It was buried at Sardis and they returned to Savannah Tuesday.

MR. E.T. MIZELL DIED. E.T. Mizell, Coast Line car inspector for over 30 years, died at his home in Savannah Wednesday. He had been ill for a week. Tuesday night his sister Mrs. L.E. Mallard, received a telephone message saying he was in serious condition and had been calling for her. Mrs. Mallard left on the first train but found him unconscious upon arrival. He died a few hours after her arrival. The funeral will be in Savannah and burial in the Bonaventure Cemetery Thursday. Mr. Mizell leaves a wife and three brothers surviving him.


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