Digest of Charlton County Herald - April 1927

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

April 7, 1927

MRS. J.W. SPENCER DIED. Mrs. J.W. Spencer, wife of J.W. Spencer of St. George, one of the best known and most loved women in St. George, was claimed by death at an early hour on March 20th. She had an attack of heart failure. She retired Monday night as well as usual and had not complained of any pain. She gave one short gasp and was gone. Mrs. Spencer was born in Kalida, Ohio in 1860, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Foley. She was married to J.W. Spencer at Columbus Grove, Ohio March 29, 1882. There was born to that union one son, W.A. Spencer who was killed several years ago by being thrown out of a building at Savannah; one daughter, Nurdie May Spencer, who died at New Castle, Penn. in 1904. She leaves to mourn her besides her husband, two sisters Mrs. Anna Smith and Mrs. Lulu Shrider. Had she lived until 4:00 P.M. Tuesday they would have been married 45 years. The funeral was held at the Methodist Church conducted by Rev. L.E. Williams.

AMERICAN LEGION POST ORGANIZED IN FOLKSTON. This post will be known as Charlton County Post. The following were installed as officers: A.S. McQueen, H.W. Scher, Sr., G.A. Dean, Jr., W.D. Thompson, J.D. Raulerson and W.R. Allen. Miss Bernice Pearce was elected official piano player.

WEDDING. A surprise shower was given for Mrs. Thelma Hannaford last Monday night by her Folkston friends. Miss Gowen's marriage to Mr. Hannaford took place Tuesday morning at the Methodist parsonage. Mr. and Mrs. Hannaford will live in Melbourne, Fla.

CHARLTON COUNTY POWER CO. Mr. E.J. Jones, manager of the Charlton County Power Co., informs us that the foundations of the new electric light and ice plant are being rapidly completed by the contractor.

WEDDING. On April 3, Miss Mittie Wainwright and Mr. Jesse Hilton were married at the home of the bride's parents at Uptonville, Rev. L.E. Williams officiating. The bride is the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Grady B. Wainwright. Mr. Hilton is from Blackshear and is employed by the Atlantic Coast Line at Uptonville.

GOLD MEDALS FOR VETERANS. The Folkston Woman's Club will sponsor a Tag Day Saturday to enroll the county's three living Confederate veterans in the Book of Memory at Stone Mountain. These veterans are Mr. Jesse Grooms, Mr.Seaborn Mills and Mr. John Vickery. If they are successful in raising $15.00, these veterans will be presented with gold medals on Memorial Day, April 26th. Mrs. Wm. Mizell, Jr. and Mrs. L.E. Williams are county chairmen of this project.

April 14, 1927

LITTLE JAMES DONALD WILDES DIED. James Donald Wildes the little eight year old son of Mr. and Mrs. A.C. Wildes died at the home of his parents on April 6th after a lingering illness of more than a year. He is survived by his parents, seven brothers, one sister and one step-sister. The precious little body was tenderly laid to rest in Corinth Cemetery. About a year ago last November Donald was helping drive cattle and running, sucked a sand burr down his throat and into his left lung. He was rushed to a specialist in Jacksonville who probed for and removed the burr. Later he removed two of the little points. The lung was so badly injured that he never recovered. Death mercifully relieved his suffering.

BOXING CONTEST. Will the little boys who would like to be in a Battle Royal in the Boxing Contest Thursday at the Paxton Theater, see Mrs. Paxton. Don't forget to ask your parents.

GOLD MEDALS FOR VETERANS. The "Tag Day" proved to the a "Tag Hour", for in exactly one hour's time the Woman's Club had raised their quota of $15.00. The gold medals have already been received and the U.D.C. have invited our veterans to be present on Memorial Day. Mr. Jesse Vickery has consented to take our veterans, as he has for a good many years.

NEW DRUG STORE FOR ST. GEORGE. The fixtures are now being installed in the new concrete building in St. George leased to Dr. J.R. Vinson. The doctor expects to have the new drug store ready for business by the middle of the week.

WEDDING. Mrs. Emily Allen-Powell and Mr. Joe Mikell were happily married by Judge H.G. Gibson Thursday of last week. Mrs. Mikell has lived in Folkston practically all of her life and is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.C. Allen. They are located in rooms in Mrs. E.H. Wright's residence.

April 21, 1927

REV. E.L. WAINWRIGHT DIED. The funeral of Rev. E.L. Wainwright, who died in Macon April 13th, was conducted in the Methodist Church in Folkston. He is survived by his widow and four children, his father, W.R. Wainwright; his mother, Mrs. Lizzie Wainwright; four brothers, C.S., Roscoe, D.R. and Escher; one sister, Mrs. E.A. Kent. He was buried in the city cemetery.

MRS. MOLLIE ALLEN DIED. Mrs. Mollie Allen died Saturday at the home of her stepson Mr. George Allen, about two miles east of Newell. Her death was caused from a fall on the porch Thursday. Her suffering was more than anyone realized. She left one son, W.R. Allen; one daughter, Mrs. Noah Jordon; six grandchildren and several brothers and sisters. On December 25, 1926 she was 75 years old. For years she was a devoted member of the Primitive Baptist Church. Sunday morning she was laid to rest by the side of her husband, G.W. Allen and son Pat in the Allen Cemetery, Rev. W.O. Gibson conducting the service.

MISS OSTERMAN ARRIVES ON EARTH. Word has just been received in America of the birth on January 10th of a daughter, Rose Marguerita, to Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Osterman of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Mr. Osterman was sent to South Africa in charge of one of the schools maintained by the English government for the training of white children. While there he married the daughter of a captain of the English army.

THE CITIZENS BANK. Statement of Condition of the Citizens Bank at close of business on March 23, 1927: Resources, $482,966.27.

FRED ASKEW IS NEW RESTAURANT MANAGER. After April 22nd the City Restaurant will be operated under the management of Fred Askew with the same efficient helpers.

(No issue of April 28, 1927 on microfilm)


Friday, April 29, 1927

FACTS ABOUT FOLKSTON; ITS RECENT BUILDING ACTIVITIES AND REMARKABLE GROWTH Recent Development of Renfroe Addition; Many New Homes About ten years ago L.E. Mallard, Wm. Mizell, Jr. and B.M. Roney acquired what is known as Renfroe's Addition to Folkston, being a subdivision on the East side of Folkston, and an old survey dating back about 20 years. These men began actively to develop this old subdivision and since their purchase approximately 15 buildings have constructed, and it is now one of the most desirable residential sections of Folkston. These men first had lots cleared of underbrush, and streets opened and graded. The houses recently constructed in this section alone are worth fully $75,000.00 at a low estimate. The present owners and occupants of these houses are as follows: D.W. Lane, C.J. Passieu (house being constructed), Mrs. J.W. Walker, E.H. Wildes, Mr. Leighton, Arley Rowell, J.W. Haddock, Mallard & Haddock, H.B. Readdick, J.A. Wainwright, F.D. Askew, J.C. Littlefield, V.J. Pickren, L.E. Stokes, a 50,000.00 grammar school building and the new Presbyterian church. Other new houses recently constructed in other sections of the city are: Owen K. Prevatt and Otis Nobles on the west side; S.M. Mills who has built a handsome home on the Dixie Highway and near it a modern concrete building for his bottling works; Jos. P. Mizell, who recently completed one of the finest residences in the entire city; T.J. Colson who has recently completed three dwellings for rent property; E.W. Shivar, G.H. Jacobs, A.S. McQueen and C.M. Scott have recently built new homes and Dr. A. Fleming has moved into his modern office building. Another attractive residence erected in recent months is the modern apartment building of Mrs. Annie E. Wright which is a conveniently located and attractively designed home.


FACTS ABOUT FOLKSTON, ITS RECENT BUILDING ACTIVITIES AND REMARKABLE GROWTH Folkston, county seat of Charlton County, was named in honor of a prominent family, Dr. A.P. Folks and Dr. W.M. Folks of Waycross belonging to this connection. The town of Folkston was established when the old Plant System built the present A.C.L. line from Savannah to Jacksonville and has had a steady growth since its establishment. Recently there has been a building program in Folkston nearing a "boom" and the city has developed more during the past few months than at any time during its entire history. In addition to the magnificent brick block recently constructed on the main street there have been scores of new dwelling houses constructed in every section of the city and the new $50,000 Grammar School Building for the Folkston Consolidated School District is now complete and is being occupied. Folkston is the real gateway to Florida being on the divisions of the A.C.L. Ry. and on the Southern. The Central Dixie Highway literally splits the town open. More passenger trains pass through Folkston daily than any other city of her size in the state of Georgia. During the winter months there are 65 and at all time 50 passenger trains passing through Folkston daily furnishing connections with all the important cities of the United States. The present Mayor is E.B. Stapleton and the Board of Aldermen is made of the following citizens, William Mizell, Jr., C.J. Passieu, B.M. Roney, V.A. Hodges and Dr. A. Fleming.


April 29, 1927 - Folkston Progress

The first issue told of various phases of county, the history, 
people, institutions and the following is an outline of articles
and ads. Refer back to film for details.

Page One: 
Brief Historical Sketch of Charlton County and its Public
Picture: Citizens Bank, Courthouse, Main Street looking east from
Facts about Folkston, recent building activities, many homes in 
Renfroe Addition. Copy of this in file.
Homeland Garage article Citizens Bank, long article lists officers, employees.

Page Two:
Dean & Gowen, one of this section's largest dept. stores. Says they
are biggest concern in town. long article.
Picture: McDonald House, Presbyterian Church. 
Ads: E. Alexander who has fancy and staple groceries, located at
rear of McDonald House.
W.E. Banks has grocery store
Whole page ad on Dean & Gowen dept. store, ready to wear, dry
goods, hardware, paints. etc.

Page three:
Folkston Progress. Published every Friday at Folkston by Progress
Printing Co. Alex S. McQueen, editor. Subscription $1.50 per year
in advance.
Outline of Purpose of printing this paper.
Picture: fuzzy one of Dean & Gowen by Citizens Bank.
Wright Motor Co. sells Chevrolets, short article.
Ad: Folkston Dept Store, H.W. Scher, Prop.
H.J. Davis, gen merchandise, dry goods, etc

Page 4:
Continues Brief Historical Sketch, writes of each county officer,
H.G. Gibson, Ordinary; Clerk of Court Raulerson; Sheriff Mizell;
Tax Collector, Mrs. Roddenberry; Tax Receiver, H.H. Crews; county
surveyor, Mr. Wildes, 2 or 3 paragraphs on each of these people.
Picture: Rodgers Building and part of Davis building.
Ads: Folk Pharmacy, modern new soda fountain
Folkston Grain and Grocery has big ad, poultry feed, groceries,
etc, Folk Gr and Gr is a dept. of Dean & Gowen.

Page 5:
Burnt Fort is Noted for Scenic Beauty article, J.C. Littlefield
sold property.
Folkston Dept Store Has Fine Prospects. New concern. Harry W. Scher
who comes to Folk from Waycross. 4 pp.
Passieu Motor Co., Local Ford Dealer. 4 pp.
Excellent hotels, Arnold, McDonald, 3 pp each.
Stapleton Pharmacy new Fountain, long history of Stapleton

Page 6: 
Whole page ad of Passieu Motor Co., Lincolns, Fords, etc, repair, 
gas and oil, tires.
Page 7:
Back to Brief Historical Sketch, tells of Coronor, Supt of Schools,
Member of Gen. Assembly, Board of Commiss, Police J.H. Barnes. Each 
one takes abt 3 pp.
Picture: Dean and Gowen store
Mallard House that church bought.
New Meth Church, Rev. LE Williams. Stucco.
Ads: Folkston Steam Pressery.
T.L. Pickren Family Gro Store
Cash Garage, V.J. Pickren, prop. tires. tubes, batteries, gas

Second Section of first issue of Folkston Progress
Page l:
Naval Stores Industry Important in Commercial Activities of
Charlton County, big long article, highlights
W.C. Hopkins for l pp
J.C. Littlefield for 3 pp
J.V. Gowen for 2 pp
Gillican©Chipley for l pp
Jesse W. Vickery for 2 or 3 pp
This article continued on another page.
Picture of:
Front view of new grammar school bldg
William Mizell home
H.J. Davis home
Charlton County Has Splendid School System. Very detailed concerning schools, who's on Board of Education, who's on board of trustees of each individual school. Really, really good article. 10 schools now in county. 3 consolidated schools.
Professional men of Charlton County:
Dr. A. Fleming, 4 pp
Dr. A.D. Williams, 2 pp
Dr. J.R. Vinson, St. George

Next page:
Telephone System is Being Installed by Union Tel Co, 5 pp,
stringing wires
T.L. Pickren, leading merchant, 6 pp
Folk Pharmacy a Growing Concern, 6pp on Dr. Thompson
H.J. Davis Store, a Pioneer Business, real good
M. Altman, general merchandise, l pp
Cash Garage, 3 pp
Old Business under New Management, W.E. Gibson store in Rodgers building, 5 pp
New Fixtures Installed in Folk P.O., 2 pp
Watson & James Grocery Co. in New Masonic Bldg. Groceries, fruit,
Banks Grocery Store 3 pp
Folkston barber shops, 3 pp
Meat Market, J.A. Prevatt 2pp
Whole page ad on Folk Pharm, Dr. Thompson

Another page:
Real Estate Firm Doing Fine Work, selling lots in Renfroe Add.
4 pp
Watson & James enters Local Field 3 pp
Folkston Pressing Club has Modern Steel Plant, H.S. Mattox
Main Street looking west from RR. Bad picture.
Arnold Hotel, blurry
B.G. McDonald Store, One of the city's oldest, 3 pp
Big Oil Concerns Have Storage Stations Here 2 pp
Ad: W.E. Gibson in Rodgers Bldg, complete new stock of Star Brand
Naval Stores Industry story continued:
J.W. Rodgers, 2 or 3 pp
B.F. Scott, 2 or 3 pp
Stokes Bros., 2 or 3 pp
W.L. Suggs
Racepond Naval Stores
Baptist Church of Folkston, Rev. A.M. McCool, Brick bell tower
Home of C.E. Stroup, probably one Peggy moved and that burned.
Side view of new grammar school bldg
Ad: Wright Motor Co. Agency for Chev. automobiles
Ad: Homeland Garage, Louis Roberts
Whole page ad for Progress, sent to every family in county.
Wholesale Grocery Proves Successful, Dean & Gowen
E. Alexander A Successful Grocer, 3 pp
Railroad Facilities of Folkston Unsurpassed, 4 pp
John S. Tyson Jr Has Modern General Store, 3 pp
Picture: Charlton County High School
Power Plant and Ice Factory ToBe Completed, E.J. Jones, 4 pp
Dr. J.W. Buchanan An Outstanding Citizen, 3 pp
Big Ad, Mallard & Mills Real Estate
Another page:
Industrial Activities in Folkston are Growing, Many Small Plants
Buchanan Man. Co., metal turp cups
Coca Cola Bottling Co, 2 or 3 pp
J.H. Johnson and Son sawmill
Homeland Cigar Factory, 3 pp
Turpentine Industry: 2 or 3 pp
Picture: Wright Motor Co., not very good
Hopkins & Vickery Leaders in Local Business Field, furniture store,
W.C. Hopkins and W.B. Vickery, 6 or 8 pp
Prevatt's Market, J.A. Prevatt, meats, butter eggs fish oysters
Whole Page Ad, Hopkins & Vickery Furn Co, in Arnold Hotel Bldg.
Another Page: 
Ad, Citizens Bank, resources over half million dollars.
Continued with Professional Men of Charlton:
Dr. J.S. Taylor, 3 pp
Dr. W.D. Thompson, 2 pp
Lawyers Woods, Burnsed, McQueen, Lorenzo Medlin, each one has at
least one pp
Ad: BG McDonald, dry goods, shoes, hats
End of this particular issue.

Charlton  County Archives