Digest of Charlton County Herald - April 1923

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

April 6, 1923

LIGHT PLANT FOR FOLKSTON. We will soon have a municipal-owned light plant in Folkston as a companion piece to our water works. The necessity of electric lights has been proved and there's no reason why both should not merit sufficient patronage to make them pay.

WEDDING. The friends of Mr. Garland Stephens and Miss Minnie Thomas were agreeably surprised when the announcement of their marriage was made. The happy couple was united in marriage Sunday evening at the residence of Judge J.J. Stokes. They are now at the home of Mr. Stephens' mother, Mrs. J.M. Crews.

FISHERMEN'S CLUB HOUSE BURNED. The Club House on the Satilla River near Burnt Fort was destroyed by fire last Thursday. The members have been successful fishermen and it is said they are coming again this year with tents and improved equipment.

LITTLE DONALD GOWEN HURT IN ACCIDENT. Master Donald Gowen, while on his way to a picnic Saturday at the river at Traders Hill, happened to a painful accident. His Shetland pony, hitched to a road cart, became frightened and shied over a stump, throwing him out, breaking his arm and bruising his leg.

WAREHOUSE FOR DEAN & GOWEN. The material for a large warehouse is being placed on the Dean & Gowen lot where they will at once begin to build on the rear of the property, with plans in view of the early construction of a business structure.

TOM ADAMS DIED. Tom Adams, colored, known as "Long Boy", a workman at Mallard Garage, died Wednesday in the quarters, of alcoholic poisoning. He had the reputation of being a good workman.

April 13, 1923

DOUBLE WEDDING. Miss Marian Mills and Mr. Verne J. Pickren were married last Saturday, Rev. J.E. Pate officiating. Immediately following Miss Hazel Wainwright and Mr. Donald Wilson were married. Rev. F.M. Salter officiated. After the ceremony the couples went on a trip to Florida. Both couples will begin housekeeping in rooms in the second story of the O.F. Wilson house.

WEDDING. Miss Emily Haddock and Mr. E. H. Johnson were joined in the holy bonds of wedlock Saturday evening, Rev. J.E. Pate officiating. They are now visiting the bridegroom's parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Johnson.

WEDDING. Sunday morning Rev. J.E. Pate performed the marriage ceremony for Miss Ina Mae Wilson and Mr. Ansell Mills at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Wilson, parents of the bride. They will live in Mr. Mills' home at Kings Ferry.

COURTHOUSE FURNITURE CALLED IN. At the County Commissioners' meeting it was decided that all tables and chairs belonging to the courthouse will be called in, and under no circumstances shall this property be removed from the courthouse. The Sheriff is to be the custodian for the same.

April 20, 1923

CHANGES IN DOWNTOWN FOLKSTON. The six years we have been serving as editor of the Herald, there have been many improvements but let's go back several years. Thirteen years ago there was not a brick business building in Folkston. Mr. B.F. Scott began to build a two story red brick building on the Scott corner block. The lower floor is being used by The Citizens Bank; Dean & Gowen, a department store; C.E. Stroup, barbershop; Scott's Drug Store and Arnold Hotel office and lobby. The second floor contains nice comfortable rooms and the wide porch of the Arnold Hotel. About the same time the cement block building now housing the Charlton County Herald was constructed. H.J. Davis began to erect a two story brick building on the Davis block, the lower floor used for the post office, bakery and Mr. Davis' mercantile business. The upper story is used by Mr. Davis as a warehouse for his large stock of goods. The white brick building, known as the Old Bank Building, was built about this time. It is now used by Dr. A.D. Williams as his office. The second story is used by the Masons. B.G. McDonald began to build a large two-story white brick building on the McDonald block, using the lower floor for his general mercantile and millinery establishment. Recently the second story was remodeled and comfortable rooms are furnished for the traveler. Part of the lower floor was remodeled into an office and lobby. Next, J.W. Rodgers erected the two-story cement block building, the first floor occupied by Rodgers Dry Goods and Shoe Store; J.D. Roddenberry Groceries and T.L. Pickren Fancy Grocer. The second floor is divided into nice office rooms. L.E. Mallard wanted a location for his garage and built a brick building now occupied by Pearce Drug Store and Mallard's Garage. They added another room to this. Mr. W.R. Wainwright built a one-story brick building occupied by J.S. Haddock Market and Stewart's Garage. There are other frame buildings occupied by merchants who are busy all the time selling groceries and buying farmer's produce, such as J.S. Tyson, Jr. and T.L. Pickren. Main Street has been hard surfaced with gravel; an eight-foot sidewalk and the lateral sidewalks of gravel; an electric light plant recently purchased by the city and a water works system we are proud of.

MRS. MARY ELIZABETH RUDOLPH DIED. Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Rudolph died at the home of her brother, S.F. Mills, Sr. early Monday morning. Had she lived until Saturday she would have celebrated her 76th birthday. She was buried in the family cemetery near the home place Tuesday morning, Rev. F.M. Salter and Rev. L.W. Walker conducting the most comforting service. She had long been a devoted member of the Methodist Church and in her early days was one of the best and most beloved teachers in this section. She is survived by one daughter, Mrs. R.R. Renfroe of Quitman and one brother, S.F. Mills, Sr.

FORMER DEPOT AGENT VISITS HERE. Mr. George H. Reid of Mecca, California spent Friday afternoon in Folkston renewing friendships begun thirty years ago when he was the Atlantic Coast Line agent. He handled the dredging material for digging the canal through the Okefenokee Swamp, the canal begun but never finished. He called at the Herald office and spoke of his pleasant associates and the happy time spent here in the pioneer days.

April 27, 1923

MERCHANTS TO CLOSE AT 7:00 P.M. Folkston merchants have agreed to close their stores at 7:00 P.M. beginning May lst. Saturdays and railroad paydays are excepted.

OLD PAXTON HOME PAINTED. Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Paxton have moved into the old Paxton Home which has been newly painted inside and out, and electric lights installed, making it an attractive and comfortable home.


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