Digest of Charlton County Herald - April 1921

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

April 1

WEDDING. Mr. Jim Sands and Miss Fannie Crawford surprised their friends by getting married recently. They are at the home of the groom's mother, Mrs. Sallie Sands, receiving the congratulations and best wishes of their many friends. Mrs. Sands is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Lee Crawford and is a young lady possessing many admirable traits of character.

WEDDING. The numerous friends of Miss Mattie Gibson and Mr. A.G. Powers, both of this city, will be interested in the announcement of their marriage, the ceremony having been performed by the Rev. W.H. Scruggs at his home on Gilmore Street Sunday evening, March 20th at 6:30. Mr. Powers holds a position with the Southern Express Co. of this city and both he and his bride have a host of friends here who will extend cordial wishes for their happiness -- Waycross Journal Herald. Mrs. Powers is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. H.G. Gibson and has many friends in Charlton County who join the Herald in wishing this charming young lady every happiness.

JAMES L. JOHNS DIED. The death angel visited the home of the Johns family near Moniac and claimed as its victim the husband and father, Jas. L. Johns, age 62 years, 10 months and 19 days. He fell dead at 12:00 March 28th while plowing in the field. He leaves to mourn their loss, a wife, five sons, four daughters, several grandchildren. His body was laid to rest in the Mt. Zion Cemetery. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. W.M. Rhoden.

April 8

NEWELL SCHOOL. The Newell School is progressing nicely. Mr. H.G. Langley is the teacher.

FRANKS FAMILY MOVED. Col. and Mrs. A.C. Franks and two little sons left this week for Miami to make their future home. Col. Franks will engage in the practice of law.

NEW HOME BUILT. (First line not legible.) .....the pretty two-story home opposite Sheriff Mizell's home. The building activity in Folkston is being revived. (Guy Dean, H.J. Mays home)

CITY PRESSING CLUB. Paxton Stokes has bought the City Pressing Club from Edgar Allen. Paxton is a mere boy who has been employed by the pressing club for the past two years and is familiar with the work.

THE CITIZENS BANK. Statement of Condition of the Citizens Bank of Folkston, March 23, 1921: Resources $178,408.81.

DIXIE HIGHWAY. The best news that has ever been our pleasure to publish in the Herald is that today the Dixie Highway is finished to the St. Marys River bridge. A smooth hard surface of gravel has been put on. Later a coating of sand and asphalt will be applied.

April 15

DIPPING VATS.Chairman Mills of the Charlton Commissioners reports twelve dipping vats in operation and that the county will begin building more vats within a few months.

MEMORIAL DAY OBSERVANCE. At the business meeting of the Women's Club held Wednesday it was decided to hold Memorial Day exercises on April 26. The old soldiers and their families will be entertained at a dinner by the Women's Club.

CEMETERY WORKING. The Cemetery Committee requests all members of the Woman's Club and citizens who are interested, to meet with them at the cemetery at 8:30 AM Thursday and they request each one to take a bucket and hoe, spade or rake and a plant of some kind suitable for the cemetery.

April 22

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Mizell are the proud parents of a fine three-months-old baby boy.

WEDDING. The home of Mrs. E. Welch, of St. George, was the scene of a pretty, quiet wedding Sunday afternoon when Miss Ruth Ketchum, daughter of Mrs. E. Ketchum, was united in marriage to Mr. Kenneth Hopkins. Rev. E.F. Dean performed the ceremony in the presence of only the relatives of both parties.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Bud Roddenberry announce the birth of a fine baby boy on April 14th.

April 29th

FOLKSTON WOMAN'S CLUB. Woman's Club yearly report: Library has been increased from 145 to 195 books; 42 members; worked on cemetery; library; gave pictures to school; got state literacy worker to come; helped with boy scouts; Memorial day exercises; helped with Red Cross; mosquito control, etc.

MEMORIAL DAY EXERCISES. Col. A.S. McQueen delivered an impressive oration in auditorium Tuesday, which was Memorial Day. At noon a dinner was served at the courthouse to about 50 old soldiers and their friends. After a program at the school in the afternoon, a procession marched to the cemetery where graves were decorated, after which the closing song, America, was sung.

FOLKSTON BOOSTER AD. 30 passenger trains come through daily, Folkston has population of 1200, has 12 stores, 2 hotels, 3 boarding houses, a six room school building, strong bank, 2 churches, 2 grist mills, blacksmith shop, automobile garages, 2 rural routes, turpentine still, planning mill, bottling works, cotton gin, barber shop, long distance telephone connections, telegraph office, an artesian well, good newspaper and job printing plant.

SWEET POTATO PLANTS. T.W. Wrench has been shipping over 100,000 plants daily and then can not meet the demands.

NORMAN'S SAWMILL. N.J. Norman's new sawmill near St. George is in operation and running at full capacity. He has plenty of timber on the ground and enough orders to keep running for several months. It sure sounds good to hear the whistle blow.

WEDDING. At St. George on April 17th, at the home of the bride's grandmother, Mrs. Welch, Miss Ruth George Ketchum and Mr. John Kenneth Hopkins of Toledo, were happily joined together in holy matrimony. Only the immediate members of the family and Mr. and Mrs. Hopkins and the officiating minister were present to witness the ceremony.

FOLKSTON IMPROVEMENTS. The residents of Folkston are delighted with the noticeable improvements made within the last few weeks. Listen: workmen are erecting the building for the electric light plant to furnish us with one of the very best lighting systems. The same building will be used as an ice factory. Machinery will be installed in a few days. The sidewalks on each side of Main Street are being paved with an 8-foot cement pavement. The old water tank, an eyesore where it stood, is a thing of the past. A new tank on the city lot furnishes water through 3 inch water mains.


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