Digest of Charlton County Herald - April 1911

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

April 6, 1911

NEW COW FOR MILLS FAMILY. Mr. Frank Mills unloaded from the express car one day this week a fine Jersey cow which he has added to his home comforts.

COMMENTS. What has become of the Folkston Telephone Co? Don’t take a backward step, gentlemen. Let’s have the telephone line.

NELSON V ISITS. Mr. E.C. Nelson, who now has his convict camp located at Uptonville, was among his many friends in Folkston last Monday.

AUTOMOBILE COMES THROUGH COUNTY. J.R. Altman and son passed through here Saturday in their machine enroute from Jacksonville to Savannah.

WEDDING. News has just reached us of the marriage of Miss Zoe Dowling and C.C. Pickren which occurred at Hickox about two weeks ago. The bride is the daughter of Hon. J.R. Dowling of Pierce County and is a young lady who stands high in the estimation of those who know her. The groom is a brother of our fellow townsman, T.L. Pickren.

EDITORIAL. We want to see somebody else get the same movement on that B.F. Scott has taken. Have you noticed what a neat and business-like the appearance that brick building is beginning to put on Folkston? There are two other promising vacant business lots on the other side of the railroad that should have the monotony broken with handsome structures. And, don’t you think a few rent houses would be a paying investment?

FIRE. What came near being a serious fire was when on last Thursday morning a spark from the stovepipe caught the shingles on the roof of the resident of Mr. J.S. Joyner. But for prompt action of the citizens, the whole town would have been destroyed. The wind, you remember, was blowing a terrible gale. The damage was very light however only causing a ten foot breakup in the roof of the building. The work of the bucket brigade was quick and well directed.

NOTICE: My attention having been called to a report that is being circulated to the effect that I have no diploma and am not authorized to practice medicine and surgery in Georgia and I take this method of entering my denial of the charge. I graduated from the Medical College in Augusta, Ga. and hold my diploma which is filed in the office of the Clerk of Superior Court here subject to the examination of the public. I hold no certificate from the State Board of Medical Examiners from the fact that I was graduated and authorized to enter the practice of medicine before the law creating the Board of Medical Examiners was enacted, and for that reason it is not necessary that I take the examination. T.P. REVILLE, M.D.

NOTICE: Next week is court week and I will move my office from Central Hotel to the courthouse and work in the tax collector, Mr. Allen’s, office where I will be convenient for all those needing teeth fixed who have to attend court. DR. G.C. MIZELL, Dentist

WINOKUR SCHOOL. School closed here Friday, one term of two months, W.A. Yarber, teacher. We all hated to see him leave for he has made fine progress with our school.

WEDDING. Mr. R. Sulden of Detroit, Michigan and Miss Jeanette Ridgway of Racepond were married in Folkston Wednesday morning by Rev. D.B. Merritt of the Methodist Church. The happy couple took the evening train for an extended trip through south Florida.

ANNOUNCEMENT. We have opened up a first class lumber and sash and door business at Homeland and will aim to keep everything in building materials. BAUMAN LUMBER CO.

April 13, 1911

EXTRA FORCE ON DUTY DURING COURT WEEK. P.A. Cooner was sworn in as extra policeman this week to help keep things straight in Folkston during court. Marshal Ed Davis was kept busy Monday and showed that he meant to keep good order from the start. Ed says he intends to keep the lid on at all hazards.

CHESSER CHILD DIED. The infant of Mr. and Mrs. R.A. Chesser died at their home out on the swamp Monday and was buried at Sardis Church Tuesday morning.

MISS BLAZIER DIED. Miss Minnie Blazier died at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J.E. Rogers on last Saturday. Deceased was a niece of Mrs. Rogers and was a young lady just budding into womanhood. The funeral and interment was held at Sardis Church Sunday.

RAILROAD DISCONTINUES TOWER. The block tower up at Burch was called off Monday at 12 o’clock and operators W.N. Cover and I.J. Roberson were ordered to report at Savannah. Mr. F.H. Welch, one of the key workers of the tower at Burch, was first ordered to Savannah with the other boys but was stopped in transit and sent to Callahan.

BROOKS HAS ACCIDENT. One day last week P.G. Brooks had the misfortune to get his shoulder broken. He was driving cattle when his horse fell with him, throwing him with such force that the bone between the shoulder joint and collar bone was broken completely in two. The wound was dressed by Dr. Reville and the injured man is getting along nicely.

DR. REVILLE’S FAMILY MOVES HERE. Dr. T.P. Reville should now feel as himself again as his better-half and three daughters, Misses Florence, Clyde and Porter, have arrived and are “at home” to the good people of Folkston. The doctor and his family are originally from Thomason, but his family arrived here from Brunswick.

SUMMER NORMAL SCHOOL. Letters are being mailed out announcing the Summer Normal School to be held here for a term of four weeks. This Normal will be the third held in Folkston and it gives the teachers an opportunity to attend summer school at little cost. Tuition will be $4.00 for the term and will be taught by J.S. Jennings, principal of Folkston Public School and L.E. Mallard, County School Commissioner.

April 20, 1911

MANY FINES DURING COURT WEEK. Mayor Cannon says if there were to come many more weeks like court week he could soon pave the streets, put in electric lights and install sewerage and waterworks out of the fine and forfeiture fund.

WEDDING. Miss Orie Cox and Mr. A.H. Pickren stole a march on their friends here Sunday p.m. They left here for the purpose of attending preaching at the Mills Church. They drove out to the church and after preaching the Rev. Merritt performed the ceremony that made them man and wife. The happy young couple left on the evening train to points in Florida. They had not kept the marriage sufficiently secret to escape the usual shower of rice and old shoes on their departure. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. V.L. Cox and a young lady of high accomplishments and the groom is the eldest son of Judge T.L. Pickren.

April 27, 1911

NEW MACHINERY FOR CANNON FARM. The hay press for H.A. Cannon’s farm has been put together by an expert from the factory and is now ready for use.

WAINWRIGHT CHILD DIED. The infant of Mr. and Mrs. W.R. Wainwright died here last Friday after a lingering illness. We extend the family our heartfelt sympathy.

H.J. DAVIS TO BUILD STORE. W.W. Cushing of Callahan was here Saturday to figure on a handsome brick building for H.J. Davis to be erected on the old Roddenberry Hotel site. A good building would add greatly to the appearance of the business part of the town.

W.D. DUNBAR DIED. W.D. Dunbar died at the A.C.L. Hospital in Waycross last Thursday and was brought down here and buried at the family cemetery at Traders Hill Friday. Deceased had many friends here who will regret to learn of his death.

TELEPHONE COMPANY. The stockholders of the Folkston Telephone Co. held a meeting last night. The poles are being hauled in and placed and it now looks like we would have a telephone system within a short time.

MRS. BROWN DIED. Mrs. Joel Brown died some time during Monday night. She had been sick for some time but seemed better Monday and the family, thinking she was getting along nicely, all retired and went to sleep. When they awoke Tuesday morning, they found her dead. Deceased was about 60 years old and is survived by a husband and a large family of children.

A SERIOUS RUNAWAY. Monday morning Mrs. B.G. McDonald was painfully injured in a runaway that occurred out at Traders Hill. She and Mrs. Charles R. Towers and little daughter of Jacksonville had secured a tea from the livery stable here and driven out and when near the Traders Hill post office the horse, without any apparent reason, made a dash and had only gone a short distance when the occupants of the buggy were thrown out. Mrs. McDonald received a severe bruise on the side of the head and was unconscious from its effect for several hours. Mrs. Towers escaped injury while her little daughter was only slightly injured.

EDITORIAL. The good people of Coffee, Pierce, Ware, Charlton ad Nassau Counties must come together in a permanent organization and at once determine what each county will contribute to the perfection of an irresistible highway that will catch the tourist. The building of a bridge across the St. Marys River is very necessary for the business interests in this section, aside from the benefit to be derived from the proposed highway. Let our people get busy while everything is right and go to work to bridge the river at Camp Pinckney.

SCHOOL GRADUATION. Seventh Graders participating on the commencement program were Fanny Louise Joyner, Kathleen Pickren, Thomas Arnold Scott and T.L. Pickren, Jr. The graduating class from the high school consisted of five pupils: Audrey Scott, Essie Vivian Robinson, Hilda Clare Mattox, Lois Rosamond Mattox and Alva E. Wilson.

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