Digest of Charlton County Herald - April 1909

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays


The issue of April 1st, 1909 was not on microfilm.

The issue of April 8th, 1909 was not on microfilm.


April 15, 1909


….PAINTED HOUSES. In Homeland we paint our buildings and in that way we keep a nice-looking town.

….PRICES GO UP. On July 1st all lots and acreage will advance in price.

….FIELD IMPROVEMENTS. J.W. Wilson of Minnesota had fence posts set around his tract and it is now ready for the wire. It makes a fine looking field and will soon be ready for the plow.

….LOT SALES. One-third of our town lots have been sold.

….VISITORS. Among our callers last week were several men from St. George. One of them said that our plan of getting people here was the best and would bring the class of people desired. He asked where the Negro quarters were and we promptly told him we had none.

….HOMELAND CEMETERY. At a meeting of the officers of the cemetery association, it was decided to put a fence around it, clear off trees and place the lots on sale. Prices will double when improvements are made.

….NEW HOME. J.H. Zarfos is laying down material for a residence on his lot on the west side and will commence work right away.

….AD. Stop in and get your money’s worth at the tent photo studio. I make all kind of photos and post cards. C. WACKYN.

SUPERIOR COURT. The murder case of the State v. Joe Petty and Lon Dixon, charged with killing Dan Crews last year was tried. The verdict was guilty and they were sentenced to life imprisonment.

GRAND JURY PRESENTMENTS. The school report listed the new up-to-date school building at Boone’s Creek with improved school grounds. The County Commissioners reported their balance on hand was $4,666.54.

NOTICE: We are now running the Central Hotel and solicit your patronage. MATTIE AND KATE DENMARK.

MOORE AND STEWART LEAVE. J.D. Moore and Oscar Stewart left Saturday night for Peedee, S.C.where they have accepted a position with Phillips and Allport.

AD. We are putting on $8.00 solid gold crowns for $5.00. $8.00 and $10.00 bridgework per tooth at $5.00. Come get your work done while these prices are in effect. DR. M.L. MADRAY, D.D.S., Folkston.


There was no issue for April 22nd, 1909 on microfilm.


There was no issue for April 29th, 1909 on microfilm.

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