Digest of Charlton County Herald - April 1908

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

April 2, 1908

ROBINSON IS HOME. Frank Robinson, who “went up” from this county for 99 years about six years ago for killing McClain, is home, having been pardoned. He reached here Monday and left in a short time for the home of his father, Mr. Noah Robinson, near Traders Hill.

SCHOOL. Yesterday was April Fool’s Day. About fifteen or twenty of the pupils of Folkston’s school played a trick on the teachers by slipping away to the creek and having a picnic. When they returned they were informed that the teachers had taken the remainder of the school to the river with plenty of lemons, ice and sugar and well-filled baskets. The disappointment on their faces was amusing. One little boy said “Boys, let’s go!”

MEDICINE SHOW. Dr. C.M. Wells reached Folkston last Monday evening with his show. The doctor is advertising his medicine but he carries a troupe of ten and furnishes a good performance. He will remain here probably through all next week and meet the crowds at court. He has erected his tent in Dr. Wright’s yard. This is probably the largest show that has ever visited this town as it contains a carl9oad of tents, trunks, seats, piano and other paraphernalia. All those who have attended have been well pleased.

UPTONVILLE. Mr. E.J. Stafford of the brickyard near Uptonville was here Tuesday to consult Dr. Wright concerning a severe rising just below the kneecap.

NEW BABY. The broad smile on Mr. Ed Davis’ face this week is caused by the arrival of a Miss Davis at his house on last Friday night. The young lady immediately took charge and is mistress of the entire household.

April 9, 1908

AD. Dr. Seigler, Dentist, of Jacksonville, will be here next Tuesday and Wednesday at the Hotel Denmark.

NEW HOME FOR DAVIS. Mr. H.J. Davis is putting the material on the ground for a $4,000.00 dwelling just south of the schoolhouse.

April 16, 1908

TO THE PUBLIC: I take this opportunity to contradict certain rumors which are being circulated to the effect that I said I had known Col. E.L. Walker from childhood and that he was a regular grand rascal. To say the least, this is not true. I do say that I have known Col. Walker all his life and he is a perfect gentleman and is competent to take care of the office of Solicitor-General. /s/ HAMPTON CREWS, SR.


…..FIRE. The turpentine platform belonging to Medlin and Son burned down a few nights ago at about 2:00 in the morning. It is supposed to have caught from one of the late trains.

.....GROCERY. Mr. Arch Crews has established a new grocery business near here.

…..RACEPOND IS GROWING. Racepond has been planted for some time and is just now coming up. The ground is cracked in several places. In one place a new shingle mill has come up and in another place is a new house occupied by our esteemed operator and wife, and the shanties are just cracking the ground everywhere. If we could just have e good rain, it would be dangerous to get out for fear of stepping on a shanty.

April 23, 1908

SCHOOL. Last Friday night the Folkston Graded School closed its spring term with a very elaborate and impressive program. It was intended by the teachers to have one of the most elaborate commencements in the history of the school, but the trustees, thinking the children had been sufficiently worked during the eight months term, requested them to shorten the time to one night only, which they did.

ARTESIAN WELL. The county commissioners adopted the recommendations of the Grand Jury so far as paying half the expenses of boring an artesian well in Folkston and appointed a committee to confer with the officials of the town as to the best place. They agreed to put the well in the middle of Main Street at a point near the Denmark Hotel.

1907 TAXES. County taxes, collected by County Tax Collector J.J. Stokes for the year 1907, amounted to $6,232.37.

DAVIS HOUSE. Mr. Virgil Parker came down from Waycross Monday with a force of carpenters and at once began the erection of a modern two-story dwelling for Mr. H.J. Davis. Judging from the foundation and framework, this will be the best dwelling in Folkston, in fact, Mr. Parker says it will be the best house between Waycross and Jacksonville.

April 30, 1908

BIDS WANTED: The Board of County Commissioners will receive bids for the refilling of the Suwannee Canal at the crossing of the public road known as the Swamp Road. The road will be fifteen feet wide at the top, two feet higher than the main land. No obstructions shall be used to prevent dirt rolling to bottom of fill.

LOTTIE FITZSIMMONS DIED. Died at his home about eight miles south of Folkston, Mr. Lottie Fitzsimmons passed away last Sunday night. About seven weeks ago he was carrying a large can of hot water and in some way was seriously scalded, though he was improving and his friends had become hopeful of his recovery, but fever attacked him and owing to his weakened condition, it proved fatal. Mr. Fitzsimmons was a native-born Irishman, having come to this country about thirty years ago. At the time of his death he was fifty years of age and a man of generous impulses who never forgot the hospitable ways of the pioneers. The stranger, even though a beggar, never failed to find food and shelter if he sought it at his home. But he is gone; another name is stricken from the ever-lessening roll of our old settlers. While a solitary woman in the sunset of life and a lonely home are left to attest to how sadly they miss him.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. James Scott are the glad recipients of a daughter. The young lady arrived last week.

ANOTHER NEW BABY. There was a surprise party at the home of Mr. E.H. Wright in the form of a new arrival. It’s a girl!

DR. WRIGHT. Mrs. E.H. Williams of Lake Butler, Fla. came up Sunday night bringing her son Albert for treatment by Dr. J.C. Wright. The boy is in a very serious condition caused, Dr. Wright says, by smoking cigarettes.

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