Digest of Charlton County Herald - March 1941

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

March 7, 1941

CATTLE RUINING FLOWER BEDS. The officials of the Garden Club and other ladies of the city interested in beautiful flower gardens are up in arms over the roaming at will over our streets of large herds of cattle. The cows have been particularly destructive of the flower gardens during the past several days. Some of the ladies have requested the Herald to issue a warning to the public that they are preparing to put Paris green on their flower garden in quantities sufficient to discourage the cows and pointed out that a city ordinance prohibits the roaming of cattle on the streets of Folkston.

CAMPAIGN TO DONATE FIREARMS FOR BRITISH PEOPLE. The American Legion is conducting a statewide campaign to assemble new and used domestic firearms of all kinds to be donated to the British people for home defense purposes. Sheriff J.O. Sikes has been named to receive any firearms that may be donated by the people of Charlton County. He said that any kind of weapons will be acceptable and repairs will be made if needed. It is planned to ship these firearms to England at the earliest date possible.

MR. CHARLES HINTON GAY, SR. DIED. Charles Hinton Gay, Sr., 65. retired railroad employee died Tuesday at the Sumter County Hospital in Americus. He had been in declining health for some time and had been a patient in the Americus hospital for several weeks. A native of Charlton County, he had been a resident of Cordele for the past 35 years during which time he was Yardmaster for the Seaboard Airline Railway in Cordele. He had many friends and relatives in this county. He was a member of the Methodist Church. His survivors included his wife; three sons, C.H. Gay, Jr., R.M. Gay and Woodrow Gay, all of Cordele; a brother, J.H. Gay of Hawkinsville and one sister, Mrs. J.H. Johnson of Folkston. Brantley Gay and Austin Gay of this city are nephews. Funeral services were held from the residence in Cordele. Interment was in Sunnyside Cemetery, Cordele. Mrs. Johnson, accompanied by her son, Ralph Johnson and daughter, Mrs. Zelton Conner, were called to Americus Tuesday by the critical illness of her brother, arriving there just an hour after his death.

MRS. EVA STRICKLAND COONER DIED. Mrs. Eva Strickland Cooner, age about 50, widow of the late Peter A. Cooner, passed away at her home in this city Wednesday following an extended illness. She had been in declining health for many months. A native of Charlton County, she was a stepdaughter of the late J.A. “Rooks” Wainwright and for the past several years she has made her home near Thomasville where her husband served as section foreman for the Atlantic Coast Line Railroad. After his death only a few months ago she bought a home in the eastern section of Folkston. Besides her mother, Mrs. J.A. Wainwright, survivors include two sisters and eight children as well as numerous other relatives. She was a niece of “Uncle Billy” Smith. Funeral services were held from Adkins Funeral Home Chapel and interment followed in the Folkston Cemetery with Adkins Funeral Home in charge of the burial arrangements.

RADIO LISTENERS DISAPPOINTED. Charlton County’s great radio program which went on the air Saturday night over the Atlanta Journal’s station WSB as one of the Journal’s “Salute to Georgia Counties” series went over clearly everywhere in Dixie with the exception of Folkston and thereby hangs a sad, sad tale. Eagerly intent on hearing the outstanding achievements of Folkston and Charlton County and the talent of our singers, practically every radio of our county was tuned in to Station WSB. But all we heard was a few scattered words here and there mixed in with the most gosh awful static ever experienced. Not a single radio owner has claimed to have gotten but a few minutes of consecutive reception during that half hour. Clear reception was reported from various points in Georgia and many messages were received by the program committee.

ALTMAN - DASHER WEDDING. Mr. and Mrs. B.A. Altman announce the marriage of their youngest daughter, Althea Floree, to George Bernard Dasher of Folkston. The wedding took place February 28th at the home of the bride’s parents with only relatives and a few close friends attending. The ceremony was performed by Judge A.S. McQueen.

BOBBIE JOE CREWS. Mr. and Mrs. Raleigh Crews announce the birth of a baby boy. The baby has been named Bobbie Joe.

March 14, 1941

CATTLE GUARDS TO KEEP COWS OUT. The protests of members of the Garden Club against the roaming of cattle on the streets of Folkston, and the damage of gardens seem to have the desired effect. The city officials immediately ordered the installation of cattle guards to keep the animals from entering the city. They are being installed this week on all highways entering Folkston, by R.C. Tillman.

MRS. LOIS K. DANIELS IS NEW WELFARE DIRECTOR. Mrs. Bernice Allen, who has served as county Welfare Director since the work began in 1937, relinquished her duties last week and was succeeded by Mrs. Lois K. Daniels who comes here from Brantley County where she served in a similar capacity.

NEW POULTRY BUSINESS DESTROYED BY FIRE. A combination brooder house, store room and tool house belonging to T. Cook was totally destroyed by fire Wednesday, estimated at $300.00 and no insurance. Mr. Cook was just getting started in his poultry business and the loss with no insurance will fall heavily upon him. His friends sympathize with him in his misfortune.

TROOP CONVOYS COME THROUGH FOLKSTON. The first large troop movement to be routed through Folkston was the 172 Field Artillery from New Hampshire which came through Folkston Thursday morning traveling by truck enroute to Camp Blanding. This was a part of one of the largest troop movements in this country since the World War days.

DR. FLEMING IS NEW DRAFT BOARD MEDICAL EXAMINER. Dr. A. Fleming has been named to serve as Medical Examiner for the Charlton County Draft Board to succeed Dr. W.R. McCoy who resigned due to the pressure of work falling upon him by Dr. Sawyer being called into active army service.

March 21, 1941

CHARLTON DRAFT BOARD SENDS THREE MORE MEN. Charlton County’s March quota of three registrants called into service for a year’s training are to leave today to report for duty. The first to go will be Joe Lee Dyal who goes to Fort McPherson. Council Braddock Stokes was called up as a substitute. Albert Hannan will leave Saturday for Fort Benning.

NEW HOMES IN HOMELAND. A new building being completed on the highway in Homeland makes four new homes built in the past two years in the same block. Mr. Norwood is the builder and he and his son Rudolph will make it their home, their former home having been sold to Mr. Baer who took operator Brown’s place in the Coast Line tower. Mr. and Mrs. Baer will move in this weekend. The completion of the home of Mrs. Arline Martin made it ready for occupancy this week. Mrs. Martin and her three children will have a delightful home.

NEW BABY FOR BROCK FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Brock are happy over the arrival of a nine pound baby girl. Mother and baby are both doing fine.

March 28, 1941

CHESSER - BRYANT WEDDING. The marriage of Miss Lois Chesser to Mr. James Bryant on March 9th came as a complete surprise to their many friends. The ceremony was performed by Judge A.S. McQueen at his home in the presence of a few close friends. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Chesser and he is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bryant. They are making their home at the Mattox apartments.

JOHNSON - JOHNSON WEDDING. Announcement of the marriage of Miss Mildred Johnson to Mr. Reginald Johnson was solemnized on March 14th by Judge E.C. Burgess will be received with much interest by their many friends here. They were accompanied to Fernandina for the ceremony by Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Williams. The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Johnson and the groom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. C.P. Johnson. They will live in Jacksonville, where he is working for a construction company.

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