Digest of Charlton County Herald - March 1937

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

March 5, 1937

SIDEWALK FOR COURTHOUSE. Among other things in the Grand Jury Presentments, the members of the Grand Jury recommended that the County Commissioners put sidewalks in front of the courthouse constructed of concrete or other hard surface.

SCHOOL TERM CUT. The Board of Education decided this week to cut the school term to eight months for the year beginning next week and to lengthen the school day to seven hours. School will open at 8:15 and close at 4:00 beginning Monday.

WEDDING. Miss Laura Southwell and Mr. Henry Thrift, popular and well known young couple of Woodbine, were united in marriage at the Methodist parsonage here last Thursday evening February 25th, the ceremony being performed by Rev. J. E. Barnhill in the presence of a few close friends. The bride is a sister of Mr. John Southwell of this city and has a wide circle of friends here.

MOTION PICTURE ON WHEELS. The Chevrolet automovie, a complete sound motion picture theater on wheels will present an interesting program during its brief stop in Folkston Monday afternoon at the Passieu Chevrolet Co. sales room. The is one of the most unusual attractions ever to be seen on the streets of this city. Generating its own power the unit has complete equipment for a first class show. There is no charge for admission. Every member of the family is invited. Included in the show will be sound pictures showing how movies are actually seen by the human eye; How dynamite is used to discover oil; How gear shifts operate in the modern automobile; How to avoid accidents when driving.

MR. J.A. WAINWRIGHT CELEBRATES BIRTHDAY. Mr. J.A. Wainwright, better known to his hundreds of friends throughout Charlton County as “Uncle Rooks”, celebrated his 81st birthday February 24th at his home here. A large number of close friends and relatives called during the day. In spite of his advanced years he is vigorous and spry and retains an active interest in everyday affairs.

GIANT HIGHWAY BULLETIN DIRECTS TOURISTS. The third giant highway bulletin, ten by thirty feet in size, directing tourist traffic over Federal Route One by way of Folkston, was erected south of Jacksonville last week by McIntosh Bros. of Waycross. The fourth sign will be erected next week. These huge signs are said to be having a noticeable effect in bringing an increased volume of tourist traffic over Federal Route One.

GARDEN CLUB OFFICERS. The Folkston Garden Club met at the home of Mrs. M.G. White this week and elected officers for the new year as follows: Mrs. D.L. Hebard, honorary president; Mrs. William Mizell, president; Gertrude Proctor, vice president; Mrs. James Wrench, secretary; Mrs. H.J. Davis, treasurer and Mrs. E.G. Kilpatrick, reporter.

PEANUT-POPPING AT BROCKS. Quite a large crowd attended the peanut-popping at the home of Mr. Tom Brock Tuesday night.

ADS. Five grocery stores had ads on the back page.

March 12, 1937

GOOD CHANCE TO WIN COUNTY IMPROVEMENT CONTEST. At a meeting of the Chamber of Commerce held this week at the Dixie Restaurant the organization was determined on winning the Constitution’s County Improvement Contest now being engaged in by the 159 counties of Georgia. It was pointed out that this county stood a fine chance to win first place by pushing projects already started. Then it listed a long steering committee and members of each of those committees.

RECORD NUMBER OF TRAINS PASS THROUGH FOLKSTON. The movement of tourist traffic and other trains over the A.C.L. Railroad reached its peak for the season one day last week when a total of 62 trains were cleared through Folkston’s yards in a period of 24 hours according to the train register in the signal tower, it was announced by agent H.C. Page. He states that most of these trains were handled within a period of 14 hours, hanging up a record that had not been equaled by the Coast Line in a number of years. The Coast Line this season has operated the largest number of tourist trains since motor bus competition has entered the field.

PEANUT-POPPING AT GOWENS. Quite a large crowd attended the peanut popping Tuesday night at the home of Mrs. B.B. Gowen.

March 19, 1937

UPTONVILLE ADULT CLASS TO ENJOY SPECIAL PROGRAM. Prof. Waughtel will entertain his class at Uptonville Thursday evening. The program will consist of more than twenty selections from memory. The principal selections will be taken from the works of the masters of literature – Longfellow, Whittier, Throwbridge and others. There will also be a number of comic selections. Each student may invite one friend. Remember the date and enjoy the full moon.

ADULT EDUCATION CLASSES. The Adult Educational Class is meeting at Camp Pinckney every Tuesday and Friday; at Uptonville every Monday and Thursday and at Traders Hill every Wednesday. Our slogan: “Never too old to learn!”

OKEFENOKEE SWAMP REFUGE PLANS. Plans for the development of the Okefenokee Swamp Refuge as announced by the Biological Survey will be restricted largely to measures for the protection of its wildlife and timber resources and will be preserved in its present natural state of wilderness. No roads will be constructed excepted to certain boat landings. Arrangements will be made for supervised visits by persons interested in its natural history, scenic beauty and observation of wild life. No hunting or trapping will be allowed .

March 26, 1937

J.J. STOKES HOME BEING REMODELED INTO APARTMENTS. Construction is now in progress on a twelve room apartment house which will relieve the pressing shortage of housekeeping apartments in Folkston. This is being carried forward by Paxton Stokes who is having the large two-story residence, known as the J.J. Stokes home, completely remodeled and enlarged. The construction work is in charge of P.C. Hall and will be completed at an early date. The residence will be almost entirely reconstructed with all modern conveniences installed. Glass enclosed sun parlors will be a feature of the remodeled building. Room will also be provided for the Sunrise Beauty Parlor operated by Mrs. Stokes which is temporarily located at the city Barber Shop. Mr. and Mrs. Stokes and his mother Mrs. J.J. Stokes are occupying rooms at the home of Miss Marward Bedell while remodeling work on their home is in progress.

WILLIAM NETTLES DIED. William Nettles, about thirty years old, well known young man who resided at the Hugh McClain place committed suicide at his home Monday morning. He died about an hour after he had shot himself beneath the heart. He made a statement to his family giving the reason for the act. He is said to have been very despondent the past several days probably having been brought about by excessive drinking and worry over the recent mysterious disappearance of his father, Jackson Nettles, who disappeared from home about five weeks ago and has not been seen or heard from since. The mystery surrounding the disappearance of his father weighed heavily upon the young man’s mind which probably caused his excessive drinking and consequent despondency. He is survived by his wife and one child, several brothers and sisters and other relatives.

LARGE SAWMILL COMING TO CHARLTON. Charlton County is to have another large sawmill enterprise. Work is underway for a sawmill plant nine miles west of Folkston at the old Petty Place close to the site of the old Johnson Sawmill. It is to be operated by Harold Lloyd, prominent lumberman from Pierson, Fla., where he had conducted extensive sawmill operations. The sawmill is being moved from Pierson, its former location. Mr. Lloyd has purchased the timber rights on nine lots of land from County Commissioner Hopkins. It is said that this land has the original growth of fine timber, being some of the finest sawmill timber in Charlton County. It will provide material for operating the sawmill for about two years. About forty houses have already been erected at the mill site for the workmen and much of the machinery has already arrived and is in place.

MRS. RAINEY DINKINS BENTON DIED. Mrs. Rainey Benton passed away at her home in Jacksonville Friday. She retired in her usual good health and was stricken suddenly during the night, her death not being discovered until the following morning. She was about sixty years old and the daughter of the late D.R. Dinkins. She lived in this county until about five years ago when she moved to Jacksonville. She was an aunt of Theo Dinkins and Fitzhugh and J.C. Murray. The funeral was at Sardis Cemetery.

WEDDING. One of our former pupils, Janette Raulerson, was married to Mr. R.C. Starling of Moniac. They were married at Macclenny Saturday afternoon. They expect to make their home at Moniac.

MR. PETE BRADLEY DIED. Mr. Pete Bradley, citizen of St. George, died at his home on March 16th.

BILLY JAKE CELEBRATES BIRTHDAY. Mr. and Mrs. William S. Smith entertained Monday with a birthday party in honor of their little son, Billy Jake, who celebrated his fourth birthday. The afternoon was spent playing games after which refreshments of ice cream, cake and Jell-O was served to the following guests: Mary Alice Norman, Betty Ratcliffe, Marie Bussey, Eloise Bell, Winona Privett, Willa Lee Smith, Roger Norman, George Ratcliffe, George Edward Bell, Gilbert Privett and the honor guest, Billy Jake Smith. Mrs. Smith was assisted in serving by Miss Marie Boyd.

PARKER NEEDS HIS TOOLS. Manager L. Parker of the Folkston Telephone System asked the Herald to kindly request all gentlemen who had borrowed stepladders, tools, etc. from his tool shed to please return same without delay as he needs these articles in his business. He said the rascals always return borrowed tools but gentlemen almost always forget.

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