Digest of Charlton County Herald - March 1936

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

March 3, 1936

SCHOOL REPORT IN GRAND JURY PRESENTMENTS. Through the use of local and P.W.A. funds, a modern Junior High building is under construction in Folkston. We have sufficient funds to meet current payrolls. Pending settlement of the financial tangle of the state government, there is uncertainty of meeting future obligations promptly. Immediate payment of past due taxes would be of greatest help at this time. Enrollment shows Folkston at 627; St. George 122; Moniac 121; Uptonville 46; Winokur 22. Average daily attendance is 90.34 percent.

FORMBY POTTERIES PRODUCING TURPENTINE CUPS. The pottery plant has been completed and announcement made by the manager that turpentine cups are being turned out of the kiln this week. The first venture is to fill an order of 160,000 turpentine cups locally. This order will be rushed through the plant as early as possible. The plant is also equipped to make other wares that finds it way to local markets such as vases, flower pots, mixing bowls, plates, cups, saucers and ornamental chinaware. Ten to twelve men are already employed as well as clay diggers, woodcutters and haulers. G.M. Formby, who first discovered that fine ball clay was here, through the aid of A. Roberts, is very enthusiastic.

COUNTY WELFARE WORK. At the Chamber of Commerce meeting last week Miss Smith, Supervisor of the County Welfare Work , outlined a program of welfare work that is needed so as to make it a permanent organization and a unit of the State Welfare Board.

HADDOCKS MOVE BACK TO CHARLTON. Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Haddock, former citizens of Folkston, moved back here this week . By-The-Way, as he was known in Kingsland, has been engaged in the pressing club business there for a number of years.

VOCATIONAL EDUCATION CLASSES LEARN OF VALUE OF TREES. Much interest is being shown by the adult classes in Vocational Education throughout the county under the supervision of C.W. Waughtel. In Uptonville, the first goal for the class is learning to grow and manage fruit trees. The next goal is to gather 100 pounds of slash pine seed in September, tagging the Mother Trees in August. A small nursery will be started on one of the farms, probably using the old tobacco beds. A large amount of these trees have been engaged. The next goal is to plant new and rare garden fruits and vegetables.

JOHNSON SKIDDER DESTROYED BY FIRE. The skidder at the Johnson Mill out at the Okefenokee Swamp was destroyed by fire Monday. The skidder was a total loss, without insurance.

GARDEN EXCHANGE. If you have plants to give away or want plants, please tell Miss Gertrude Proctor, Home Demonstration Agent, or leave a message in her office at the courthouse.

NEW CRAFT AT COMMUNITY CENTER. Miss Ruth and Evelyn Highsmith gave lessons in braiding palmetto hats Thursday at the community center. This is almost a lost art. Anyone wanted to learn this work may now attend the classes at the center.

HONOR ROLL AT WINOKUR SCHOOL. Those on the Honor Roll at Winokur School are: Sixth Grade, Catherine Thrift, Hazel Smith, Idell Crews. Fourth Grade, Brunson Thrift, M.D. Thrift, Jr., Christine Howard,. Third Grade, Gertrude Nazworth. Second Grade, Buster Crews, Wilbur Smith, Inez Thrift. First Grade, Alcene Thrift.

HOMELAND CHICKEN THIEF. The Town of Homeland has offered a reward for the capture of the chicken thief who has been making life miserable for its citizens the past few weeks. They have offered $25.00 for the capture of someone in the act of committing the crime of robbing poultry roosts or $10.00 for information leading to the arrest of a thief.

March 13, 1936

MRS. NOAH STOKES DIED. Yesterday morning this community was saddened when the news came that Mrs. Noah Stokes of Toledo had been called to her reward. She had been ill with pneumonia the past several days. Wednesday it was known that her condition was gradually growing worse. She was a member of the Primitive Baptist Church and was a life-long citizen of Charlton County. Besides her husband, she is survived by one daughter, Miss Dorothy, 16; one son, Hershell, 20 months old; four sisters, Mrs. W.J. Richardson, Mrs. A.E. Morgan, Mrs. T.H. Purdom and Miss Pencie Crews; four brothers, Walter C. Crews, Allen J. Crews, Nathan C. Crews, George C. Crews and her father, William C. Crews. Funeral services will be conducted this afternoon at the Boone’s Creek Cemetery.

FOLKSTON GARDEN CLUB. The Garden Club of Folkston met at the home of Mrs. Hebard last week and the following new members were added: Mrs. Wiley Wainwright, Mrs. John Harris, Mrs. Page, Mrs. Sawyer, Mrs. Brown, Miss Brockman and Mrs. Lizzie Roddenberry.

MRS. ALLICE CHESSER DIED. Mrs. Allice Chesser, wife of W.L. Chesser of near Slaughterville, died Monday morning after a short illness of pneumonia and her son Norman Chesser is a patient in the Waycross hospital seriously ill with pneumonia. She is survived by her husband and three sons, Morgan, Norman and Angus Chesser; her mother, Mrs. Robert Jones; a brother, Hugh McLean; three sisters, Mrs. J.B. Gay, Mrs. W.R. Dinkins and Mrs. Mark Birch and a half brother, Sam Jones.

MRS. VIOLET INEZ MARTIN NEWELL DIED. Funeral services were held Tuesday for Mrs. Violet Inez Newell, 29, who died in Waycross Sunday after a short illness of pneumonia. Funeral services were at Trinity Methodist Church with burial at Oakland cemetery. She is survived by her husband O.E. Newell; a son, Rodney and a daughter, Sylvia; her parents [Mr. and Mrs. E.L. Martin] and brothers and sisters.

WATCH OUT FOR COUNTERFEIT MONEY. Two counterfeit dimes have shown up in Brunswick during the past few days. Counterfeiters have now resorted to small change in their operations.

CLASSIFIED AD. Young camphor, holly and cherry laurel, cultivated chinkipins and seedling pecan trees, five cents and up. Now is the best time to plant. C.W. Waughtel.

UPTONVILLE HONOR ROLL. First Grade. Junior Barber, Virgil Crews, Pauline Crews, Irma Murray, Hazel Crews, Phillip Wainwright, Fannie Moore. Grade Two: Pearl Crews, Alton Dinkins, and Alonzo Cason. Grade Three, Ethel Crews, Josephine Crews, Bessie Crews.

MISS LOYSELLE SMITH DIED. Folkston and Charlton County was saddened Sunday when the news came of the death of Miss Loyselle Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.B. Smith. She was 23 years old. Born at Folkston she spent her entire life here except for three years. She was a graduate of the 1929 class of Folkston High School, receiving the highest honors of her class. She was also a graduate nurse from Walker Memorial Hospital, Wilmington, N.C. She was a faithful member of the Presbyterian Church. Her untimely death came in the prime of her young life. She is survived by her parents and one brother, Everette Smith. Funeral service was held at the family residence with interment in Folkston cemetery. Oxley Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.

March 20, 1936

SWAMP SURVEY. The Okefenokee Swamp is now being surveyed for establishment of a Game Refuge.

J.H. JOHNSON FAMILY MOVES TO FOLKSTON. The Walker Place in the southeast section of town was purchased last week by J.H. Johnson, prominent lumberman of this county. He will start reconditioning the present building next week, making it modern in all respects. It will be occupied by the family. They have decided to move from the farm which is five miles from Folkston, making it more convenient for Mr. Johnson in attending to his lumber business. A farmer has already been secured and is now at the Johnson farm.

JOHN W. TAYLOR DIED. John W. Taylor, 55, former citizen of Charlton and brother to Richard Taylor, was accidentally shot on last Saturday morning at his home near Savannah. Details of the shooting are meager but the wound resulted in his death shortly after. The first report was that he was cleaning a pistol when it was discharged. He held a position with the county here during the tick eradication period and went to Camden, then to Chatham on the same work. His body was brought here and buried at Sardis. Funeral service was held at Sipple Chapel in Savannah. He is survived by his wife and several children.

March 27, 1936

I.V. CARTER DIED. News of the sudden death of I.V. Carter, 23, driver of the Racepond school bus came Thursday morning from Waycross where he had been taken with an attack of pneumonia fever, along with his father, John B. Carter. Both were taken very sick Saturday night and it was deemed best to take them to the hospital. His funeral will take place Friday at Racepond. Survivors besides his parents are Mrs. Dewey Dowling, Mrs. Inez Todd, Thelma, Mildred and Margaret Carter and three brothers, Arthur, Alton and Leon. He had been driving the school bus for the past several years and was considered a fine driver and an agreeable companion of the pupils.

AIRPLANE HANGAR DESTROYED BY FIRE. Late Thursday afternoon, as we were closing the forms for the press the city fire gong gave alarm that fire was abroad in the land. The City Fire Dept. went into action in short order, only to find the airplane hangar just outside the city limits was all ablaze, caught by a woods fire coming in from the back side. The workers managed to save the bungalow owned by C.S. Buchanan which was about forty feet from the burning hangar. The hangar was completely destroyed.

E.L. MARTIN DIED. E.L. Martin of Folkston, who has been in the Waycross hospital one week with pneumonia died last Friday and was buried at the Folkston cemetery Saturday morning. He was 65 years old, was a native of Hoboken and had spent his entire adult life in Folkston and Charlton County. He was a member of the Missionary Baptist Church. He is mourned by many personal friends. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Wealthie Ann Thomas Martin; three brothers, W.A. and M.L. Martin of Offerman, W.C. Martin of Jesup and one son, G.O. Martin.; two daughters, Mrs. H.J. Mays and Mrs. J.A. Hathaway. Funeral and interment was held Saturday at the grave. conducted by his pastor, Rev. E.G. Kilpatrick. Pallbearers were Wilbur Thomas, Abe Mattox, H.S. Mattox, R.W. Harrison, K.G. Bass and E.G. Allen. The passing of Mr. Martin makes the third death in the immediate family in the past year, the father, son and daughter.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Walker of Jacksonville are receiving congratulations on the trip made to their home by Mr. Stork Wednesday afternoon, presenting them with a six and a fourth pound girl. She will be called Sandra Gale. Mrs. Walker will be remembered as Miss Beatrice Johnson. Both the mother and baby are reported doing nicely.

NEW SCHOOL TRUSTEE. At the Board of Education meeting last week the resignation of H.M. Crews as trustee of the Uptonville District was received and accepted and W.M. Crews was appointed to serve until the next election.

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