Digest of Charlton County Herald - March, 1932

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

March 4, 1932

TALKIE MOVIE SHOW. The talkie and movie show the last week was late in getting a start on account of non-preparation, but that has been remedied and in future the show will begin on time every Friday and Saturday night.

MELTON CREWS IN PIERCE COUNTY GANG. Melton Crews has been assigned to the Pierce County gang and was taken there last week to begin his sentence. All efforts in his behalf have ceased and it is generally understood that after a certain time application will be made for his release on probation. Crews, it has been said, will make every effort to become a model prisoner, to gain the good favor of the officials. His being placed in Pierce gives his family and friends an opportunity to see him, and his aged wife to encourage him. His sentence was 15 to 20 years.

LOUIS M. FLOYD KILLED. An unknown man killed by a car driven by W.G. Hyatt at Braganza last Tuesday was recognized by relatives as Louis M. Floyd, an Uptonville citizen who has been making his home with relatives in Ware County. His remains were brought to Charlton and interred at Sardis. He has been in bad health for some time and has been making his home with various members of his family.

March 11, 1932

PASSIEU THEATER. C.J. Passieu and Elbert Altman were visitors to Valdosta this week. They went to secure chairs for the Passieu Theater.

ED ROBERTS DIED. Ed Roberts, 54, who had been visiting his sister, Mrs. Sam Cockrell at St. George for the past several months, died Friday morning after a stroke of paralysis at the breakfast table. He had been in ill health for some time but his condition had not been considered serious. He was buried in Oak Grove Cemetery and Rev. Brothers, Baptist pastor at St. George, officiated. His sister, Mrs. Willis and a brother, William Roberts, attended the funeral.

MISS MAE HARNES DIED. Miss Mae Harnes died at Homeland last Thursday and was taken to Waycross for interment in the Catholic cemetery. She recently came to Homeland from Jacksonville for her failing health but the ailment had taken such a hold on her that it was impossible to resist so she answered the Final Summons.

WINOKUR SCHOOL. Those pupils making Satisfactory on daily work in February at the Winokur school were: Macky Williams, Elmina Crews, Allie Johns, Phoebe Hendrix, Ena Drury, Nellie Crews, Annie Lou Barber, Neil Smith, Leon Rowell, Leoa Rowell, Thelma Thrift, Ozella Crews, Pauline Lowther and Juanita Lee.

TRADERS HILL METHODIST CHURCH. The Methodist Church at Traders Hill is progressing slowly. The framework is up and the material is on hand for the building but as yet all funds have not been raised to build it.

March 18, 1932

WEDDING. The marriage of Paxton Stokes and Miss Hattie Mae Thomas of Brantley County was solemnized Sunday by Rev. B.A. Thornton at the home of the bride, Mrs. Alfred Thomas, near Hoboken. The bride is a young lady of many charms and attended Charlton County high school last year while making her home with her brother, Wilbur Thomas. Mr. Stokes is a mechanic with Passieu Motor Co.

WEDDING. J.P. Wainwright and Miss Audry May Harris, of Traders Hill, were united in wedlock March 12th by Rev. G.H. Jacobs at her home.

MRS. WAUGHTEL GRAVELY ILL. As this is written the death of Mrs. Anna Mary Waughtel, widow, age 82 years, is momentarily expected. The lady was in such good health as might be expected of one of her advanced age until a few days ago when she was stricken. She has lived with her son, Eli, for several years coming here from York, Penn. on a visit and never returning. She was the mother of thirteen children, nine of whom survive her. Two of her sons, C.W. and Eli are prominent in the affairs of Homeland, the other children living in Pennsylvania. She was a consistent member of the M.E. Church, South and highly esteemed by all who knew her.

MR. EDWARD DAVID ROBERTS DIED. Funeral services were held March 6th for Mr. Edward David Roberts who died as a result of a stroke of apoplexy on March 4th at the home of his sister, Mrs. S.T. Cockrell of St. George. He was the son of an itinerant Methodist preacher who served in the South Ga. Conference for 26 years. Besides his sister, whom he was visiting at the time of his death, Mr. Roberts is survived by three other sisters, Mrs. J.C. Flanders, Mrs. J.J. Barrett and Mrs. Bessie Willis and one brother, W.M. Roberts. Funeral services were conducted by Rev. Brothers, pastor of the St. George Baptist Church.

GEORGE CLINTON HENRY DIED. The Jacksonville Times-Union contains the news of the death of a former well known citizen of Folkston, who was once owner of the light plant. Funeral services for George Clinton Henry, 54, prominent engineer, who died Monday morning, were held yesterday at Riverside Presbyterian Church. He lived here for more than 20 years.

PRESIDENTIAL PRIMARY TO BE HELD. Ballots for the presidential primary have arrived and they contain the names of Governor Franklin Roosevelt and Judge G.H. Howard. The election will be held in Folkston on March 23rd and in any other district that volunteers to offer to hold it without compensation.

March 25, 1932

GOV. FRANKLIN ROOSEVELT WINS PRIMARY. Georgia, as well as Charlton County, voted for Governor Franklin Roosevelt Wednesday and the reports are that Governor Roosevelt carried every county. The vote in Charlton was confined to Folkston where election managers volunteered to hold the ballot open. Only 48 braved the rainy weather to show an interest. Roosevelt got 43 votes and G.H. Howard five.

MR. W.J. KNOWLES DIED. W.J. Knowles, better known as Turner Knowles, died Wednesday in Homeland from a stroke of paralysis. He had been suffering from several past shocks and had been in feeble health for some time. The funeral was at the Homeland Methodist Church Friday with Rev. H.C. Griffin officiating. He is survived by a wife and three children, also a brother, Hun Knowles, living at the Scrub. He will be buried in the Folkston cemetery.

MRS. ANNA MARY WAUGHTEL DIED. Mrs. Anna Mary Waughtel, whose serious illness was noted in last week's issue of the Herald, died Thursday. Her son, Harvey of Red Lion, Penn., arrived early the next morning and the funeral service was held at the little Homeland church of which she had been such a long and faithful member. Her body was taken back to the old family burial ground in Red Lion to be buried by the side of her husband.

PEANUT POPPING. Miss Myrene Altman and Miss Ida Mae Altman gave a peanut popping to their friends Friday evening.

FARMERS TO PLANT RICE. A large number of farmers attended the last farmers meeting held at the home of O.M. Prescott Friday night. We were glad to learn that as many as eight farmers agreed to plant rice as they thought it cheaper to grow it than to buy it.

NEW BABY. Mrs. Oliver Johns, who will be remembered as Miss Mallie Prescott, was surprised Sunday afternoon by a crowd of people who came in to see her eight pound baby boy, which has been named Sye Thomas. Mother and baby are doing nicely.

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