Digest of Charlton County Herald - March, 1927

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

March 3, 1927

WEDDING. Mr. Henry Gibson and Miss Jewell Barker were married at Hoboken February 21st, Rev. B.F. Jones officiating. Mr. Gibson is a prominent young businessman of Folkston, also a civil service employee. Mrs. Gibson is a 1926 graduate of the Charlton County High School and was primary teacher in the Sardis School. She's the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.A. Barker of St. George.

CHAUTAUQUA COMING. March 24-26 is the date the Radcliffe Chautauqua will be here for the three days entertainment, amounting to six programs. Now while we are sorry the Chautauqua is to be here again this year, because every year it has been a loss to the guarantors, we are going to do our part toward helping put it over.

LITTLE ELIZABETH JANE GOWEN BORN. Born to Mrs. B.B. Gowen on February 19th a fine baby girl who has been named Elizabeth Jane.

STOVE FOR SALE. Mrs. E.H. Wright has a good cook stove for sale. A bargain. See her if you need a wood stove.

NEW HOME FOR HADDOCK FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. J.S. Haddock have moved to their pretty new bungalow recently completed in the Renfroe Addition.

MR. JIM MILLS INJURES FOOT. We understand that Mr. Jim Mills is resting as well as could be expected with his foot, which he so badly cut last week with an ax, while chopping cross ties. Mr. Mills was alone when the accident happened and the passing of a neighbor saved him from a more serious injury as the foot was bleeding profusely.

March 10, 1927

PEARSON GETS DEATH SENTENCE. At court last week, Doc Pearson, who shot Oliver Prescott, was found guilty of murder and sentenced to be electrocuted on April 20th. An appeal for a new trial has been made.

SANDWICH SALE FOR CHURCH. The ladies of the Presbyterian Church sold sandwiches at the noon hour at the courthouse Monday and Tuesday.

March 17, 1927

WILD DUCK FOOD PLANTED. William O. Coon, of Washington, D.C. spent several days this week in Charlton County planting wild rice, wild celery and other kinds of wild duck foods in the various lakes and other waters of this county. There are millions of wild ducks and water fowl passing through Georgia every year stopping a short time and finding so little feed then rush on to a more fertile feeding ground. A great many lakes and streams will be planted with these seed.

WEDDING. Miss Ellen Huling and Mr. Walter McClain were married at the home of the bride on February 8, Judge H.G. Gibson officiating. The couple will make their home in Hastings, Fla. where he is a prominent contractor.

NEW J.P. FOR WINOKUR DISTRICT. The Grand Jury recommended that Eddy Crews be appointed as J.P. of the Winokur District to fill the vacancy made by the death of Noah Crews.

PRESBYTERIAN LADIES MEET. The Sr. Auxiliary met in the Presbyterian Church Monday. Their pastor, Rev. R.A. Shedd of Waycross also attended.

CHAUTAUQUA TO BE IN PAXTON THEATER. The Chautauqua committee has made arrangements for the programs to be given in the Paxton Theater next week.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Pearce are the proud parents of a fine baby boy born March 12.

LITTLE ALBERT GOWEN INJURED. Little Albert Gowen fell from a donkey last Saturday and dislocated his elbow, which kept him out of school for a few days.

TELEPHONE COMPANY. The Union Telephone Co., Mr. J.K. Larson of Hoboken, president, is proceeding rapidly with the installation of the telephone system in our town. Most of the material has been delivered, the poles have been set up, the lines are being strung and other fixtures are being placed. The office will be upstairs in the Old Bank Building owned by Dr. J.W. Buchanan.

(No issue on microfilm for March 24, 1927)

March 31, 1927

WEDDING. Miss Ruth Haddock and Mr. Jesse Mattox surprised their friends here by motoring to Waycross Sunday where they were happily married. Mr. C.C. Mattox, uncle of the groom, officiated. Mrs. Mattox is the oldest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Haddock of Hilliard. She has been in Folkston for some time, working in Roney's Cafe. Mr. Mattox is a valuable employee of Passieu Motor Co.

PARTNERSHIP DISSOLVED. This is to notify the public that the partnership composed of H.J. Davis and A. L. Barbour, who operated under the name of Davis & Barbour, has been dissolved. --H.J. Davis

RONEY'S CAFE BURNED. Fire completely destroyed Roney's Cafe early last Saturday. (illegible print.)

BANDMASTER WEST TO HOLD REHEARSALS. At last the band has begun to practice and hereafter a meeting will be held Tuesday and Thursday evenings for instruction and practice. Mr. West has been detained in Florida for the past several weeks visiting the prison camps, preaching to the convicts and conferring with the pardon board as he is one of the chaplains. However, he says he is now ready to instruct the boys and girls how to "blow their own horn."

EXCITING DAY FOR PREACHER. When Rev. L.E. Williams went to his garage Sunday morning to get his car, he found it pushed out of the garage. The culprits had intended stealing it but the doors had been locked. They took one tire, rim, lugs and tube. Mr. Passieu let him have a Ford coupe and he and Mrs. Williams went to St. George where he filled his regular appointment. When they were coming home, and it was mighty dark, they were held up by revenue officers who had been warned to look out for a Ford coupe. Sunday was an exciting day for Preacher 

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