Digest of Charlton County Herald - March 1921

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

March 4

NEW JOHNNY WILSON HOME OCCUPIED. Mr. and Mrs. Johnny Wilson moved
last week to their new home just completed. This is one of the prettiest country homes in this section.

March 11

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Drawdy Wainwright announce the birth of a fine baby boy on March 8th

P.J. OSTERMAN DIED. P.J. Osterman, one of Charlton County's most prominent citizens, and successful farmer, died at his home near St. George last Saturday from an illness of several months duration. He was confined to his bed about two weeks. He was buried at St. George Sunday. He is survived by his widow and two sons, F.J. and Fred; and two daughters, Mrs. J.I. Weeks and Mrs. Noble A. Hull.

F.E. BROCK DIED. The saddest news that has been our duty to chronicle is the death of F.E. Brock caused by his own hand while in a moment of temporary aberration, shooting himself through the heart with a shotgun. All day Monday he seemed depressed with
trouble and was heard to say he was going to end it all. Late in the afternoon while in a room alone the sorrowful event occurred. He was a kind and devoted husband and father to his wife and seven children. He was buried in Traders Hill Cemetery Wednesday morning, Rev. E.F. Dean, Sr. conducting the funeral service at the grave. Mr. Brock had been county school superintendent for the past four years, was unanimously elected last fall and began his second term January lst, 1921.

WEDDING. Miss Ruth Hodges and Mr. Powell S. Barnes were happily married Sunday evening, Judge J.J. Stokes officiating. Mrs. Powell is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. V.A. Hodges and is a charming, attractive young lady. Mr. Barnes is connected with the Highway Dept.

CALLED MEETING OF BOARD OF EDUCATION. On account of the untimely
death of Supt. F.E. Brock, the call is hereby made for a special meeting of the Board of Education for March 16th to consider matters pertaining to school affairs and to appoint a temporary superintendent. T.W. WRENCH, Chairman

March 18th

L.E. MALLARD IS NEW SCHOOL SUPT. At the called meeting of the county school board Wednesday, L.E. Mallard was elected county school superintendent.

BURY YOUR EMPTY CANS. Next week has been set as the time for a general clean-up week in Folkston. Right here we offer a suggestion. Instead of having the empty cans carried to the nearby woods, dig a hole in your garden and bury them. They will supply
needed iron to the soil, besides not being a breeding place for malaria mosquitoes.

G. WARREN DIED. G. Warren, about 65 years old, died at a hospital in Waycross Wednesday. He spent the past year gardening for Mrs. E.L. Martin, was stricken several weeks ago, receiving the best of care from Mrs. Martin's family, Dr. Williams and the neighbors. He was taken to Waycross Monday afternoon.

MRS. REBECCA CREWS DIED. On March 7th the angel of death entered
the home of W.A. Crews in Jacksonville and called from him his loving companion and our sister in the Lord, Rebecca Crews. She was a devoted wife and loving mother, a consistent member of Zion's Rest Church. She is survived by her husband, four sons and five daughters. After the funeral conducted by J.W. Wyatt, and M.L. Gilbert she was laid to rest in the Roberts Cemetery in Charlton County.

March 25th

MRS. JOHN B. WILKERSON DIED. The wife of John B. Wilkerson died near St. George March 17 after several months' patient suffering of nervous prostration. Mrs. Wilkerson was born in Indiana July 9, 1861 of Scotch-English parentage, being at the time of her death 59 years, 8 months and 8 days old. She leaves the husband, one daughter, Mrs. A.E. Murphy of Jacksonville and several sons. She was a consistent member of the Missionary Baptist Church of St. George. Memorial services were held at the church Saturday, conducted by Rev. Jones of Jacksonville, who was a former pastor at St. George. After the services the remains were borne away to the cemetery at St. George and placed quietly to rest.

BEN HILL ASKEW DIED. Ben Hill Askew died at the home of his sister, Mrs. J.B. Holt, in Jacksonville Sunday after an illness of only a few days. A funeral service was held in Jacksonville after which the remains were brought to Folkston for interment. Rev. Cook conducted a short burial service at the grave. Mr. Askew was a devoted member of the Methodist Church. He is survived by one sister, Mrs. J.B. Holt; three brothers, A.W. Askew of Folkston, J.S. Askew of Arlington and Newton Askew of Atlanta.

AMERICAN LEGION CHARTERED. The Folkston Post No. 132, Dr. A.D. Williams, Commander, has been chartered, it was announced by the Department of Georgia American Legion

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. George Burnsed announce the birth of a fine baby boy March 12th.

NEW BABY. Born March 23rd to Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Rodgers, a pretty little baby girl

OIL WELLS TO BE DRILLED. J.C. Boughner, St. George, was here Thursday to file on record a number of oil leases, the first to go on record in Charlton County. He has some good samples which he procured from seepages and expects to drill three or four oil wells
this summer.

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