Digest of Charlton County Herald - March, 1914

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

March 5, 1914

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Vickery announce the birth of a bright boy who arrived just a little too late for supper Saturday evening. Jess was holding his head some higher than usual Sunday morning and showed an inclination to linger near the house.

THE CITIZENS BANK. Statement of Condition of the Citizens Bank at close of business February 14, 1914: Resources: $77,835.26.

March 12, 1914

WASDIN CHILD KILLED. Nolan, the eleven-year-old son of L.H. Wasdin of Winokur district was accidentally killed last Friday by falling from the horse, and the cart loaded with seed cane rolling over his body. H.J. McClellan was the first to reach the boy and states that the little fellow was badly bruised about the body and that he thinks the boy must have gone back to get a cane to chew when the horse bucked and the boy fell. Death resulted in about thirty minutes. Mr. McClellan said it was one of the saddest accidents ever occurring in that section and that the whole community was greatly shocked. H.J. McClellan and L.H. Wasdin had swapped places and they were moving the seed cane when the sad accident occurred.

MALLARDS ADOPT CHILD. Lollie is the name give a sweet little girl Mr. and Mrs. L.E. Mallard has taken in to brighten their coming older years and we welcome her in our midst and hope these fond parents will find in her a great comfort through life. L.E. is beginning to take on new life and we can see he takes pleasure in the little acts each day as he carries this or that home for the little one. She is a pretty little girl of two summers and exceptionally bright for her age.

TWO FIRES. The residence of J.B. Womble caught fire Sunday morning from the flue and a while after it was extinguished, a Coast Line engineer came along and gave the fire alarm when it was discovered the roof of the Methodist parsonage next door to Mr. Womble’s was in flames. Both were of separate origin and would have been a great deal worse but for the fact they were caught on the off side of the wind.

NEWCOMER WELCOMED HERE. Mr. F.D. Askew of Harris County is now with his father here, Farmer Askew, and will be engaged in farming this year.

SUNDAY SCHOOL AT COLERAINE. P.E. Wilds of Coleraine was in the city Monday and informs us that they had started a Sunday School with 25 scholars at Coleraine, also that one had been started over at the Mallette place. Mr. Wilds is a noted Sunday School worker and always has a flourishing one near wherever he stays.

March 19, 1914

NEW BABY. Miss Winnie Holland Prescott is a comparatively new young lady stopping at the home of Mr. C.W. Prescott.

NEW BABY. On March 7th the home of Judge Silas O’Quinn was visited by the Stork which left a fine daughter and a smile on the judge’s face.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Herbert N. Mizell are happy over the arrival of a sweet and healthy little daughter who arrived Sunday morning.

March 26, 1914

NEW BUILDING FOR McDONALD. We see B.G. McDonald is getting things in readiness to start the erection of a handsome white brick structure on the lots now occupied by his present buildings. He will erect a building of two stores downstairs with a number of rooms overhead and when completed the appearance of this end of the city will bear marks of substantial improvement. Not quite four short years ago we could only boast of one brick storeroom, the small structure in which the old Bank of Folkston did business. We now have eight brick storerooms and a brick hotel and Mr. McDonald’s will add it up to ten store rooms and an overhead apartment. Bauman and Martin are doing the moving of the buildings.

OOPS. J.A. Allen was here Tuesday and did the riding at the Wild Jim Exhibition. He tells us that what C.W. Prescott has laid up for us will do. Now, Mr. Prescott, we thought Winnie was a girl’s name. We are willing to take all you put on. It was a Boy, the only boy and came after a lapse of ten years. We made a bad slip to be sure, but we will be more careful in announcing the next.

JULIA BELLE Q’QUINN. Judge Silas O’Quinn has named his new little girl for our daughter, Julia Belle, and we are very proud of thus being honored.

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