Digest of Charlton County Herald - March 1913

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays


March 6, 1913

SCHOOL. Miss Julia Belle DeGraffenreid is now out in the Mills settlement where she has been engaged to teach a term of their school.

CLYDE LEAVES US. Clyde S. Wainright left last Wednesday for Patonia, Texas where he has accepted a position in the turpentine business of Seaborn F. Mills, Jr.

THE CITIZENS BANK. Statement of Condition of the Citizens Bank at close of business February 25, 1913; Resources: $62,496.62.

OUTLOOK EDITOR VISITS. Bro. Lund of the St. George Outlook paid the Herald a pleasant call last Monday. We are always delighted to have our fellow craftsman pay us a call.

NOTICE: To enable us to make a prompt settlement with the creditors of the Bank of Folkston, I must have the cooperation of the ones who are indebted to the bank. I have left all the notes with the Citizens Bank of Folkston for collection. Please call in at once and make prompt settlement. Should anyone want to take up their note which is not due, all the unearned interest will be refunded to them. N. N. McQueen, Receiver.

BLACKSMITH SHOP. Mr. F.A. Thomas purchased the blacksmith and wheelwright establishment of H.F. Bailey Wednesday morning and will consolidate the two shops.

BOTTLING PLANT. Henry Johnson is busy turning out all kinds of soft drinks again and is now better fixed for the business than ever.

March 13, 1913

HOMELAND. J. O. Williamson is now ready to start up his screen door and window plant at Homeland.

ANTIOCH CHURCH. Notice: There will not be any Annual Meeting at the Primitive Baptist Church, Antioch, Charlton County this year. S.P. Howard, Church Clerk.

NEW OFFICE FOR DR. WILLIAMS. Dr. Williams has let the contract to that hustling builder C.N. Mills, for the erection of a drug store and doctor’s parlor combined and our expert brick mason, J.B. Baker has begun to lay the firm foundation on the lot just beyond B.F. Scott’s residence to the south. When completed the doctor will place in the front, a first class pharmacy and roll his pills and answer calls from a modern equipped office in the rear. He will be ready to throw open the doors of the building about April 1st and has engaged J.B. Pearce of the Atlanta School of Pharmacy and brother of our pleasing and very popular bank cashier D.F. Pearce, as pharmacist in charge.

NOTICE: Mrs. Dallas Williams won the contest for the Herald’s player piano by lead of 131,000 votes.

GRAND JURY PRESENTMENTS. We recommend that good foot logs be placed across the branch between W.J. Dinkins and A.J. Howard places so that children can cross the branch easily and dry-footed in going to and from school.

March 20, 1913

FOLKSTON TRAFFIC. Several autos of various designs have passed through this week.

BAPTIST CHURCH. Notice: Sunbeam Band meets every Saturday afternoon at 3:00 o’clock. Mrs. H.J. Davis, leader. Everett Mizell, recording secretary.

POST OFFICE. The new rural route will cut out the post office at Traders Hill which has been known almost since the memory of men runneth not to the contrary.

NEW BABY. There are several glad hearts at the home of C.J. Altman over the arrival of a ten-pound baby girl on Monday of last week.

ANOTHER NEW BABY. A fine boy arrived at E.P. Courson’s home Wednesday night of last week.

BAPTIST CHURCH. Mothers and Children: Will you help in letting the children have a good time in an Easter egg hunt? If so, send Mrs. H.J. Davis three eggs for each of your children and then Saturday afternoon at 3:00 o’clock be at the Baptist Church with the children. After the egg hunt the Sunbeam Band will gather in the church for the Easter program. This band was organized two weeks ago with a good many of the children. We need all of them in this band, so come to the egg hunt and join the band. Mrs. Davis will have the eggs boiled and arranged for the hunt. Yes, you fathers can come too!

EYE DOCTOR. Coming to Folkston: Dr. J.E. Masrow the well known eyesight specialist will be in Folkston Wednesday March 26th at Mrs. Wright’s drug store.

March 27, 1913

AD. The best way to improve a flock of chickens is to have a good rooster. During the next week I will sell a few good Rhode Island Red roosters from hens laying more than 200 eggs last year, for $1.50 each. John Harris.

POST OFFICE. Mrs. Robinson has been notified to the effect that the Traders Hill post office will be discontinued after March 31. All mail for that office after this date should be addressed to Folkston RFD No. 1.

COMMENT. Your home newspaper heralded to the world your birth. It told of your entry into school. It mentioned your birthday party when you were sweet sixteen, applauded your graduation from the high school, started you to college and when you returned, mentioned the first job you secured. Told of your marriage to the sweetest girl in town and also mentioned the event of your first born, told of the visits of Pa and Ma, sympathized with you in your sorrow, laughed with you in your joy and when you die, will do its best to get you through the pearly gates for only $1.00 a year.

CORN CLUB ORGANIZED. Members of Charlton County Corn Club are Alvin O. Stokes, T.L. Pickren, Jr., Roy Mizell, Frank Kennison, Rufus Donehoo, Francis Myers, Howard Donehoo, William Rodgers, Randal Rodgers, Alton Olliff, Edgar Allen, Tillman Rodgers, Ira L. Rodgers, Arthus Davis, Newton Askew, B. Fay Mills, Madison Gibson, H.L. Johnson, Charles Howard, Earl Howard, Fred Osterman, Barney Ruis, Algie Holzendorf, George Burnsed and Alex Johns.

COUNTY COMMISSIONERS MEETING. The following were appointed Road Commissioners: Gaineyville [St. George] District: L.E. Stokes, O.H. Rowe, G.C. Hodges. Moniac District: James Raulerson, G.W. Chism, B.R. Raulerson. Toledo District: S.T. Cockrell, J.B. Wilkerson, Walter Johnson. Traders Hill District: E.F. Dean, Jr., W.R. Keene, H.H. Crews. Folkston District: J.H. Johnson, J.H. Rodgers, J.W. Anderson. Winokur District: W.E. Wasden, J.R. McClelland, P.B. Higginbotham. Uptonville District: P.G. Brooks, J.W. Dinkins, J.P. Franks.

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