Digest of Charlton County Herald - March 1911

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

March 2, 1911

SARDIS SCHOOL. The Sardis School under the management of Lee W. Thomas closed last Friday with a basket dinner on the ground.

WESTBERRIES MOVING TO MAY BLUFF. E.A. Westberry and family are moving to May Bluff this week. Mr. Westberry has rented the farm of Jos. P. Mizell and will engage in farming this year.

NOVELTY WORKS. It now begins to look like the Folkston Novelty Works is going to be a go. The machinery has been purchased and a portion of it is now on the ground. They expect to begin sawing next week and will have their planer and other machinery within the next 30 days. With the machinery already purchased they will be able to turn out all kinds of rough and dressed lumber and all kinds of finishing materials such as molding, scroll work, etc.

NEWELL. Dr. S.E. O’Quinn is doing dental work at Newell this week.

HOMELAND. Fred Sugden and Blacktin Bros., stump pullers, arrived last week and they will get busy.

KNIGHTS OF PYTHIAS. Judge T.L. Pickren recently received a check for $2,000 in payment of a policy for that amount held by the late Dr. Wright in the insurance department of Knights of Pythias. This branch of the order has paid several death claims among the members of the order in our town, all of which have been paid promptly.

NEW BABY. Winokur: Mr. Steven O’Quinn wears a bright smile – a fine boy!

March 9, 1911

LOST. Ladies watch, very small. Open-faced. Between Mr. Cox’s Boarding House and Methodist Church by way of plank walk. Finder please return to Miss Kathleen Pickren.

ALLEN & PRESCOTT SCHOOL. Miss Marie Jennings has just completed the Spring Term of the Allen and Prescott School and is home for a few days.

MRS. BRUCE DIED. Mrs. W.H. Bruce of Homeland died in Tampa, Fla. last Friday and was carried through here Saturday to north Georgia, her old home where she was buried Monday. Mrs. Bruce had been a sufferer for several years of Brights disease. She was highly esteemed in the community where she lived.


….HORSEBACK RIDERS. Miss Marie Jennings and Mr. Sol Mills, Miss Kate Allen and Mr. Jim Allen were out horseback riding Sunday evening and made Newell a call.

….NEW SCHOOL. We are glad to know lumber is being sawed for the erection of a new school house in the city of Newell.

March 16, 1911

DR. SCOTT DIED. News was received here Saturday A.M. of the death of Dr. Scott in Jacksonville. Dr. Scott was one of the first settlers in Folkston but had made his home in Jacksonville for a number of years.

RIVER SCHOOL. Mr. George White, who has been teaching the River School, visited the Winokur School Friday A.M.

HOMELAND. F.B. Vary of Valdosta spent Monday here and organized a telephone company.

March 23, 1911

NEW WHEELWRIGHT SHOP. C.W. Jacobs has purchased the Christie shop and opened up a wheelwright and blacksmith business.

WEDDING. Mr. W.B. Minchew ad Miss Pollie Johns were quietly married at the home of the bride’s parents Sunday. The groom is the handsome young son of Mr. and Mrs. W.I. Minchew and the bride is the lovely daughter of Mr. and Mrs. F. Johns and is a favorite wherever known. After the ceremony the happy couple drove to the home of Mr. and Mrs. W.I. Minchew where they will spend a few days.

CHARLTON’S REPRESENTATIVES. Names of ex-representatives of Charlton County living April 8, 1909: Archibald Hogans, age 80 years; Jehu Paxton, age 74 years; Felder Lang, age 73 years; A.G. Gowen, 69; S.F. Mills, 62; W.O. Gibson, 56; J.J. Upchurch, 48; C.L. Cowart, 40; J.J. Stokes, 55; J.T. Mizell 55; J.S. Mizell, 40; A.J. Howard, 37.

March 30, 1911

PATHFINDERS CHOOSING ROAD. The New York Herald and Atlanta Journal Pathfinding car passed through here Saturday en route from Jacksonville to Atlanta, with a view to extending the National Highway to Jacksonville. The gentlemen seemed very favorably impressed with the roads of Charlton with the exception of the road right in Folkston. From what we have been able to gather, the chance for the highway to come by here is good.

BANK OF FOLKSTON. Statement of condition of Bank of Folkston at close of business March 7, 1911, Resources: $60,389.95.

DEAD MAN FROM OKLAHOMA. The man, Tubner, who committed suicide Monday on a Dixie Flyer Pullman between Racepond and Folkston, from all we can gather from reading reports in the daily paper, was a defaulting bank cashier of Tulsa, Oklahoma and had been missing for about ten days,

MARKING THE WAY FOR THE PATHFINDERS. L.V. Williams, Dr. G.P. Folks and Col. John T. Myers of Waycross, passed in an automobile last Thursday on their way to Jacksonville. The purpose of these gentlemen was to induce the Pathfinders of the National Automobile Route to take in Waycross, by tacking up signs leading them on in that direction. We hope they will succeed as they took in Folkston on the route.

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