Digest of Charlton County Herald - March 1910

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays


March 3, 1910

GOOD ADVICE. When a man playfully points a gun or pistol at you, knock him down. Do not stop to inquire whether it is loaded or not, knock him down! Do not be particular what you knock him down with, only see that he is thoroughly down. If a coroner’s inquest be held, let it be on the other fellow. He will not be missed.

MATTOX BABY. A fine baby boy arrived at the home of J.J. Mattox last Sunday.

M.C. CHESSER DIED. Mr. M.C. Chesser, after several months’ illness, who lived a few miles west of Traders Hill, died last week. He was about 65 years of age and had lived in this county many years. Mr. Chesser leaves a wife and several children.

WILLIAM KNOWLES DIED. William Knowles, age about 14 years, died last Sunday morning at 11 o’clock at the home of J.E. Summerall, one and a half miles east of Folkston. William had only been sick a short time with a blood trouble and was afflicted with rheumatism and the end came rather a surprise to his many friends. He was a good boy and was always very quiet and was well liked by a host of friends. The funeral took place Monday morning at the Bachlott Cemetery, service being conducted by Rev. G.E. Jones, pastor of the Baptist Church.

FOLKSTON SCHOOL. The Folkston High School is progressing nicely under the management of Prof. VanVoorhis, Miss Rena Smith and Miss Edna Mott, and the attendance is good.

SCHOOL NEWS. The sister states of the United States are Flori Day, Mary Land, Minnie Sota, Ida Ho, Della Ware, Callie Forna, Allie Bamma, Neva Day, Louisa Anna, Miss Ouri and the Misses Sippi. Will somebody please name the boys of this family?

March 10, 1910

FIRE. Last Saturday night at 9:30 the dwelling house of B.H. Williams on Main Street in western Folkston was burned. The origin of the fire is unknown. When first seen it was making its way through the roof of the house and in just a few minutes the entire roof was covered. The house was occupied by J.C. Guinn and all his furniture was burned except a few pieces. Mr. Williams one year ago had his house remodeled and painted and made the cost of the building $1450.00. Insurance was carried for $750.00.

CANADAY SCHOOL. The Canaday School near Moniac closed Friday afternoon after a successful term under the management of Prof. Alfred Bennett of Pierce County.

SCHOOL NEWS. The school proposes that the money that was to go to the Library from the “circus” given by Dakota Bob go to get a large bell for the school.

COLLEGE STUDENTS. We are pleased to learn that Exum Pickren, a former pupil in the Folkston High School is doing splendid work at Emory this year. Among other Folkston pupils who are in college this year are Miss Nellie Davis, Will Clark, Govie, Delia and Broadus Jones. We hear good reports from all.

A REPLY. As a reply to an item in last week’s school news the brother states may be Mass Chusetts, N. Ham Shire, Col. Orado, Penn Sylvania, Wash Ington, Mich IIgan, Ken Tucky, George Aye.

March 17, 1910

W.M.U. TO MEET. The Women’s Missionary Union of the Piedmont Association will meet next Friday the 18th at 9:30 A.M. at the Folkston Baptist Church. Every woman in the town is cordially invited to attend this meeting. It is for one day only. Come and bring a small lunch which will be served at the church house. –Miss Mattie Denmark, President W.M. Society.

PICKING FLOWERS. Misses Audrey Scott, Hilda Mattox, Laura Gowen and Lois Mattox spent last Saturday afternoon out among the pines gathering violets.

NEW FAMILY IN FOLKSTON. V.L. Cox of Blackshear and family have moved to Folkston. Mr. Cox came here to take charge of the turpentine business of H.A. Cannon. We welcome them in our midst.

BLACKSMITH SHOP. T.A. Christy and his son Zade are putting up a blacksmith shop just east of the courthouse and they will be ready for business by the first of April or before. It is their intention to carry a stock of buggies and wagons a little later on.

March 24, 1910

NEW PUBLIC ROAD. From minutes of County Commissioners meeting which met March 7th: The question of the grading of the new public road from Folkston to Prospect Church, or St. George Road, was taken up and objections were heard by H.P. Bryant. After consideration the road was granted as laid out by the committee.

SCHOOL TO CLOSE. The Folkston Public Schools will close April 1st with a picnic at Camp Pinckney. Don’t forget the dinner basket.

March 31, 1910

T.W. WRENCH. The announcement of Mr. T.W. Wrench for County Commissioner appears in the Herald this week. He lives in St. George and he has been a resident of this county about five years. He is working the real estate business in that section.

ROAD WORK BEGUN. The convict gang began work on the road from Folkston to St. George last Thursday. It will take about one year to complete the road, a distance of 24 miles.

AD. Dr. J.R. Richardson, Dentist. Office in Bank Building. Will be at Folkston from the 1st to the 15th of each month.

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