Digest of Charlton County Herald - March 1909

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays


March 4, 1909

WEDDING. On Monday morning Miss Sally Mitz and Jesse Robinson were quietly married here by T.W. Vickery, J.P., at his office. The couple soon left for their home a few miles above Traders Hill. May their future life be a happy one.

WEDDING. On last Sunday Miss Julia E. Gibson and Udolphin Griffin were quietly married at the home of the bride’s parents near here. The bride is the youngest daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W.O. Gibson while the groom is the son of P.D. Griffin of Hoboken. The ceremony was performed by William Guy, J.P. of Pierce County and the young couple left on Monday for Hoboken where they will make their future home.

COUNTY COMMISSIONERS. It was ordered that the committee appointed to buy land for the stockade and the lumber, etc. proceed to getting things in order as soon as possible. The committee reported they had purchased three acres of land just outside the town limits from T.L. Pickren for the sum of $30.00. Warden Pickren was instructed to put the convicts to work immediately erecting the stockade buildings.


…..ATTENDS CHURCH. Bro. W.H. Bruce went to Folkston Sunday for church service and Bro. Mitchell went to Scrubbs for the same purpose. Hope this will stop soon as we need these brothers in our Union services.

…..LAMP FUND. Next Sunday at evening service we will take up a collection for the Lamp Fund, so give us a lift next Sunday and we will be able to buy two of those large lamps. Then we can ALL enjoy the services better.

…..STORE PAINTED. Mrs. Mary J. Moor is having the brick store on Penn Ave. furnished and painted.

ELECTRIC LIGHT PLANT. A meeting was held at the courthouse Monday to organize a stock company to put in an electric light plant at Folkston. T.L. Pickren was elected Chairman and E.L. Wainwright, Secretary. A committee will investigate the cost of such a plant. Members are Dr. A.D. Williams, Col. W.M. Olliff and L.E. Mallard. Folkston will soon be a town with an electric light on every corner and in every home.


…..WAUGHTEL’S HORSE. Prof. C. Waughtel lost his big horse on Monday. The horse got loose and had a picnic feasting on everything in sight, even got after the orange trees.

…..COLONY CO. MEETS. The 1906 Colony Co. held a regular meeting on March 1. They appointed officers to take charge of land, sell lots and beautify the place. J.L. White was elected president; W.H. Thompson, secretary and M.J. Fieber, Treasurer.

…..ZARFOS TO MOVE HERE. J.W. Zarfos, of Red Lion, Penn., returned from his southern pleasure trip and decided that Homeland was the place for him to spend the balance of his days. He purchased the Wiggins place of 50 acres adjoining Homeland on the west.

…..IMMIGRATION AGENT. F.A. Armbruster spent last Friday in Folkston. He is from Minnesota and is helping to upbuild Homeland. He has been appointed Immigration Agent and is doing a good work.

EDITORIAL. Why not connect the telephone system with the electric plant and let it be owned by the same company. It is needed and will not cost so much either. Let everyone get interested and push things along.

BACHLOTT NEWS: Mr. and Mrs. Flemon Allen have gone to housekeeping.

J.P. WILSON KILLED. Last Thursday night Mr. J.P. Wilson, night watchman for the Coast Line in Savannah was fatally injured by attempting to cross the railroad track between two cars, when suddenly the cars moved, throwing him underneath. He only lived a short time, death claiming him on Friday at 10 o’clock. He had been with the company twenty years and was about 60 years old. He was the brother of Mrs. J.P. Robinson of Folkston.


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