Digest of Charlton County Herald - March 1908

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

There are no issues on microfilm for March 5th, March 12th or March 19th.

March 26, 1908

ICE. The people of Folkston and surrounding country can get ice at any time from now on in large quantities of 100 pounds and over. A carload just came in. Picnic parties can always depend upon us for ice on short notice. W.W. TYLER

COUNTY COURT JUDGE. Considerable interest was aroused when on last Monday morning it became known that a movement was on foot for J. Price Robinson’s appointment for Judge of the County Court. The county officials had notified Governor Smith immediately of the death of Judge Haddock and requested the appointment of Mr. B.F. Scott as the suitable person to fill the place and it was confidently expected that Mr. Scott’s commission would be forthcoming but as time went on and no appointment came matters began to assume a mysterious aspect. The climax was reached when on Monday it became known that Robinson’s petition might be the cause of the delay. Prompt action was taken and in fifteen or twenty minute’s time, Col. W.M. Olliff was delegated, a purse was made up, and he was on his way to Atlanta to have a personal interview with Governor Smith.

It’s Judge B.F. Scott now. His first official act was to draw a jury for the April Term of County Court.

NEW ROAD TO HOMELAND. E.L. Wainwright and others, having applied for the establishment of a new public road to begin at the northern end of Church Street in Folkston and running in a northerly direction through the lands of Venie Guyon across the right-of-way of the A.C.L. Ry. Co. and through the Hitch lands parallel to the Bell Telephone Company’s right-of-way and through the lands of the 1906 Colony Company and terminating at Homeland, Ga. a distance of about one mile. This is to notify all persons that after April 7, 1908, said new road will be finally granted if no good cause is shown to the contrary. This 2nd day of March, 1908. S.F. Mills, Chairman, Board County Commissioners. L.E. Mallard, Secretary.

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