Digest of Charlton County Herald - February 1941

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Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

February 7, 1941

E.M. BAXLEY IS WORKING FOR CITY. E.M. Baxley, a former employee of the State Highway Department, was this week placed in charge of Folkston’s public works and sanitary department, succeeding Lee Lloyd who resigned.

WOODBINE BRIDGE BURNED. Traffic over U.S. Highway No. One subsided to normal proportions Thursday after having been more than doubled in volume since last Saturday owing to destruction by fire of part of the Satilla River bridge at Woodbine, closing the coastal highway while repairs were underway.

PILOT TRAINING PROGRAM AT FOLKSTON AIRPORT. The Jacksonville Naval Air Station has already begun the use of the Folkston airport in its pilot training program, a fleet of six to eight planes having been here Tuesday and Wednesday to carry out training maneuvers.

FOLKSTON CEMETERY ASSOCIATION ORGANIZED. At a meeting of interested citizens held Tuesday in the community room of the high school, the Folkston Cemetery Association was organized. The purpose will be to beautify and improve the cemetery grounds and surrounding driveways. The driveways recently constructed around the cemetery, and the inside driveways are to be beautified by the setting out of trees, shrubbery and flowers. Officers are Mrs. E.B. Stapleton, president; Mrs. C.F. Adkins, vice president; Mrs. William Mizell, secretary and Miss Helen Mizell, treasurer. Mrs. A. Fleming was named chairman of the Beautification Committee. Mrs. B.G. McDonald, Mrs. W.J. Jones and Mrs. J.W. Vickery were named as member to solicit memberships from those who live out of the county. The local committee, composed of Mrs. H.J. Davis, Mrs. W.B. Smith, Mrs. C.J. Passieu and Mrs. Floy Mills were named to solicit memberships locally. A small membership fee will be charged.

INFANTILE PARALYSIS CAMPAIGN FUND. Chairman Shelton Monroe of Charlton’s Infantile Paralysis Campaign Fund announced that the President’s Birthday Ball held in the high school gym was very successful. The net proceeds were $35.00. Receipts from other sources bring the total to about $75.00. The county’s quota has been set at $200.00.

DRAFT BOARD CALLS THREE MEN. Charlton County’s third quota of registrants under the Selective Service law has been called for by state headquarters to go to camps during February. It will be made of up volunteers. The Draft Board has designated Joseph Richard Collins and Raymond Mikeler Altman, white and James Jordan, colored, as the three men to make up the county’s February quota.

WAUGHTELS HAVE VISITORS. Dr. O’Haile and C.T. Motz of Wooster, Ohio, visited at the home of C.W. Waughtel last week. Mr. and Mrs. Motz ran a boarding house in Danville, Ohio when Mr. Waughtel was principal and proprietor of the Danville Collegiate Institute.

DR. TAYLOR DONATES BLOOD. Dr. J.S. Taylor returned home on Wednesday from Tampa where he was called to the bedside of his brother A.B. Taylor, who is seriously ill. It was necessary to give him a blood transfusion and Dr. Taylor furnished the blood Sunday.

LITTLE MARY ANN JOHNSON. Mr. and Mrs. Scott Johnson are the proud parents of a fine 6 - pound baby girl, born February 3 at Dr. Fleming’s Hospital. The little girl has been named Mary Ann in honor of her grandmothers.

LITTLE FRANCES ANN ROBINSON. Mr. and Mrs. William P. Robinson announce the birth of a fine baby daughter born Sunday in the Waycross hospital. The little lady has been named Frances Ann.

SHAD FISHING IS POPULAR PASTTIME. The season for shad fishing is in full progress and more than 75 percent of the male population of Camp Pinckney spent the nights on the banks of the St. Marys or Satilla River this week. Here’s hoping they cast their nets on the right side of the boat.

WILLIE CHESSER IMPROVING. Willie Chesser, who suffered painful injuries about three weeks ago, when he was struck by a falling limb while carrying on timber operations in the Gowen Sawmill woods, was released from the Sawyer Hospital Wednesday.

February 14, 1941

W.W. PICKREN IS OWNER OF PICKREN SERVICE GARAGE. Woodrow W. Pickren has acquired complete ownership of Pickren Service Garage which will be operated under his personal management. He assumed charge of the business on Thursday.

CITY OF HOMELAND BEGINS NEW YEAR. Homeland city officials met last week. The board consists of T.W. Wrench, Mayor; Councilmen Norwood, Toy, Garrison, Wrench and Eli Waughtel. C.W. Waughtel is Recorder, Councilman Norwood was named Mayor Pro-Tem., Mrs. Carrie McLeod was named Tax Collector. After all bills were paid a balance of $139.00 was left in the treasury.

NEW BABY GIRL FOR GIBSON FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. Guy Gibson announce the birth of a fine baby girl born February 10 at Dr. Fleming’s hospital.

NEW BABY GIRL FOR WILLIAMS FAMILY. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Williams are congratulated upon the birth of a fine baby daughter born Tuesday at Dr. A. Fleming’s hospital.

MRS. MARY PETTY RIDER DIED. Mrs. Mary Petty Rider, age 34, wife of Mr. Rufus Rider of the Cornhouse community, passed away Saturday in the Sawyer Hospital after a brief illness following a stroke of paralysis. She suffered a stroke several months ago from which she had about recovered. She was a native of Charlton County being a daughter of H.W. Petty and Mrs. Aggie Snowden Petty. She was a member of the Cornhouse Mission Methodist Church and was highly regarded by her friends and neighbors. Beside her parents, she is survived by her husband and six children. Funeral services were held at the graveside in Sardis Cemetery. Adkins Funeral Home was in charge of burial arrangements.

MRS. VIOLA LOUISE BORING CLARK DIED. Mrs. Viola Louise Clark, 39 year old Camden County resident, widow of the late H. Furman Clark, was found dead in bed at her home near White Oak Monday, a revolver nearby. A Camden County jury returned a verdict that her death was due to a pistol wound, self-inflicted. She had been in bad health for some time. Her husband died about ten years ago. She is survived by four children, one of whom is Mrs. Randal Gowen. She is also survived by her father, Mr. Boring, two brothers and four sisters. The funeral and burial was in Homeward cemetery near White Oak.

February 21, 1941

BIRTH ANNOUNCEMENT. The following birth announcement was reported from McCoy-Sawyer Hospital during the past week: Mrs. J.T. Dinkins of St. George, a girl, born February 4.

COUNTY WELFARE DIRECTOR RESIGNS. Mrs. Bernice Allen tendered her resignation as county Welfare Director, effective March lst. This was regretfully accepted but up to this time no action has been taken regarding the naming of her successor.

TRACY SISTERS ON NORTHERN TRIP. Miss Leila Jeanette Tracy, Folkston’s attractive Assistant Postmaster, left for Indianapolis, Ind. Tuesday night. She was accompanied by her sister, Miss Ada Byron Tracy of Jacksonville. Both are daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Port C. Tracy. The young ladies are making a combined business and pleasure trip and traveled via the new streamline train. They plan to visit friends in Kokomo and other Indiana cities. They expect to spend about ten days in the snow country making snowmen and throwing snowballs before returning to the land of sunshine and ocean breezes.

February 28, 1941

CHARLTON COUNTY TO BE ON ATLANTA RADIO PROGRAM. The first radio program ever to be broadcast from Charlton County will go on the air promptly at 8:30 Eastern Standard Time Saturday night over Atlanta Journal’s station WSB in Atlanta. The local committee, headed by William Mizell, got together an array of talent and was ready with an interesting program of features when Marcus Bartlette of the Journal’s radio staff arrived here Wednesday afternoon to hold auditions. The completed program, just as it will go out over the air was carried out and recorded at the school auditorium last night. There was a large audience present. It was as follows: Charlton County’s History, A.S. McQueen; Okefenokee Wildlife Refuge, John M. Hopkins; Charlton County Schools, Supt. John Harris; Group Sing, Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Huling, Owen Dinkins, W.I. Kennedy, J.P. Conner, Mrs. W.E. Gibson, members of the Charlton County Singing Class; Solo by Mrs. Alva Hopkins; Song, High School Group, Frances Mizell, Bennie Altman, Vira Prevatt, Ann Hopkins; Baby Trio, Joy Mills, Latrell Allen and Mallette Brown; Song, Camp Pinckney Baptist Church group, Doris Huling, Inez Knowles, Thelma Woolard, Trudie Mae Lloyd, Estelle Woolard; Song, “Down by the Riverside”, Folkston Colored School Choir. All citizens of the county are urged to make arrangements to hear this program as it comes over the air Saturday night.

CEMETERY ASSOCIATION. Since the Cemetery Association was established, much has been accomplished. Mrs. Fleming and her committee have planted dozens of pine and wax myrtle along the drives and they are planning additional plantings.

ELWOOD BYRD IN CCC. Elwood Byrd, Homeland, left for enlistment in a CCC camp Monday.

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