Digest of Charlton County Herald - February 1940

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

February 2, 1940

KLINE EUGENE GOWEN KILLED. Kline Eugene Gowen, 28 years old, popular and highly regarded young man, was instantly killed Monday afternoon when he was struck by a falling log while loading a tram-truck in the woods between Fargo and Lake City. The log struck him on the shoulder and back of the head, resulting in a broken neck. He died almost immediately. He was employed in the sawmill operated by T.A. Scott. The body was brought to the home of his sister, Mrs. J.C. Layton. He was a son of the late B.B. Gowen and was born and reared in this county. He was a graduate of Charlton County High School and a member of Bethel Methodist Church. The funeral was at Folkston Methodist Church and interment was in Traders Hill cemetery. He was married but had no children. Besides his wife, survivors include his stepmother, Mrs. B.B. Gowen,; five sisters, Mrs. Helen Margaret Mills, Mrs. Annie Mizell, Mrs. Jessie Inez Layton, Mrs. Alma Laura French and Jane Gowen; three brothers, Francis M. Gowen, B.B. Gowen, Jr. and Ferris Gowen.

MRS. W.W. CUSHING DIED. Mrs. Ida Wainwright’s stepmother, Mrs. Eliza Avard Cushing, widow of Mr. W.W. Cushing, passed away January 18th at her home in Jacksonville. Funeral services were held in Epworth Methodist Church and interment in the family lot in a Fernandina cemetery.

DR. SCHNEIDER’S OFFICE DAMAGED BY FIRE. The office of Dr. W.M. Schneider on the first floor of the telephone exchange building was slightly damaged by fire Tuesday when an oil heater became overheated and ignited the nearby walls and window curtains. The blaze began in the front reception room and the damage was confined to scorched walls and the large plate glass window which was shattered by the heat.

SEABORN F. MILLS, JR. DIED. News of the tragic accidental death of Seaborn F. Mills, Jr. at his home in Myrtle Beach, S.C. Sunday was received here with profound sorrow. He was cleaning a shotgun, preparing for a hunting trip with his son, Floyd, when somehow the gun was accidentally discharged, the load of shot taking effect in the abdomen and ranging upward. He was alone and died almost instantly. He was born 69 years ago at the old Mills Home a few miles east of Folkston, the oldest son of S.F. Mills, Sr. Besides his wife, who was Miss Josephine Golson, he is survived by one son, E. Floyd Mills and one daughter, Mrs. W. H. Schmidt; two brothers, Frank D. Mills and Edgar G. Mills; three sisters, Mrs. J.B. Baker, Mrs. H.A. Renfroe and Mrs. C.Y McMullen. The funeral was conducted at the graveside and interment followed in Folkston cemetery.

HENRY LANE DIED IN FIRE. Henry Lane, an ancient Negro, badly crippled from rheumatism, who has been a familiar figure on the streets of Folkston, was burned to death in his cabin home in the Blackbottom section last Friday night. Just how the fire originated is not known. He was unable to get out of the burning cabin which was enveloped in flames when discovered by neighbors.

February 9, 1940

ELIAS F. ANDERSON DIED. Elias F. Anderson, age about 60, formerly a citizen of Charlton County, passed away at his home in Hoboken Sunday following a heart attack. He was the son of the late Joe Anderson and spent practically his adult life as a citizen of Charlton County, living at Newell until he moved to Brantley County about 12 years ago. He is survived by his widow and one son, Ben Anderson. Interment was in Corinth Cemetery.

OWEN MELVIN PRESCOTT DIED. Owen Melvin Prescott, age 56, one of Charlton County’s most widely known citizens, passed away Monday at his home in the Winokur district, after an extended illness. Stricken with an incurable cancer of the bone he bore many months of suffering. He was the youngest son of the late Henry Prescott. He owned the old Prescott family homestead, formerly known as the Paxton Place, where he was born and reared and spent practically his entire life, this being his home at the time of his death. He served several terms as a County Commissioner. Funeral services were held at Corinth Primitive Baptist Church, of which he was a faithful member. Interment followed in Corinth cemetery. Surviving, besides his wife, Mrs. Mary Wildes Prescott, are seven sons, Johnnie, Lester, Proctor, O.M., Jr., Edmund, and Lee Prescott; three daughters, Mrs. W.H. Chandler, Mrs. B.W. Beale and Miss Lelia Mae Prescott; four brothers, B.S., C.W., J.L. and H.O. Prescott.

February 16, 1940

L.D. MAJORS INJURED HIS EYE. L.D. Majors, popular and well liked mechanic for Passieu Chevrolet Co., was injured while at work on his job when a sliver of steel penetrated his eye, causing a dangerous injury He is in a Waycross hospital but fears are expressed that he will lose the sight of the injured eye.

DIXIE CAFE Mrs. Leon Askew took over the operation of the Dixie Caf», one of the city’s oldest and best known restaurants.

PUPILS AWARDED FREE MOVIE. As a special reward to those pupils who had perfect attendance for the second quarter of the school year, the management of the Ritz Theater gave free tickets for Wednesday morning to see the movie, žStanley and the Living StoneÓ. Those who were guests of the Ritz Wednesday morning were Grade 1-A: Mallette Brown, Gene Loper, Denny Higginbotham, Danny Dinkins, Verldon Smith, Kenneth Herrin, Margaret Eunice. Grade l-B: A.J. Herrin, Colon Davis, Annie Jane Crews, J.R. Jones, Joe Pete Quarterman, Ellroy Merrow. Grade 2-A: Billy Mizell, Elizabeth Lloyd, Betty Jean Tomlinson, Jackie Lang. Grade 2-B: Inez Hickox, Marcell Prescott, Talmadge O’Quinn, Dallas Pulliam, Menza Hagin. Grade 1-C: J.W. Burch, Pauline Carter, Ernest Mizell. Grade 3-B: John Loper, Ruby Gibson, Inez Knowles, Catherine Martin, Marie Merrow, Hal Tison, Uldine Thrift, Elsie Lee Cason, Gilbert Wildes, Bill Wright, J.M. Brock, George Parish. Grade 3-C: Merrill Huling, Newton Crews, Jackie Bennett, Alice Woolard, Dorothy Carter, Edward Lloyd, Layton Burch, Clifford Mizell, Irene Prescott, Marshall Chesser, Marion Lloyd. Grade 4-A: Joanne Ackerman, W.C. Rhoden, David O’Berry, Jimmy Brown, Johnny Mae Loper, Guy Purvis, Thomas Pulliam, Vernon Huggins, L.W. Lloyd. Grade 4-B: Alcene Thrift, Evelyn Crews, Tessie Mae Chesser, Frances Robinson, Juanita Herrin, Muriel Cason, Arlene Prescott. Grade 5-A: Robert O’Quinn, Helen Jones, Dora Nell Higginbotham, Geneva Cason, Huell Wildes, Carolyn Thrift, James Parrish. Grade 5-B: Morris Powell, Louie Brock, Estelle Woolard, Jacquelyn Wilson. Grade 6-A: Doris Huling, Thomas Thrift, Birdie Wright, Winona Tomlinson, Juanita Hathaway, Cecil Crews. Grade 6-B: James Altman, Willene Higginbotham, Betty Southwell, Brunson Thrift, Carolyn Tison, Thelma Woolard, Benny Thompson, Madria Mizell, Charlene Quick, Bertha Lang, Pasco Bryant. Grade 7-B: Carl Herrin, W.L. Thomas, Jr., George O’Quinn, Betty Barnes, Thelma Parrish, Barbara Neal Prevatt. Grade 7-B: Tommy Hugh McLean, Monroe Altman, Lamar Gibson, Myra Lea Thompson, Doris Lang, Thomas Kent. Grade 7-A: Pauline Nobles, Odetha Guy, Lois Jordan, Odell Martin, Beulah Knowles, Elizabeth Tison, Verle Ackerman, Roswald Johnson, Donald Kendrick. Grade 7-A: Margaret Carter, Corliss Purvis, Joannah Wildes, Vanice McLean, Ruth Roddenberry, Mary Jean Thompson, Harold Mizell. Room I-A: Rebecca Jean Allen, Devoy Brooks, Willie Mae Griffin, Fleming Huling, Helen McLean, Charles Quick, Aldine Tomlinson, Louise Aldridge, Ethel Harrison, Margaret Harvey. Room I-I Devant Guy, Harry Quick, Euretha Carter, Leila Altman. Room II-A: Ann Hopkins, Jewell Conner, Mildred Jordan, Wilma Loper, Velma Prevatt, Joan Purvis, Margie Scott, Alice Mizell. Room II-B: Edith Johns. Room III: Juanita Aldridge, Jimmy Allen, Mildred Carter, Louise Crews, Fred Crews, Clora Lee Conner, Harold Gowen, Osworth Howard, Elizabeth Hathaway, Merlyn Huling, Margaret Tison and L.D. Wainwright.

February 23, 1940

CLAUD DRURY KILLED. Claud Drury, 26 years old of the Winokur district, was a victim of a fatal cutting affray which occurred about midnight Saturday at the Tom Rhoden place, now the home of Jim Wildes. Darsey Higginbotham, about 21, wielded the knife which ended young Drury’s life. His throat was cut and he died almost immediately. He was a son of A.O. Drury of the Winokur section. Funeral services were held Sunday. Besides his father, survivors include three brothers, Bill, Pat and John Drury; one sister, Mrs. Clyde Wildes.

MR. L.W. KENDRICK DIED. Mr. L.W. Kendrick, widely known citizen of Folkston, passed away suddenly at his home here Saturday following a heart attack. He was 55 years old and moved to Folkston about a year ago from his home in the country. Funeral services were held at the Methodist Church with interment in the cemetery at Waycross. He is survived by his widow; one son, Grover Kendrick and one daughter, Mrs. Lee Huggins; two brothers, J.A. Kendrick and H.L. Kendrick

MRS. J.M. MCKENDREE DIED. Mrs. J.M. McKendree, age about 45, a daughter of Mrs. J.P. Russell, and widow of the late J.M. McKendree, of Woodbine passed away Tuesday at Milledgeville following a heart attack. The funeral was at the graveside in Temple Cemetery. Besides her mother she is survived by three sons, J.P., Woodrow and Cleveland; three daughters, Josie, Beryl and Bobbie Lee McKendree; two brothers, Sam and Rufus Russell.


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