Digest of Charlton County Herald - February 1939

Compiled b y Lois Barefoot Mays

February 3, 1939

CHARLTON COUNTY MAKES FINE RECORD IN POLIO CAMPAIGN. Charlton County, as usual, did herself proud in raising funds against Infantile Paralysis. Everyone joined in the work. Total amount raised by communities was $316.38. Total raised by schools was $295.67.

NEW JOHNS BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Johns of Winokur, Route One, announce the birth of a five pound boy on December 23.

MRS. JERRY HERRIN DIED. A large number of people from in and around Winokur attended the funeral of Mrs. Jerry Herrin at Bethlehem on Tuesday.

AD. PHOTO GALLERY. Three pictures, ten cents. One large one, ten cents. Enlarging, tinting, framing. Snyder’s Photo Gallery. Across street from Banks’ CafÈ.

PETTY BABY DIED. An infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Petty of Uptonville, died at birth in a Waycross hospital Monday. Burial service was held Tuesday at Sardis Cemetery with Rev. E.F. Dean officiating. Adkins Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements. The friends of Mr. and Mrs. Petty will sympathize with them in their loss.

NEW GEORGE BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Willie George are the proud parents of a seven pound girl.

February 10, 1939

OLD EMORY DEAN HOME BURNED. The country residence known as the old Emory Dean Home located about a mile west of Prospect Church was completely destroyed by fire shortly before noon Saturday. It was a two story frame structure built of the very best material and was valued at three or four thousand dollars. It was owned by J.V. Gowen, Sr. and occupied by J.C. Murray and family.

RACEPOND PIE SUPPER. The Pie Supper at Racepond on Saturday night a week ago was a big success. The sale of pies alone amounted to $27.00. The hot dogs, coffee and chocolate swelled the funds to $38.50. The quota to be raised for the polio fund was $15.00. This put the Racepond-Mattox district 256% over the top.

EDWARD EUNICE DIED. Edward Eunice, 13, died in a Waycross hospital Sunday of injuries sustained Saturday when he was struck by an automobile near his home in the southern section of Folkston. He was carried to the hospital in an unconscious condition and it was apparent his left leg would have to be amputated. He died before the operation was undertaken. An investigation by a state patrolman found that the youth ran into the path of an automobile. He was chasing handbills that had been thrown from a truck. The lad was living at the Hercules Powder Co. camp with a brother. He is survived by his mother, Mrs. Walter Eunice; seven brothers, Lester, Henry, Joe, Elmer, Lowell, George and Claude Eunice and a sister Mrs. E.J. Davis. The funeral was held at High Bluff Cemetery.

METHODIST PARSONAGE RENOVATION IS COMPLETE. Rev. and Mrs. Swoll Sawyer will keep Open House Friday evening and invite friends and members of the Folkston Methodist Church to visit the addition recently made to the parsonage. The back porch and bath were torn down and a new bath, a large bedroom and a breakfast room were built on to the parsonage. This was done by Walter Huling. New bathroom fixtures were bought and installed by the Men’s Bible Class. Plumbing work was done by Scott Johnson and W.E. Banks, Jr. The wiring was done by C.F. Adkins and Scott Johnson. E.W. Shivar built a china closet in the breakfast room. William Mizell, Mrs. H.J. Davis and L.E. Mallard, trustees of the church property were in charge of the project.

JONES-McKENDREE WEDDING. A marriage that will be of interest to a wide circle of friends is that of Miss Mae Jones and Mr. Jimmy Lee McKendree of Woodbine which took place Sunday afternoon at the Baptist pastorium here, ceremony performed by Rev. R.W. Waterman. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. J.B. Jones and sister of Mrs. Theodore Dinkins and Troy Jones. Mr. McKendree is a native of Camden County. Their home will be at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. O.E. Raynor.

GRACE CHAPEL BUILDING. It is inspiring to note the start being made on building a new church house at Grace Chapel with volunteers cutting logs and making cement blocks this week We wish to thank one and all for the help in this worthy cause.

February 17, 1939

CHINESE ELM TREES TO BE GIVEN AWAY. At the Garden Club meeting last week it was announced that William Mizell had ordered 200 Chinese elms to give to the garden club to distribute over the city as they desired. Anyone, club member or not, who wants one or two, are asked to notify Miss Marward Bedell. New officers of the club are President, Mrs. William Mizell, V.P., Mrs. J.L. Sawyer, Secretary, Miss Marward Bedell and Treasurer, Mrs. C.F. Adkins.

KIDNAPPER TO BE EXECUTED. Franklin Pierce McCall, who was sentenced to death for the kidnap-death last spring of little James Bailey Cash, Jr. of Princeton, Fla., will be executed at the Fla. State Prison at Raiford next Monday unless his attorneys win a last minute stay.

February 24, 1939

NEW NOVEL OF OKEFENOKEE SWAMP RELEASED THIS WEEK. “Clubfoot of the Okefenokee” a novel which pictures the life of a black bear in the great swamp interwoven with a romance that reveals the traits and everyday life in the swamp area was released for general sale this week by the publisher, author Judge A.S. McQueen. Orders for the book may be placed locally through the author.

HARRY DEAN DIED. Harry Dean, age 16, son of Mr. and Mrs. E.F. Dean, Jr. of Jesup, former residents of Charlton County, died Sunday in a Jesup hospital following a brief illness of pneumonia. He was the grandson of Rev. E.F. Dean, Sr. and had many relatives and friends in this county.

FORMER CHARLTON BOY KILLED IN JACKSONVILLE. Clifton Williams, age 18, native of Charlton County, was instantly killed Sunday morning when he was struck by a Seaboard Airline passenger train on the outskirts of Jacksonville. According to reports, he had sat down on the end of a crosstie and apparently fell asleep. The accident occurred a short distance from his home. He was born in this county and spent his early years in Homeland. He was a nephew of Mrs. Julian Crews, his mother being a sister of Mrs. Crews. He spent several weeks last summer visiting at Homeland. Funeral services took place at the Folkston cemetery.

ACLRR RECALLS SCOTT JOHNSON. Scott Johnson, timber and tie inspector for the Atlantic Coast Line Railway was this week recalled to active duty after being on the inactive list for the past several months. The fact that he had been recalled to duty indicates that the ACL will again be active in the market for timber and crossties.

MISS DOROTHY MATTOX NAMED CHIEF CREDIT MANAGER. Miss Dorothy Mattox has been named chief credit manager for the St. Regis Hotel in New York City according to information received this week by her father, H.S. Mattox. St. Regis is one of the principal luxury hotels in New York City.

Dr. W.J. SCHNEIDER TO OPEN OFFICE IN FOLKSTON. Folkston and this community are soon to have another active practicing physician, Dr. W.J. Schneider of Homeland having completed arrangements to open an office about March lst. He will be located in the first floor of the Old Bank Building, just below the telephone exchange. He is a graduate of the University of Chicago and practiced there for the past 27 years. He moved to Homeland several months ago.

PRESIDENT ROOSEVELT WAVES GREETING TO CROWD AT CROSSING. President Franklin Roosevelt, traveling on a special train over the Atlantic Cccoast Line Railway, passed through Folkston at 5:00 Friday afternoon en route to Key West, Florida where he boarded the cruiser, Houston, to watch the Atlantic fleet battle maneuvers in progress this week. A crowd of people gathered at the railroad crossing in Folkston to see the president’s special go through and in the hope of catching a fleeting glimpse of the nation’s chief executive. While the president did not stop here, as had been hoped, the special slowed down to a low rate of speed while passing through Folkston. The president was sitting in the rear of his private car and waved a cordial greeting to the crowd who had a good view of Mr. Roosevelt. He is scheduled to return about March 4th.

LUCAS WARD SERIOUSLY INJURED. Lucas Ward, employed at the Scott and Kendricks sawmill, suffered a serious injury Wednesday when he fell against the saw and his leg was badly mangled. He was brought to Sawyer Hospital for treatment and it is feared it will be necessary to amputate his leg.

COUNTY AGENT AND HOME DEMONSTRATION AGENT RE-EMPLOYED. At the county commissioners meeting this week it was decided to reemploy W.D. Jones as county agent for $60.00 per month and Miss Gertrude Proctor, home demonstration agent, for $37.50 per month. It was also decided to employ five forest range riders at $100.00 per month for the next 90 days as protective measure against the menace of fire.

NEW CHURCH BUILDING. A fine spirit of cooperation is manifested in the Uptonville community in clearing the location for the new church building, several being present at the work Wednesday.

CAUTION LIGHTS FOR HIGHWAY INTERSECTIONS. Plans for the installation for caution and stop lights at the main highway intersections are under consideration by the Folkston city council. Councilman C.J. Passieu has designed and manufactured in his shop a blinker operated caution sign to be placed at the Kingsland Highway intersection. If this device proves a success, similar lights will be installed at the other highway intersections.

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