Digest of Charlton County Herald - February 1938

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

February 4, 1938

DR. SAWYER IS BUILDING NEW HOSPITAL. The greatest step forward in the progress of Folkston for this year is the announcement of the construction of a modern new hospital building. Construction began Monday under supervision of contractor Leon Askew. The building is being erected by Dr. James L. Sawyer and will be located on the lot adjacent to his home with the hospital facing Federal Route One. It will be 74 by 30 feet in size and will contain eighteen rooms. The new building is to take care of the rapidly growing needs of the Folkston hospital operated by Drs. Fleming and Sawyer in the old residence of Dr. Fleming which was fitted up for hospital purposes. It will have an ambulance entrance on the south end. A six foot hall will extend in the center for sixty one feet. [Picture of Dr. James L. Sawyer and Dr. A. Fleming in connection with this.]

JOSEPH ALLEN CARTER DIED. Joseph Allen Carter, 33, lifelong resident of the Racepond community, died at his home Sunday after a long illness. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Nora Carter, son Joseph A. Carter, Jr. and four daughters, Mabel, Gladys, Dorothy and Pauline Carter, all of Racepond; his father Raiford Carter and two brothers, Otis Carter and Owen Carter; one sister, Mrs. Joe Corbett. Funeral services were held at the church at Racepond with burial in Racepond cemetery. Rites were conducted by Rev. Fleming Allen.

HOMELAND HAS NEW TOWN COUNCIL. The new town council of Homeland was sworn in this week. For the fifth time T.W. Wrench takes the oath as Mayor with the council composed of J.P. Garrison, Fred Kottman, M.M. Toy, H.J. Mays and M. Norwood. C.W. Waughtel is Recorder. The financial report showed a balance of over $300.00 with no outstanding obligations.

FLOYD WILDES VISITING HOME FOLKS. Floyd C. Wildes, who enlisted in the U.S. Navy last October, arrived here last week to spend some time with his parents Mr. and Mrs. J.M. Wildes.

February 11, 1938

CHARLTON COUNTY LEADS STATE IN WARM SPRINGS CONTEST. Exceeding its quota by the largest margin, winning both loving cups Charlton County won both trophies, beautiful silver loving cups in the campaign for funds for the Warm Springs National Foundation to combat Infantile Paralysis. Charlton County stole the show at the Victory Dinner in Atlanta Saturday when it was revealed that this county had won both cups after reports from all of Georgia’s 159 counties had been consolidated, showing that Charlton had exceeded its assigned quota based on population by a larger margin than any other county in the state. The winning of these two trophies, one to the county exceeding its quota by the largest margin and the other to the county school system making the best showing is a distinguished achievement of which Charlton County may well be proud. The Charlton County committee was represented at the victory dinner by R. Ward Harrison, V.J. Pickren and J.W. Vickery. The county cup was presented to Mr. Harrison and the school cup was presented to Mrs. E.C. Gowen who served as associate county chairman and John Harris who directed the school campaign were unable to attend the victory celebration. The cups were brought back to Folkston Tuesday and put on display in the lobby of the post office. Charlton County exceeded its quota by 73%.

JURORS. The following is a list of jurors who will serve in the March Term of Superior Court:

GRAND JURY. James H. Wrench, G.A. Dean, S.F. Canaday, N. A. Thrift, C.J. Passieu, J.M. Crawford, Canadair Canaday, Mack Lloyd, Sr., O.M. Prescott, S.M. Howard, Jesse W. Vickery, J.B. Carter, T.C. Gowen, H.S. Mattox, J.S. Joyner, W.J. Jones, E.H. Wright, E. F. Allen, W.L. McDuffie, J.C. Littlefield, W.E. Gibson, H.C. Page, B.F. Scott, Sr., C.J. Altman, L.H. Tucker, William Mizell, Jr., M.M. Crews, Jr., J.T. Thrift, T.H. Lowther.

TRAVERSE JURY. J.T. Conner, J.H. Canaday, W.W. Chism, Fred Kottman, H.D. Thomas, Jesse P. Mizell, J.B. Pearce, W.W. Davis, S.H. Lang, M. Norwood, N.J. Norman, B.S. Johnson, C.W. Prescott, Bert Harden, Leon Askew, C. Pearce Stapleton, Edward M. Stokes, J.B. Southwell, Roy Miller, J.W. Colson, Charles H. Gibson, A.C. Crews, R.L. Chism, Raiford Carter, H.P. McDUFFIE, T.E. Bryant, G.R. Gowen, Sr., N.A. Thrift, Eugene Williams, M. Altman, J.W. Spencer, Lee Prescott, R.L. Crews, O.E. Raynor, W.G. Gibson, V.A. Quarterman n, R.B. Stroup, B.H. Lowther, Arthur Carter, Ben T. Chesser, Curtis Dixon, Carl Jones, W.H. Crews, A.D. Burnsed, W.C. Suggs, S.L. Lyons, Eddie Crews, J.L. Thrift.

PALMS PLANTED AT SCHOOLS. At a recent meeting of the Garden Club, it was reported that members placed palm trees at the entrances of the school buildings last week. Mrs. George Gowen, Jr., Mrs. William Mizell and Mrs. John Harris were appointed to go before the city council and ask that stock be kept out of town.

NEW CHOIR AT BAPTIST CHURCH. The Baptist Church last week voted to organize a men’s choir. Evidence that this organization will mean much to the church could be seen at the regular Sunday night service when the choir box was filled with men and practically every seat in the church was taken.

ROADMASTER HODGES RECEIVES AWARD. Roadmaster V.A. Hodges was last week awarded a certificate of merit for accident prevention during 1937 by the Safety Dept. of the Atlantic Coast Line Railway. The certificate certifies that employees in the territory under supervision of Mr. Hodges obtained 100% safety during the year 1937. Mr. Hodges is chairman of the Safety Committee for this division.

NEW PIANO FOR GRACE BAPTIST CHURCH. The recently organized Grace Baptist Church at Uptonville this week purchased a splendid Fischer upright piano for their church and it has been installed for use at future church services there.

February 18, 1938

CHARLTON TO CELEBRATE WINNING OF TROPHIES. Plans for a county-wide celebration to be held in the high school gym February 26th are being completed for the purpose of commemorating Charlton’s splendid achievement in winning both trophies in the recent state-wide Warm Springs campaign to raise funds to combat Infantile Paralysis. The celebration is set to begin at 2:00 in the afternoon and outstanding features will be the formal presentation of the cups by Governor E.D. Rivers and State School Supt., M.D. Collins. President Roosevelt, sponsor of the Warm Springs National Foundation Campaign, and who is deeply interested in this project has been extended an invitation to stop briefly in Folkston on his journey south to Florida for a fishing trip.

BOAT CRUISER NOW TAKES WORKERS INTO INTERIOR OF SWAMP. A 22-foot motor boat cruiser was unloaded here Saturday and carried by truck to the Suwannee Canal where it has been placed in service to transport workers from the CCC camp into the interior of the swamp where the work of developing the government bird and game refuge is underway. The canal has been cleared of all obstructions and the undergrowth cleared out and it’s now possible to operate a boat of this size without trouble for the entire length of the canal.

FIDDLERS’ CONVENTION. Kingsland, Ga. A fiddlers’ convention will be held at the Kingsland High School at 8 P.M. February 23 under auspices of the Kingsssland PTA. The music program is to be varied with other forms of entertainment and funds raised will be used for the stadium which is under construction. All musicians are invited to come and take part.

CUSTOM HATCHING. Mrs. C.W. Waughtel will do custom hatching again this season. Will set one incubator next week. Prices same as last season. Single trays hold 150 eggs. Price: $3.50 per tray.

February 25, 1938

MALLARD, FLEMING AND HARRIS ARE SURPRISED AND HONORED. The Charlton County Chamber of Commerce at their annual meeting honored L.E. Mallard, Dr. A. Fleming and Mr. and Mrs. John Harris for the unselfish service that they have given Charlton County through the years. Completely surprising each one, they were presented engraved loving cups.

BUGGIE DASHER KILLED IN FRACAS. Buggie Dasher, a youth said to be about 19 years old, died in a Waycross hospital Monday as a result of gunshot wounds sustained in a row at Traders Hill Sunday night. He was reported to have entered the home of Isaac Sims when he was shot by Sims. Both men are employed by J.V. Gowen in his turpentine operation.

CITY CLOCK CLEANED UP. The Folkston city clock perched high up in the tower of the Charlton County Courthouse has this week had its face lifted and the accumulated grime and soot of many years removed. It has been given a complete overhaul by veteran employee of the Howard Clock Co. The face of the clock is lighted at night.

BEAUTY CONTEST WINNERS. At the beauty contest sponsored by the Folkston PTA the following girls were declared winners: Senior group: Mrs. Geraldine McCormick. Junior Evening Group: Mary Lou Stewart. Jr. Sport Group: Marion Pickren. Primary Group: Bobby Ruth Sikes. $76.80 was cleared and applied to the dining room project of feeding the undernourished children in the Folkston schools.

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