Digest of Charlton County Herald - February 1937

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

February 5, 1937

PALMS, DOGWOODS, REDBUD TREES AND PHLOX FLOWERS PLANTED. The Garden Club met this week and reports were given on tree plantings. About fifty palms have been planted, also 175 dogwood and redbud trees have been planted this spring. The Club has planted three palm trees in front of the Jr. High School building and Mrs. Hebard gave two, which formed the nucleus of a group of plants in the rear of this building. The city council is clearing vacant lots which will be beautiful with phlox the club has planted. Mrs. Hebard gave $10.00 for the purchase of these seed and the club gave $5.00.

FOLKSTON-KINGSLAND HIGHWAY. The work of grading and constructing the road bed on the Folkston-Kingsland Highway has been completed. All that remains to be done is the placing of the hard surface. The road extends for about seven miles from Folkston to the Camden County line. This highway is designated as State Road 40, extending from Folkston to St. Marys. The remaining gap from the county line to Kingsland will probably be paved within the next year.

JULIAN M. McCORMICK KILLED IN ACCIDENT. Injuries sustained in an automobile accident Wednesday of last week proved fatal to Julian M. McCormick, age 25, prominent young Jacksonville Beach contractor who died in a Brunswick hospital Friday night. Surviving are his widow, Mrs. Geraldine McCormick, bride of a little more than three months, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Leon Askew and his parents, Mr. and Mrs. B.B. McCormick, of Jacksonville Beach, four brothers and four sisters. For the present, Mrs. McCormick will be with her parents here.

CHARLTON MAY GET TWO CCC CAMPS FOR OKEFENOKEE PROJECT. John M. Hopkins of Waycross, for years a part time citizen of Charlton, who is one of the leading authorities of the great Okefenokee Swamp, has been appointed agent and general manager for the project. Earl R. Greene has been named as Junior Refuge Manager of the Okefenokee project. The main entrance to the Swamp will be by way of Camp Cornelia and the Suwannee Canal in this county. The other CCC camp will probably be on Billy’s Island.

WILLARD LEE. Mr. and Mrs. Dolphus Lee, Winokur, are the proud parents of an eight pound baby boy, born January 26th. The baby is to be named Willard.

USED FIST, NOT BEER BOTTLE, IN FIGHT, IT IS CLAIMED. The Herald is in receipt of a communication in which it is stated that this paper was misinformed concerning the fight at Uptonville Camp Saturday night a week ago. It is claimed that Clyde Brooks struck his cousin Woodrow Brooks with his fist and not a beer bottle as was reported in the Herald from sources considered reliable.

MOVING PICTURE SHOW. The work of remodeling the building next door to the Passieu Chevrolet Co. for occupancy by a moving picture show is progressing rapidly and will be ready for the picture show to begin operations within the next week or so. The front of the structure is being attractively arranged with marquee and spacious entrance lobby and seats are being placed in the building. It is understood that the picture show will be operated by Jacksonville interests.

DANCE AT JACK HOWARDS. There was a dance given at the home of Jack Howard at Winokur Saturday night. Everyone reported a nice time.

February 12, 1937

HOMELAND CITY OFFICERS. At the Homeland town council meeting this week Mrs. Carrie McLeod was re-elected Tax Collector for 1937 and C.W. Waughtel was sworn in as Recorder.

BANKS CAFÉ HAS NEON SIGN. The first real neon electric sign to make its appearance on Folkston’s Main Street has been installed by the Banks Café. The dazzling sign adds much to the brilliance of the night-time illumination in the business section of the town.

MR. JULES H. THOMPSON DIED. Funeral services for Jules H. Thompson, 71, life-long resident of St. George, was held in Boones Creek Cemetery with Rev. W.R. Rhoden officiating. Mr. Thompson, well known farmer of this county, died Tuesday following a brief illness. Survivors are his widow, Mrs. Mazuria Thompson; four daughters, Mrs. Sarah Rhoden, Mrs. Nellie Vieira, Mrs. Thelma Gainey and Mrs. Hazel Rhoden; three sons, Fred, Neal and Hamp Thompson; three sisters, Mrs. Bettie Canaday, Mrs. Ella Canaday and Mrs. Sarah Hodges; four brothers, Shad Thompson, Mack Thompson, Jeff and Nathaniel Thompson.

WEDDING. Of interest to a wide range of friends was announcement of the marriage last Saturday of Miss Myrtle Murray, daughter of Mrs. W.N. Murray of Jacksonville and Mr. Tommie Roddenberry of near Folkston. The popular young couple have many friends who will join in wishing them a happy and successful life. The bride formerly resided in this county, being a sister of F.L. and J.C. Murray. The groom is the son of the late Mr. Gad Roddenberry and Mrs. Roddenberry. They will make their home at the Roddenberry farm near Folkston.

COUNTY COMMISSIONERS MEET. At the recent County Commissioners meeting it was decided to have Foreman Thrift and his crew assist in the construction of a cattle guard on the Dixie Highway near the north limits of Folkston. O.F. Wilson was re-appointed Clerk for the ensuing year at $50.00 per month. The salary of toll bridge keeper Mizell was increased to $22.50 per month.

TRADERS HILL METHODIST SUNDAY SCHOOL. The Methodists of Traders Hill have organized a Sunday School for the Methodist Church there. Eli Waughtel is the Supt. , Miss Leila Tracy, Secretary and Miss Annie Bell Lowther, Treasurer. At the organizational meeting twenty-five were present. The Sunday School hour is 3:00 o’clock.

February 19. 1937

WEDDING. A marriage announcement that will be of much interest here was that of Miss Blanche Altman, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. S.M. Altman, of near Folkston, and Mr. Glenn Courson, formerly of Alma, now of Jacksonville, which occurred Sunday, the ceremony being performed by A.S. McQueen, Ordinary. The bride is a native of this community and is a graduate of Charlton County High School and is a charming young lady with a large circle of friends. Mr. Courson was formerly a resident of Folkston, having been employed here as manager of the local Suwannee Store. They will make their home in Jacksonville.

NOTICE. Sealed bids will be received by Charlton County for the removal of the home of Miss Mayme Askew in the eastern portion of the city of Folkston from the right of way of the Folkston-Kingsland road and the re-setting of said house in as good condition as same now is. For complete specifications as to distance to be moved and other features of the contract may be had by applying at the office of Board of Commissioners at the Courthouse. The county will furnish material to be used for sliding house only. Contractor to furnish equipment and everything else necessary for the job. Bids will be opened March 2, 1937.

O.F. WILSON, Clerk

RITZ THEATER TO OPEN. The Ritz Theater, a moving picture show, Folkston’s newest business enterprise, located next door to Passieu Chevrolet Co., will be formerly opened to the public February 23rd. The building has been remodeled and comfortably fitted up for that purpose and the most modern equipment will be used. It will be operated four nights each week, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, with two shows each evening.

MR. JAMES THOMAS BELL DIED. Funeral services were held Monday at the Folkston Presbyterian Church for Mr. James Thomas Bell, 63, well known South Georgian who died in a Waycross hospital Saturday of injuries sustained in a traffic accident in Waycross Saturday. It is understood that Mr. Bell had just gotten out of a cab at the AB&C crossing on Albany Avenue when he was struck by another cab. He never regained consciousness. He formerly operated a bus line between Waycross and Folkston and was from Linden, N.C. He moved to South Georgia in 1916 and lived at Winokur before moving to Folkston. During the past few years he has lived in Waycross, Alma and Brunswick where he has a number of relatives. He is survived by his widow and three sons and five daughters which include Mrs. O.E. Raynor. Burial was at Folkston Cemetery. Hawkins Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements.

NEW BABY. Mr. and Mrs. Marshal Crews are happy to announce the birth of a little daughter born February 13th.

February 26, 1937

RITZ THEATER OPENS. The Ritz Theater, Folkston’s new moving picture show, was formally opened to the public Tuesday night with a splendid program and was greeted by capacity audiences at both performances.

MRS. MONNIE CREWS HARDEN DIED. Mrs. Monnie Harden, 32 years of age, wife of W. Henry Harden of near Folkston, died Saturday in a Ware hospital following an extended illness. The immediate cause of her death was peritonitis, resulting from an operation. She had undergone two operations in the last month and was on the operation table for the third surgery at the time of her death. She had a wide circle of friends in this community. She is survived by her husband, two children, William Clarence Harden and Clara Mae Harden; her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C.B. Crews; three brothers, Eddie N. Crews, Fred Crews and Eugene Crews and nine sisters, Mrs. Mabelle Crews, Mrs. Myrtie Strickland, Mrs. Emmie Crews, Mrs. Beulah Melton, Mrs. Goldie Harden, Mrs. Gussie Aldridge, Mrs. Lorene Griffin, Miss Hazel Crews and Mrs. Addie Gowen. Funeral services were held at Sardis Cemetery with Rev. G.H. Jacobs officiating.

JOHNSON LUMBER COMPANY ACQUIRES EXTENSIVE TIMBER INTERESTS. Announcement is made this week that negotiations have been completed whereby the Johnson Lumber Co. has acquired extensive timber and sawmill interests in the Racepond section and will begin operations there immediately. The sawmill plant, tram road tracks and other equipment used at the Okefenokee location will be moved to the Racepond site as soon as operations at the old location can be completed.

THE TWENTY-FIVE MILLIONTH FORD CAR. The 25 millionth Ford car, a symbol of an accomplishment unparalleled in the history of automotive industry, arrived at the Roberts White Motor Co., local Ford dealers, Wednesday and was viewed by a number of our local citizens. It was en route from Dearborn, Michigan to Miami where it will be placed on view at the Ford Florida Exposition. Number 25,000,000 is a deluxe Fordor Touring Sedan, cream colored with chromium wheels.

ADULT EDUCATION CLASS ORGANIZED AT TRADERS HILL. A large number of the citizens of Traders Hill and surrounding communities assembled at the Methodist Episcopal Church Wednesday to organize a class in Adult Education. Great interest was shown by those present. The class selected for its work for the coming weeks Sight Singing with Mrs. C.W. Waughtel as instructor. Current Events, Odd Happenings, Community Welfare, Home Orchards, Helpful Hints and Practical Horticulture will be studied and discussed. The class will meet every Wednesday night at the church. C.W. Waughtel is the teacher.

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