Digest of Charlton County Herald - February 1936

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

February 7, 1936

McQUEEN ELECTED ORDINARY. Four Hundred eighty-eight voters went to the polls and voted 253 for Col. A.S. McQueen and 235 for Jesse W. Vickery for the office of Charlton County Ordinary. For the other county offices there was no opposition: Clerk of Court W.B. Smith, Sheriff J.O. Sikes, Tax Collector, Mrs. J.M. Roddenberry, Tax Receiver, H.H. Crews and County School Supt. John Harris.

MRS. HENRY MANSEL DIED. Mrs. Henry Mansel, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Grooms, died Monday in a hospital in Douglas where she was being treated for Bright’s disease. They had been living in Coffee County for two years. Funeral services were held at the family home near Douglas. The body was brought here and interred in Bethel Cemetery, she having been a convert and member of Bethel Methodist Church. Surviving her is her husband, Mr. Mansel and one son, Lonnie, seven years old; three sisters, a twin Mrs. Eleta Mobley, Mrs. Beulah Hickox and Mrs. O.K. Prevatt; one brother, Malcolm Grooms.

GOWEN LATH MILL IN OPERATION. The Gowen Lath Mill, operated by Gowen Brothers began operation Monday near Highway No. One west of Folkston. V.A. Quarterman is boss of the works and has fifteen men working with him.

RUNAWAY CAR. Saturday afternoon the serenity of the loafers’ bench on Main Street was disturbed when an automobile came tearing down the sidewalk in front of W.E. Gibson’s store. Several were employing the restful easy seat and hurried to a harbor of safety without even looking to see what was coming, the noise being sufficient to cause due alarm. Stanley Mattox , who was politicking, was the first to step aside, and that with rapidity. However H.C. Wunderlich failed to escape and was hurled to the sidewalk when the car struck the post, bruising him painfully but not seriously. He was out Wednesday. The car was driven by Burwell Crews who set up the claim that the brakes were bad and he couldn’t stop it. The runway between the awning post and building was just ten feet but the car made the passage nicely, the bench being the only drawback. It was torn to flinders.

HIGH SCHOOL HONOR ROLL. This is made up of those whose average is ninety or better in all their work. First Year: Beryl Barnes, Irene Gibson, Baynard Gowen, Sara Kathryn Mizell. Second Year: Virgil Colson, Mildred Huling, Jewell Mizell, Mildred Prescott. Third Year, Jane Jones, Elizabeth Passieu, Beulah Lee Waughtel, Geraldine Waughtel. Fourth Year, R.A. Boyd, Annie Belle Lowther, Martha Cockrell.

February 14, 1936

SINCLAIR STATION TO BE CONSTRUCTED ON STROUP LOT. Folkston is to have a new service station of the latest model, the Sinclair type. Harry Gibson was here Wednesday and completed arrangements for the structure which will be erected on Main Street on the C.E. Stroup property. Richard Stroup will be the serviceman in charge. It is to be constructed at once.

CONSTRUCTION OF NEW JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL BEGUN. The foundation of the new Junior High School has been poured and the main structure is progressing nicely. The framework indicates the size of the structure and style of architecture.

FOLKSTON HAS NEW ORGANIZATION. On January 26th, under the supervision of Mrs. Hebard, a small group of ladies met and organized a Garden Club for Folkston with Mrs. William Mizell, Jr., President; Miss Gertrude Proctor, Vice President; Mrs. James Wrench, Secretary and Mrs. H.J. Davis, Treasurer.

JOHNSON CHILD BADLY BURNED. Little Frank Johnson of St. George was badly burned last Saturday when he fell and stuck his hand in a boiler of grits which his mother had moved from the heater to fry some meat for dinner.

GUIMY BABY DIED. The six-week old infant of Mr. and Mrs. Clayton Guimy of St. George died Friday night of pneumonia. Friends sympathize with them in the loss of their little one.

HOMELAND CITY COUNCIL SWORN IN. The new council elected to serve Homeland for 1936, which happened to be the old council with the exception of Recorder Ackerman, was sworn in Wednesday by Mayor Wrench. The council is composed of Mayor T.W. Wrench, Mayor Pro Tem J.P. Garrison, A. Roberts, C.W. Waughtel, Fred Kottman, M.M. Toy and B.W. Kennison, Recorder.

February 21, 1936

G.S. RODDENBERRY DIED. G.S. Roddenberry, 51 years of age, and life long resident of this county died at his home Monday with pneumonia. His illness covered a short duration. He is a son of the late Mr. and Mrs. N. Roddenberry. He was one of Charlton’s lovable characters and one of the few knowing the ins and outs of the Okefenokee Swamp. He is survived by his wife who before her marriage was Miss Susan Colson; five daughters, Miss Irene and Miss Katie Roddenberry, Mrs. Willie Chesser, Mrs. Walter Murray, Miss Mary Sue Roddenberry; six sons, Tommy, James, Newton, Malcolm, Dan and Jesse Roddenberry; two sisters, Mrs. D.L. Keene and Mrs. B.F. Scott. The funeral and interment was at Sardis Cemetery.

W.B. CARTER DIED. The sudden death of W.B. Carter, better known as Will Carter, occurred Saturday at his home near Uptonville due to heart trouble. He had been ill but not considered very sick for several days. He got up Saturday morning, went to build a fire and dropped dead before finishing. He was buried fro:\m Racepond Church and the body was interred at Traders Hill Cemetery. He leaves a wife and several children.

LITTLE FRANK JOHNSON DIED. Funeral services were held at the Baptist Church in St. George Friday for little Frank Johnson who died at his parents’ home Thursday. Interment was in Oak Grove Cemetery.

February 28, 1936

At the regular meeting of the Chamber of Commerce, Miss Ruth Smith, Supervisor of Charlton County Welfare Board presented the program. Charlton is one of approximately ten counties in the state that qualifies for a six months trial, giving us a Welfare Worker whose salary is taken care of without cost to the county.

HERCULES TO GET TELEPHONES. Improvement of the local telephone system was noted this week when it was found that new poles had been put on the right of way from the courthouse to Hercules quarters.

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