Digest of Charlton County Herald - February 1933

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

February 3, 1933

ANOTHER CAR OF RED CROSS FLOUR will arrive this week and arrangements have been made for the storing of it in the Scott Building on Main Street under the supervision of Ed Stokes. Doors will be open from 1:00 - 4:00 on Saturday only so that everyone entitled to the flour can get his supply promptly.

PRESIDENT-ELECT FRANKLIN D. ROOSEVELT WILL PASS THROUGH FOLKSTON en route to Jacksonville early Saturday morning. Mr. Roosevelt will make a short public address at Hemming Park, Jacksonville that morning. Many in this vicinity have indicated their intention to hear him.

THE BUSINESS SCHOOL which was a matter of considerable interest among the younger element seems to have gone on the rocks as the instructor, Prof. Land left last week and has failed to keep his appointments to return. It is hoped that some adjustment will be worked up with those who were supposed to be sponsoring the school so that it can be continued.

FOLKSTON MERCHANTS have taken the bit in their teeth. At a meeting held this week they demanded a reduction of license taxes accessed against them setting up the claim that several of the aldermen have not paid their license tax for the past year and also that this evasion is causing them to pay more than their share. The meeting was held at Tyson's store last Thursday night. We understand that almost every businessman of town was present, the absent ones agreeing to stand by whatever action the others took. Their demand is, we understand, that the license tax be reduced and that all be made to pay. They are also objecting to the expenses of government setting up that the city fathers have not reduced expenses as they should under the circumstances.

THE WARE COUNTY MEDICAL SOCIETY had it annual shad supper in Folkston Wed. evening at Banks' Cafe. Some twenty-odd were present. There was plenty of shad, and lots of merriment came from the men of medicine. Dr. A. Fleming and A.D. Williams, members of the society, had charge of the local end of the preparations.

DEPRESSION NOTES. In St. Paul, Minn. 100 men sat down to a Business Men's luncheon and Peter McFarlane, a mission worker, asked if they would rise and give their places to half-starved men. All arose. 100 hungry men filed in and took their places. The business men ate hot dogs in the annex.

MRS. LEETIE HICKOX CHANCEY, 48, died in a local hospital yesterday. She was born in Bradford County, later moved to Charlton County, Ga. and came here about ten years ago. She is survived by one son, C.T. Chancey; two sisters, Mrs. Mary Kite and Mrs. Lizzie Bryant; four brothers, Daniel Hickox, Riley Hickox, Rance Hickox and Arch Hickox. -- Times-Union. Funeral services were held at Sardis cemetery where she was laid to rest by the side of her husband, Soley Chancey who died some eleven years ago. Rev. G.H. Jacobs read the funeral service.

THE MCDONALD HOUSE is receiving a new spring dress of white trimmed with grey.

SCHOOL ATTENDANCE. Reports were that 150 were absent from the consolidated school with many more sniffling and snuffling and the flu may cause the suspension of school tomorrow.

BIRTH. Mr. and Mrs. Ollie Newell of Waycross announce the birth of a son born Saturday. Mrs. Newell was formerly Miss Violet Martin of Folkston.

The Red Cross flour is being unloaded today.

BIRTH. Mr. and Mrs. John Hathaway announce the birth of a baby girl on January 30th.

TELEPHONE EXCHANGE. Manager Parker has moved into the telephone building so as to be more convenient to his labors. Building is booming. A new garage, smokehouse and dog house has been built back of the telephone exchange.

BIRTH Mr. and Mrs. George Peagler are the proud parents of a baby daughter born January 30th. The little girl will be called Mary Lou.

REVIVAL. J.V. Gowen says they have lots of news at the Hill this week with a woman exhorter from Jacksonville conducting a Holiness meeting among the colored people. They are having well behaved crowds and are doing good.

February 10, 1933

SCHOOL SUSPENDS. The continued epidemic of the flu in this community forced the closing of the Folkston Consolidated Schools Friday. Many were already out. Several cases have developed pneumonia and the doctors have their hands full with calls of new cases developing overnight. When it was found that 198 were absent from school Monday the school was immediately adjourned.

CAR ACCIDENT. A tourist, Miss Helen Eschman, 28, was killed at Mattox Crossing when her car overturned early Saturday morning.

The Macon Telegraph has been printing brief biographical notes about various members of the Georgia legislature and on Wednesday appeared the following: Representative from Charlton County: Joseph C. Littlefield, Folkston. Age 25. Born March 18, 1907 at Burnt Fort, Ga. Naval stores operator. Attended public schools in Charlton County. Graduate of Citadel Academy, Charleston. B.S. degree. Methodist. Democrat. Mason. Trustee of Folkston Consolidated School. Married. One child. Son of J.C. Littlefield, Sr., Chairman Charlton County Commissioners.

DEATH. Death removed from life Tuesday Mrs. Beatrice B. King, age 49, of St. George, a pioneer citizen of that community. She had not been well for several months but after a resting spell in Florida had returned home and was able to be about the home. Thursday she had a relapse with a slight stroke. She was born in Webester, North Dakota June 13, 1883 and came to St. George in 1905 and shortly thereafter married N.B. King who died some six or seven years ago. For the past four years she has been postmaster at St. George. She was buried in Oak Hill cemetery at St. George by the side of her husband. She leaves three sons, N.B. King, John A. King and Donald King and one daughter, Miss Dorothy King; three brothers, John and Leo Blake and another brother lives in the west.

DEATH Another pioneer of Charlton County has gone to his reward, A.F. Wildes, age 79, who died suddenly at his farm home Tuesday. For his age he was in excellent health till the moment of his death at which time he was preparing to go from the barn to the field to plow. He was seen to topple over and was dead when reached. Mr. Wildes was born near where Waycross now is and has spent all his life in Ware, Camden and Charlton Counties, residing since 1912 on the farm where he died. His father, then only six years old, was the only white survivor of an Indian massacre which occurred nearly a century ago where Waycross now stands. His funeral was Wednesday evening.

DEATH. The death of Mrs. J.M. Bryant occurred at Traders Hill February 4th after a short period of illness. She was buried Sunday at the cemetery there, Rev. H.C. Griffin officiating at the service. She is survived by three sons, Frank, Ed and Ben Bryant and two daughters, Mrs. Ed Peeples and Mrs. Everett Johns. All of the children were present at the funeral. She was one of the pioneer citizens of this county and has lived her life in the Traders Hill section where she had a large circle of friends.

DEATH. Alonza Chapman, a life long resident of Folkston, died Monday after a short illness from a dropsy complaint. He leaves a wife only. He was buried Tuesday. He was one of our colored home owners.

CHANGE IN BUSINESS. The Folkston Grain & Grocery has made a change in its managers, George R. Gowen, Sr. retiring to take charge of the stave mills at Folkston and Hoboken. Clyde Gowen is now in charge of the business.

H.S. Hodges was in Folkston the past week to take up his commission as Justice of the Peace of the St. George district. He has served the longest time as Justice in Charlton County, having held that job for the past twenty years. It would not seem like Court down in the Bend if Justice Hodges was not on the bench.

Rev. M.G. Davis has moved to Folkston, now living in the bungalow of Sam Mills near the Coca Cola plant.

SMOKE HOUSES ROBBED last week were the Mrs. Joe Allen's and V.A. Quarterman's. It is a pretty mean thief that would rob a widow and they took most all Mrs. Allen had. The Quarterman robber took all but it was only one piece.

The daily papers are asking for names of all in Georgia who were born on February 12, Georgia Day. How many readers in Charlton were born on that date, we would like to know. This year is the Bicentennial of the State of Georgia.

February 17, 1933

Grand Jurors for Spring term of Superior Court: Grand Jury: N.E. Roddenberry, D.M. Mizell, C.E. Roy, C.E. Stroupe, S.M. Howard, J.M. Crawford, Louis Roberts, T.E. Sikes, Jack Thompson, J.T. Thrift, Ernie Bell, R.A. Boyd, Allen Carter, M.G. White, Ralph Knabb, F.D. Mills, Julian Crews, T.E. Bryant, L. Jasper Stokes, W.O. Gibson, W.J. Braddock, H.S. Hodges, L.E. Roberts, Curtis Dixon, Fred Kottman, W.L. McDuffie, Seward Lee, J.M. Wilson, Sr., L.T. Wasdin and Jesse P. Mizell.

PETTY JURORS: Mack Lloyd, Sr., Orlando Roberts, H.C. Wunderlisch, Dr. W.R. McCoy, Josie Thrift, J. Dean Gowen, J.C. Littlefield, Jr., Ed Mizell, B. Fay Mills, A.G. Gowen, Dr. A. Fleming, E.H. Wright, H.J. Davis, O.M. Prescott, G.A. Dean, Ralph Frazier, T.G. Brock, J.M. Barnes, John Harris, Odis Johnson, R.A. Bryant, G.C. Hodges, A.A. Allen, Raiford Carter, Troy Jones, D.L. Page, O.C. Crews, W.T. Londeree, M.M. Toy, J.L. Huling, J.B. Jones, W.E. Banks, D.L. Leonard, Jack Mizell, Festus N. Stokes, J.M. Mattox, James Raulerson, L.J. Stokes, D.R. Wainwright, H.C. Griffin, Harold Thomas, E.F. Allen, L. Knabb, R.T. Chesser, L.D. Hickox, T.H. Lowther, O.A. Cassell and James Wrench.

HECK PETTY DEAD. Heck Petty, age 70 years, an old-time resident of Charlton County was stricken with paralysis last Friday and was taken to the hospital in Waycross. He died Wednesday evening. He leaves a widow and eight children. He was laid to rest in the Sardis cemetery. He has lived in the Racepond section practically all of his life.

WEDDING. The marriage of Miss Myrtle Ann Godley to Mr. Luther Wesley Reddick of Silo was solomnized Sunday morning at the home of Mr. and Mrs. A.N. Durden in Albany, Rev. Reese Griffin officiating. Mrs. Reddick is a daughter of W.B. Godley, a sister of Mrs. A.N. Durden and of Joe Godley. For the past three years, she has been a member of the faculty of the Folkston High School. Mr. Reddick is a descendent of a pioneer family in Silo where he is manager of turpentine interests. -- Macon Telegraph.

STANDARD STATION. The remodeled Standard station at Homeland was opened Wednesday with Thomas Wrench in charge. It has been repainted, has plenty of room for servicing cars and supplying them with Standard products. It is on the corner opposite the Roberts store. It has rest room and camping quarters.

DEATH. The death of Mrs. B.B. King having created a vacancy in the postmastership of St. George, an examination has been called. There are several candidates so it is reported. Application blanks for this can be obtained at the post office at St. George.

Napoleon B. King was in Folkston Tuesday visiting the Ordinary making application for administration on the estate of his mother, Mrs. Beatrice B. King. Mr. King is 25 years old. His brother, John Allen is 19 and a sister, Miss Dorothy, 15 and Donald, 11. The two last named children will make their home with their uncles, John Blake and Leo Blake in Palatka and Orlando. Mr. King has a position with Burbridge Hotel in Jacksonville while John Allen is acting postmaster, pending appointment of his mother's successor.

County commissioner Green and Mr. Raulerson of the Moniac district were here Tuesday. Mr. Green came with a truck to get a portion of the Red Cross flour for the use of unfortunate ones in that district.

Folkston had one birthday celebrated upon Georgia's 200th aniversary and that was Judge H.G. Gibson who turned his 79th milestone. The family gathered and had a feast with 45 at the table.

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