Digest of Charlton County Herald - February 1930

Compiled by Lois Barefoot Mays

February 7, 1930

MRS. LILLA K. MILLER DIED. Mrs. Lilla Kirkland Miller, 60, wife of the late Lemuel E. Miller, former citizens of Folkston, died February lst in Waycross after an operation. The body was interred in the Kettle Creek Cemetery by the grave of her late lamented husband. She is survived by five children. They had been close neighbors of the W.J. Jones family for many years.

MONIAC SCHOOL. The Moniac school was unable to resume operations as planned Monday because the new desks ordered from Atlanta had not yet arrived.

NEW BABY. Born, a little baby girl to Mr. and Mrs. Vesta Aldridge.

NEW BABY. Mrs. Sterling Ackerman, Homeland, gave birth to a fine baby girl on January 21st. She has been named Johanne Meirlyn.

FOUR WEDDINGS. Marriages for January, 1930:
Robert Brown and Charlotte Johnson of Toledo, by the Ordinary.
Lucious Reed and Daisy Laster of Paxton Place by the Ordinary.
T.G. Brock and Miss Thelma Jones, Traders Hill, by Rev. E.F. Dean.
Fulton Lucious and Cassie Smith of Traders Hill.

February 14, 1930

DR. BOB JONES TO SPEAK HERE. "The Perils of America" will be the subject of an address to be delivered at Folkston Methodist Church Friday morning by Dr. Bob Jones, noted evangelist and lecturer. Arrangements to get Dr. Jones to come to Folkston were made by John Harris and the pastors of the community. All the business houses of the town have signed an agreement to close their places of business at that hour.

MR. WILLIAM MIZELL DIED. Mr. William Mizell, Sr., a native son of Charlton County, a retired lumberman and the wealthiest citizen of this section, died at his home in Folkston Wednesday morning at 10:45 after a lingering illness of several months as a result of a stroke of paralysis. As a chief stockholder in the organization of the Citizens Bank, Mr. Mizell, then a resident of Kings Ferry left the management of the bank to the minority stockholders. Moving to Folkston and building a beautiful home he was made bank president in 1920. He was truly a remarkable character. He was born June 21, 1852 on the old homeplace near Burnt Fort. He was engaged in the timber business, later with his brother Jackson Mizell a sawmill was established at Kings Ferry. His father was Joshua E. Mizell who married Miss Parita Paxton and settled on the old place over a hundred years ago. and of that....[not legible] Mrs. Felder Lang, Mrs. Gary Lang, Jos. P. Mizell. Mr. Mizell married Miss Susie Reid of Charleston and settled at Kings Ferry where they resided until moving to Folkston. Surviving him are Mrs. Mizell, Howard W. Mizell, Albert S. Mizell, William Mizell, Jr., Clifford Mizell, Mrs. W.C. King, Mrs. E.P. Davis, Mrs. A. Fleming and Miss Helen Mizell. The remains were in the hands of Morton & Kyle, morticians of Jacksonville. The funeral was held from the residence, Rev. K.W. Hollister of Ft. Mead, Fla., an old friend, officiating at the last sad rites.

OUR LAST CONFEDERATE WIDOW, MRS. POLLY PRIVETT, DIED. Mrs. Polly Privett, the only widow survivor in Charlton of a Confederate veteran, is dead at the age of 83. She passed to her reward last Friday at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Henry Geiger, in Nassau County. She was laid to rest by the side of her husband, Irwin Privett, in the old Thompson Cemetery near Toledo, Saturday. Rev. Jim Strickland officiated. "Aunt Polly", as she was affectionately called, was a splendid representative of the early days and stirring events of pioneer days and was beloved by all the citizens of this section. Survivors are a son, W.H. Privett and three daughters, Mrs. Frank Geiger, Mrs. Henry Geiger and Mrs. Harris Geiger and a large number of grandchildren.

CORINTH BUILDING TORN DOWN. The annual workday of cleaning the church yard and cemetery at Corinth Primitive Baptist Church last Saturday turned out to be the destruction of the old structure built some forty years ago. It was razed for the purpose of having constructed a larger building. Contractor Ed Shivar and force are pushing the work, which will meet the needs of an increased membership. The cemetery fence was also rebuilt, taking in more ground.

PRESIDENT HOOVER CAME THROUGH FOLKSTON. President Hoover passed through Folkston last Sunday afternoon on ACL train 76. All local officers and section men covered the ground in their territory ahead of the train. He was observed by a few bystanders.

NEW BABY. Born on February 10, a fine boy to Mrs. Ben A. Altman.

WOODROW PICKREN VISITING. Woodrow Pickren is visiting his parents, Mr. and Mrs. T.L. Pickren. Woodrow has been working in Toledo, Ohio.

EDGAR MILLS, MEAT MAN. Edgar Mills marketed several butchered pigs in Jacksonville Tuesday, wholesaling them for twelve cents per pound.

PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. Rev. W.P. Cain and wife of Waycross spent a few hours here Friday looking into the continuing of the Presbyterian Church in Folkston. We understand that the church will continue having services here.

MRS. A.T. MIZELL DIED. Mrs. A.T. Mizell, widow of the late T. Mizell, died at noon today, we learn as we go to press. Funeral Friday. Particulars in next issue.

MR. FRED AMBRUSTER DIED. News of the death of Mr. Fred Ambruster, a pioneer citizen of Homeland, has been received as occurring on January 27th in Minneapolis. He was taken to his birthplace, New Brunswick, New Jersey for burial. He was 70 years of age.

B.W. KENNISON IS NEW HOMELAND TAX COLLECTOR. Mayor C.W. Waughtel of Homeland has appointed B.W. Kennison as Tax Collector in place of C.S. Bethel. In the future, all taxes will be collected by him.

GRAND JURY for March term Superior Court: W.E. Banks, Theo Dinkins, F.L. Burnsed, Charles H. Gibson, W.L. McDuffie, J.W. Vickery, P.G. Brooks, H.S. Hodges, J.H. Barnes, O.F. Wilson, J.H. Rogers, Sol Burnsed, D.W. Reynolds, Mose Crews, L.S. Conner, J.D. Burnsed, S.T. Cockrell, Ben H. Rodgers, Pratt Crews, V.J. Pickren, James Raulerson, J.P. Russell, W.E. Gibson, E.P. Stokes, D.W. Lane, Geo. W. Chisholm, S.F. Canaday, L.E. Mallard, E.F. Allen and V.A. Hodges.PETTY JURY: E.H. Lee, W.C. Hopkins, W.H. Chancey, E.G. Mills, C.L. Crews, C.E. Roy, J.C. Littlefield, Sr., Gilbert M. Mizell, Richard E. Chesser, Curtis Dickson, D.H. Lowther, John Harris, K.G. Bass, Riley Johns, Elbert J. Crews, Fred S. Osterman, E.B. Stapleton, G.S. Roddenberry, Alex Bryant, Jack Mizell, R.T. Chesser, T. E. Player, Wheeler Crews, J.S. Joyner, B.F. Scott, Carl Scott, John D. Mizell, S.M. Altman, Ottie Johnson, Jeff Lloyd, J.D. Raulerson, Russell Cassell, Lloyd Crews, J.W. Gowen, Leon Askew, Geo. J. Stewart, Eli Waughtel, J.M. Crawford, J.M. Liles, James Purdom, G.H. Jacobs, Fell L. Murray, Albert Kemp, Floyd Chancey, J.D. Colson, E.F. Dean, Jr., Allen Thomas, J.H. Liles, J. Thomas Chesser and J.H. Jones.

ADVERTISEMENT. If you need any repair work done, bring to FOLKSTON BLACKSMITH SHOP. All work guaranteed first class. D.A. Royal.

AD. Notice: Will grind corn every second and fourth Saturdays. I have good cotton seed for planting, $1.00 per bushel. Also have a little cotton for mattresses or quilts, 17 cents per pound. A.W. ASKEW.

February 21, 1930

MR. WILLIAM MIZELL, SR. The last rites paid our greatly beloved citizen, Mr. William Mizell, Sr. last Thursday afternoon was by the gathering of the largest and most representative citizens of this section. A cherished wish of Mr. Mizell was that he be buried in Folkston, and that by the side of a daughter who had gone before and was buried at Kings Ferry. This was made possible when the child's body was reinterred a few days ago by E.B. Stapleton and Cliff Mizell. Mr. Mizell was a wealthy man and while his will has not been probated, we learn that he leaves his fortune to his wife practically as a whole. William Mizell, Jr. will be executor.

PLANTING PECAN TREES. A step in the right direction is the planting of pecan trees. We notice that E.B. Stapleton had a twelve acre tract on the highway set out this week. Dr. Williams has his place north of town on the highway set out in these nut trees.

FARMING NEWS. Mr. L.M. Davis, just over the Brantley line near Winokur was in to see us last Friday. In telling us of his farming we drew from him some interesting sidelights on what he was doing. He began marketing his farm products by truck to Jacksonville a while back adopting the wholesale manner of sale. Weekly trips are made and we found that he had sold 200 pounds of homemade sausage a month for the past several months, with more fattened hogs for several trips. He takes chickens and eggs and will market 1000 gallons of syrup and almost as many bushels of potatoes. And yet we hear them say "Farm relief!" and "Hard times!" But as you sow, so shall you reap.

MRS. MATTIE MIZELL DIED. Mrs. Mattie Mizell, widow of the late T. Mizell, a beloved citizen of the older regime of Charlton County, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. W.D. Knox, near Folkston, Monday after an illness of three weeks of pneumonia. The funeral was at Sardis where by loving hands she was tenderly laid to rest by the side of her departed husband. Rev. W.O. Gibson, a life-long neighbor and friend, conducted the services over this loved woman who was a pioneer citizen of this section and who had raised such a splendid family. Those surviving her are Mrs. Pratt Mizell, Mrs. Jesse P. Mizell, Mrs. Charles Altman, Mrs. Ben A. Altman and Mrs. Sam Altman and A.T. Mizell.

WEDDING. The courthouse was the scene Wednesday of a quiet marriage of Charlton County's young people when R.L. Canaday of Moniac and Miss Ida Stokes of St. George was united by Ordinary Gibson. They will make their home in Moniac.

MARRIAGE LICENSE ISSUED. License to wed was issued this week to Elbert Altman and Miss Etta O'Quinn. This marriage will take place Sunday at the home of the Ordinary. Mr. Altman is the salesman at Passieu Motor Co. and everybody knows him. Miss O'Quinn is the daughter of the late Bob O'Quinn of Traders Hill. The Herald showers its congratulations on the young couples.

BOARD OF EDUCATION BEING SUED. A suit was filed in the Clerk's office against the Board of Education for $10,000.00 by Elijah Petty in favor of Jewell Petty, a minor for injury resulting from a fall from the Winokur truck [school bus] in January 1928. The truck was driven by Erroll Wasdin. The Board of Education has not secured an attorney yet.

E.J. PITTMAN, FORT MUDGE, BLOWN INTO TIDBITS. The Spurlock Retort Camp at Fort Mudge was the scene last Friday of a horrible tragedy. E.J. Pittman, supposedly a dynamite expert, was blown to atoms by an explosion of dynamite that scattered his remains over a wide area. Pittman was connecting fuse caps and dynamite for use in blowing stumps. He had a quantity of caps and some 25 sticks of dynamite that he was working over. Using his knife, it slipped from his grip, striking a cap, exploding it. The explosion that followed was heard for miles. The scattered remains of Mr. Pittman was gathered up, some parts found over 300 feet away. Pittman formerly worked here with Mr. Spurlock at his retort at the Paxton Place. He was buried in Waycross.

ACL VISITOR HERE. Mr. J.W. Daniel of the Coast Line, was a visitor to Folkston last Thursday. He is the Supt. of this division and is always a welcomed visitor in our town. He expressed regret over the death of Mr. Mizell and said that the Coast Line was closing its doors, as other business houses did in his memory, to attend the funeral.

ADVERTISEMEN: When you come to Atlanta, stay at the Biltmore Hotel. Three blocks from the new 3 million dollar Fox Theater. Biltmore rates are $4.00, $5.00 and $6.00. We have thirty rooms at $3.50. The WSB Broadcasting Studio is on the 10th floor. THE ATLANTA BILTMORE.

February 27, 1930

BOX SUPPER PLANNED. The women of the Baptist Missionary Society will give a box supper in the vacant room next to the post office Friday night. Everyone is invited to come and bring a box. No box will be sold for more than $1.00 and a good time will be had by all.

INTEREST IN TIMBERLAND SOLD. A sale was completed Saturday of interest. E.B. Stapleton bought out the l/10 interest of Dr. J.W. Buchanan in the Burnt Fort Investment Co. The company holds over 6,000 acres of timbered land including the beautiful Burnt Fort landing, lake and island, which makes it the ideal spot for a clubhouse or resort.

EDITORIAL COMMENT. Some nit-wit was in Banks Restaurant the past week distributing advertising cards of the Murson Hotel, Waycross, to the dinner guests stopping there, on which was written "Don't stop in Folkston." If this hotel thinks it gains prestige by such, then they have another think coming. It is surprising to us how some people stoop to get a little business.

MR. BILL CARTER VERY SICK. Mr. Bill Carter of Racepond has been ailing for the past week or ten days. Fear has been expressed that he would become an invalid.

MOVIE MACHINE INSTALLED. The moving picture booth has been installed at the school auditorium. It won't be long before we will have it in operation.

WEDDING. Miss Myrtle Wainwright of Uptonville and Mr. Alfred Johns of Baxter, Fla. were married at Macclenny on February 23rd. Miss Myrtle is the daughter of Mr. G.B. Wainwright. Their friends wish for them a long and happy life.

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